Google Street View Sinks to New Lows and Rises Above the Clouds

Everyone knows that bright and vivid images of Stonehenge, the great pyramids, and even the North Pole are just a mouseclick away thanks to Google Map’s Street View. But now Google, in conjunction with the United States government, is going under the sea to allow net surfers the opportunity to break the ocean’s surface and […]

Berni Fried

Berni Fried Calls for More Research into Addiction Treatment Programs

Eager to challenge the accepted norms of traditional medical organizations, licensed therapist Berni Fried has dedicated her career to advancing treatment methods for people who are struggling with addiction. In the following interview, A Gathering of Experts asks Berni Fried about the epidemic of drug and alcohol abuse that has ravaged communities throughout the United […]

Sophia Wong YOR Health

Sophia Wong of YOR Health Endorses the YOR Best Body Championship

With over 250,000 votes cast, the 2014 YOR Best Body Championship is the most successful edition yet, according to Sophia Wong of YOR Health. Sophia Wong, a YOR Health co-founder, is proud to share the news about this year’s finalists. In a recent interview with A Gathering of Experts, Sophia Wong of YOR Health offers […]

C. Frederick Wehba

An Interview with C. Frederick Wehba

C. Frederick Wehba is recognized in the real estate community as one of the most trusted advisors and leaders in the field. From his home base in Los Angeles, California, C. Frederick Wehba has made a considerable difference in the lives of his tenants, as well as his fellow community members. In this interview with […]

Flemings Ultimate Garage Reviews

Flemings Ultimate Garage Reviews Recent Addition to Ford Family: Shelby Mustang GT500

With a unique rear spoiler and Le Mans racing stripes, the Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 is one of a kind, says the team at Flemings Ultimate Garage. Reviews of the Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 focus on its power dome hood and distinctive badging. In this brief interview, Flemings Ultimate Garage reviews the Ford Shelby Mustang […]

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Travel Expenses Impact Small Business

Business owners prefer face-to-face meetings but an increase in travel cost and non-compliance with corporate travel policies create challenges. There are solutions, however, that are simple and effective. Problem: High Travel Costs In a recent travel trends study, more than 84% of business owners cited ever-increasing hotel and airfare rates as a strain on their […]

Young Americans Prefer Electronic Media When Seeking Customer Service

In a new study by messaging service provider HeyWire Business, over half of the 700 respondents were more likely to use texting as their main method of accessing customer support. The survey results indicate a significant interest of consumers in today’s tech-savvy world to use text as a way to raise awareness of customer service […]

James Cullem

James Cullem Comments on Cell Signaling Technology’s Patent Portfolio

As the former Chief Counsel and Director of Intellectual Property & Licensing at Cell Signaling Technology, Inc., James Cullem reflects on the pivotal issuance to the company of a U.S. patent covering a vital class of Context-Independent and Motif-Specific Antibodies. A Gathering of Experts: Hello and thank you for joining us this morning. James Cullem: […]


BentleyForbes Invests Across Diverse Range of Commercial Real Estate Properties

As top investors accumulate further knowledge about the real estate market, one message rings loud and clear. According to BentleyForbes, the uncertain nature of the U.S. economy requires a skilled approach to investment matters. BentleyForbes and its sterling team of professionals understand viable alternatives that can ameliorate future risk and pave the way for greater […]


Study: Businesses Loosen the Purse Strings to Cover Travel Expenses

The new Business Travel Expense Trends survey has revealed some interesting insights about the spending habits of many U.S.-based organizations. Certify, the world’s leading cloud-based expense report management software provider,  developed this survey featuring 137 North American companies. Fifty-eight percent of respondents spent more on travel in 2013 compared with their 2012 spending. Travel expenses […]

Weathershield Reviews

Weathershield Reviews Impact Resistant Glass

The Eastern Pacific and Atlantic hurricane seasons run from approximately the middle of May to the end of November every year. During this time, hundreds of thousands of homes are vulnerable to the effects of high winds and blowing debris. In this interview, Weathershield reviews the safety benefits of impact resistant glass and offers practical […]


Facebook Turns Corner with Acquisition of Messaging System WhatsApp

In a shocking move to outside observers, Mark Zuckerberg has given away approximately 8 percent of Facebook and forked over $4 billion to acquire WhatsApp. The transaction occurs as Facebook experiences slower growth among its younger users. WhatsApp, a startup company headquartered in California, offered Facebook ownership of the largest mobile messaging system in the […]

Medical Reviews

Medical Reviews and Ratings Sites Expect Major Increases in 2014

The Internet is transforming how medical practices go about their business. In 2005, a mere 6 percent of physicians offered appointment scheduling online. Moving into 2014, approximately 20 percent of doctors’ offices provide the opportunity for patients to make appointment requests through online scheduling services or patient portal. However, 80 percent of consumers prefer booking […]

GatheringofExperts - Peaceful

Managing Stress for a More Peaceful Life

Stress influences a person’s physical and mental health, which in turn affects their ability to make decisions, deal with problems, and interact with others. Managing stress is imperative for a productive, happy life. A person saying they are going to reduce the stress in their life and actually doing it is easier said than done. […]

United Faith Church

Q&A with United Faith Church of Barnegat, NJ

So many GOOD things happening in ONE place! Find out about a CHURCH ON FIRE with a passion for GOD. United Faith Church of Barnegat, NJ is a non-denominational, Bible-believing church established in 2006. United Faith Church exists to share the love of the Father to all people in the Barnegat community and surrounding areas. […]