Q&A with Stephen Samuelian: New Grading System for Nursing Homes

Stephen Samuelian According to Stephen Samuelian, Nursing Home Compare has come under recent criticism with complaints that some highly rated nursing homes have had numerous problems and face fines.  Starting immediately, the federal government now requires nursing homes to do more to simply receive higher quality scores.  Below, Stephen Samuelian explains the new measures and what they mean for nursing homes across the country.

Q: Thank you for being here today, Mr. Stephen Samuelian.

Stephen Samuelian: It’s my pleasure.

Q: What exactly is “Nursing Home Compare?”

Stephen Samuelian: Nursing Home Compare is a government website to help consumers evaluate nursing homes. It rates more than 15,000 nursing homes in three broad categories. The website gives grades to nursing homes in the form of one- to five-star ratings. [Read more…]

Bath Planet Acrylic is Easy to Clean and Makes Any Bathroom Beautiful

Bath PlanetBath Planet acrylic products are made to be beautiful, according to the Bath Planet professional design consultants, and keeping them that way is easy. We recently sat down with Bath Planet remodeling experts who offered advice on how to care for the company’s popular acrylic bath and shower systems.

Gathering of Experts: Welcome and thanks for talking with us today.

Bath Planet: Always a pleasure!

GE: We’ve been hearing a lot about Bath Planet recently. We know the company sells bath and shower systems. But, what we’d like to know today is how difficult and time consuming these new bathrooms are to maintain.

Bath Planet: One of the main benefits of choosing our durable acrylic products is that they are easy to clean. All it takes is a wash cloth or soft sponge and plain tap water.

GE: Really?

Bath Planet: Yes, for daily maintenance. If for some reason one of our bath or shower products needs a deeper clean, a mild all-purpose cleaner will do the job just fine.

GE: Are all cleaners safe for acrylic?

Bath Planet: No! We can’t stress that enough. Only products that state they are for use on acrylics should be sprayed or wiped onto the surface.

GE: What about dishwashing liquid?

Bath Planet: That works well, too.

GE: So, what cleaning products should a proud new bathroom system owner avoid?

Bath Planet: Anything with ammonia, all abrasive cleansers, aerosol products, drain cleaners, and raw bleach. These harsh chemicals will not only cause irreparable damage, but will void the warranty, as well.

GE: You mentioned drain cleaners. Aren’t those a necessary evil?

Bath Planet: No, but the marketing campaigns they run would have you think so. Clearing a drain is actually not as difficult as they make it out to be.

GE: So what’s the best way to handle a hair clog, for example?

Bath Planet: Pushing or pulling on the clog is always the best way to remove the obstruction. This is accomplished with a simple plunger or plumber’s snake.

GE: If that doesn’t work, is it okay to pour the chemical drain cleaners in the tub?

Bath Planet: It’s never safe. Aside from the damaging their beautiful new space, drain cleaners are toxic and can harm the eyes and lungs. If the clog isn’t moving with manual force, it’s really best to call a professional.

GE: Let’s think again about cleaning a Bath Planet tub. Does the same care apply to wall surrounds and bath liners?

Bath Planet: Yes, of course.

GE: Do you have an approved list of cleaning products for those who feel water isn’t enough, or that have hard water buildup to contend with?

Bath Planet: Our approved cleaner list includes Simple Green Lime Scale Remover, anything carrying the Tilex brand, and KaBoom with Oxyclean. We provide a full list to our customers when they purchase one of our products.

GE: What about the popular Mr. Clean Magic Eraser?

Bath Planet: We’re afraid Mr. Clean and his Magic Erasers can dull the surface or, worse, cause chemical cracks. And there is nothing more disheartening than having a new spa-like retreat installed only to ruin it by trying to keep it clean.

GE: That’s really great to know. And we’ll leave our readers with that thought! Thanks again for spending time with us today.