JustFab Answers Your Questions



Lifestyle fashion brand and online styling service JustFab understands its members. We know that you want a fun, personalized shopping experience that offers the latest from celebrity style icons, runway looks and designer must-haves. Realizing that it’s difficult to always get away to shop, spend time comparing prices, or stay up on the latest trends, the CEOs behind the brand began to see a need. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg wanted to offer professional fashion advice and styling tips too. With that, they created JustFab.

Q: Who are the masterminds behind JustFab?

JustFab: Entrepreneurial team Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are the creators of the online retail subscription boutique JustFab. Their goal is to provide the highest quality product at the best price, all while creating a fun new way to shop!

Q: Why should I become a member of JustFab?

JustFab: The stylists at JustFab help you create a personal fashion profile and give members access to style boards that feature models with complete looks. Each month, members see shoes, handbags, and accessories perfectly matched to them. Consultants show you how to wear each item in our collection, and if you don’t see anything you like you may request more selections or skip a month.

Q: How many JustFab members are there? Are you a large company?

JustFab: JustFab is currently over 10 million members strong and growing! We saw $100 million-plus in sales in 2012.

Q: The JustFab.com website mentions a TV show starring Kimora Lee Simmons. What’s it about?

JustFab: Kimora: House of Fab is a docu-series that follows the day-to-day adventures of our President and Creative Director Kimora Lee Simmons and the JustFab team. Whereas most reality shows focus on a celebrity’s personal life, this show lets viewers hang out behind the scenes in JustFab’s fast-paced offices.

Q: I hear JustFab customers hold viewing parties while they watch the show?

JustFab: Yes! Members are gathering together, then tuning into the Style Network on Wednesday nights at 9/8 central. Viewers can chat with the JustFab staff on Twitter using #HouseofFab or join in the fun on Facebook. Sometimes JustFab offers contests to win free merchandise!

Q: How can members get in touch with Kimora Lee Simmons and the other cast members?

JustFab: Viewers of the TV show can follow Kimora Lee Simmons and the cast members by following their blogs at StyleNetwork.com.



“I really love having the opportunity to shop for high quality items at such great prices! Thanks JustFab!” – Kailyn, JustFab VIP Member

“I love JustFab.com! They have the best shoes for an awesome price and they are all the same price. This makes buying and picking the right shoe so easy that I can’t believe it! I have bought boots, heels and jeans from JustFab and am very satisfied with everything! Thank you for making me look cute every day!” Becky, JustFab VIP Member


Marketing Associates Reveals the Truth about Telecommuting

The people at Marketing Associates are no strangers to telecommuting. We’ve been curious about how working from home works for modern businesses and if any of the myths are true, so we took time to ask Marketing Associates a few questions about this often misunderstood trend. Check out what Marketing Associates had to say.

Q: First, what does Marketing Associates specialize in?

Marketing Associates – We offer marketing services and business plans for small business and startups that are just getting on their feet, to larger businesses that need help reorganizing their structure.

Q: What do you think about employees working from home?

Marketing Associates – At Marketing Associates, we think telecommuting is an amazing innovation that cuts down on expenses for both the employee and the employer. Unfortunately, many people are quick to dismiss it because of their preconceptions.

Q: Do telecommuters work fewer hours than other employees?

Marketing Associates – We have actually found the exact opposite to be true. In our own experience at Marketing Associates, as well as several studies, we’ve found that telecommuters tend to work an extra six or more hours per week.

Q: Why do you think this is?

Marketing Associates – At Marketing Associates, we’ve found that when people work from home, their employers and colleagues may expect them to be reachable at all hours of the day—which means more time answering emails and other work tasks. When an office worker’s day ends at 6 p.m., his or her work is over, but telecommuting employees may continue to receive tasks well into the night—especially if their coworkers are still working.

Q: How does that impact the telecommuters?

Marketing Associates – From our experience at Marketing Associates, telecommuting can make it difficult to draw a distinction between home life and work life, and in many cases, the two blur completely.

Q: Are telecommuters lazier than office workers?

Marketing Associates – Absolutely not. In fact, telecommuters must be extremely disciplined, as they don’t get credit for just showing up. Instead, their work is often scrutinized more heavily than the work of other employees. Plus, telecommuters must work without reinforcement, whether positive or negative, which can sometimes be demoralizing over a long period of time.

Q: How does telecommuting affect office camaraderie?

Marketing Associates – Telecommuting can have an isolating effect on people, so when an entire team telecommutes, individuals may lose a sense of unity and feeling of connection with their colleagues. That’s why we at Marketing Associates think it’s so important for managers and team leaders to schedule conference calls or face to face meetings with their telecommuting employees to strengthen and reinforce team bonds.

Q: What are some unexpected benefits of telecommuting for Marketing Associates?

Marketing Associates – One major benefit is the amount of money that can be saved. Employees no longer have to spend money fueling up their cars for the daily drive to and from work, or buying expensive lunches every day, or spending money in vending machines. Instead, we at Marketing Associates have found that employees can prepare cheap lunches at home, and they may even be able forgo hiring a nanny or childcare service as well—provided they don’t create too many distractions for the telecommuting employee!


Marketers LLC – Five Steps to Create a Good Marketing Plan

Marketers LLC specializes in creating effective marketing plans for clients, working carefully with the client to get an in-depth view of business operations. In today’s tough economy, Marketers LLC acknowledges that many businesses are budget-challenged, with marketing budgets cut dramatically. However, Marketers LLC insists that during tough times, it’s more important than ever to craft a plan that will maximize those dollars that are available. To help, Marketers LLC has outlined five phases of a marketing plan in order to help kick your marketing efforts into high-gear.

  1. Planning phase. During this phase, Marketers LLC has found that businesses carefully review their business’s strengths and weaknesses. If possible, Marketers LLC recommends brainstorming with other team members to create a long, detailed list. Next, Marketers LLC recommends outlining business marketing goals in a list. Once you have everything down, Marketers LLC finds it best to bring team members together to prioritize the lists you’ve created and reorder those items to create a list from which you can build your marketing plan.
  2. Obstacle identification phase. In this phase, Marketers LLC says you’ll identify, in writing, any perceived or real obstacles standing in the way to your plan’s success. According to Marketers LLC, this could be the efforts of competitors, lack of funds, or any new trends that may put a kink in your plans. During this phase, Marketers LLC advises you also identify your plan’s core audience and work hard to predict how best to reach those customers. Would your target demographic use social media? Or would they be more likely to turn to a phone book or newspaper to find a product or service?
  3. Strategy development phase. Once all of your lists have been compiled, Marketers LLC states it’s time to pull them together to create your overall marketing strategy. Marketers LLC cautions that you shouldn’t be afraid to eliminate something that doesn’t fit in with your strategic goals. You’ll also need to keep in mind your target market while developing your strategy and eliminate those items that don’t fit in with that particular demographic, Marketers LLC adds.
  4. Analytics phase. As you put your marketing plan into motion, Marketers LLC stresses the importance of setting up a process to measure your success. If your efforts are online, Marketers LLC advises checking into one of many tools available to measure page views and membership numbers.
  5. Review phase. Marketers LLC emphasizes that a marketing plan is never complete. It should be regularly reviewed and revised, Marketers LLC believes, for maximum effectiveness.

Creating a marketing plan can be fun, Marketers LLC has found. As Marketers LLC has also discovered, it can give businesses an in-depth view of operations that can prove helpful in other areas of business development, as well.


Doug Battista: When HR People Fail to Make an Impact in the Business

Doug Battista

Doug Battista

Doug Battista has a wealth of experience in the field of human resources. While he’s dedicated himself to the field over the years, Doug Battista has seen some classic mistakes made by human resource staff members. When this happens, Doug Battista explains, the entire human resource department may fail to make an impact in the business.

Fortunately, most HR departments are headed up by experienced professionals who can help guide team members in the right direction. But in smaller organizations with only one or two HR staff members, inexperience or inadequacies can have a negative impact on the success of the organization, according to Doug Battista.

Doug Battista points to several key areas where an HR worker must perform up to task. Failure to do so can be disastrous, Doug Battista explains, resulting in low morale, resignations, and even legal action. Some of those key areas include:

  • Responding to employee complaints. When an employee has a problem—whether it be with a supervisor, a co-worker, or the structure of the organization—that employee seeks out the assistance of human resources. Doug Battista emphasizes that this is the time HR needs to step forward to help. Unfortunately, HR often defers to outside HR representatives or the legal team to handle these matters, at which point everything stalls. If this inactivity continues too long, the employee’s morale will drop or, says Doug Battista, legal action may ensue.
  • Failure to document. Doug Battista can’t stress enough the importance of documenting issues, especially in regard to disciplinary issues. Too often, HR fails to keep proper documentation and a firing is ruled unjust in a lawsuit. By carefully documenting each instance of bad behavior, an HR worker can successfully discipline negative employee behavior, Doug Battista has found.
  • Lack of communication. This encompasses many areas of an HR worker’s job, but in this instance it refers to a failure to address key issues that impact an employee. HR consultants are often the keepers of “change management,” Doug Battista explains, so it is imperative that when a key player in a company is fired or a merger is pending that the HR consultant be as up front as possible, while still remaining positive.

An HR person is often called upon to act as coach, mentor, and advisor, says Doug Battista. By maintaining these areas, an HR consultant can maintain trust among workers.

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with The SOLD System’s Bill Bronchick

Incredible Discoveries

Incredible Discoveries

The following segment aired on Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television. Joining Incredible Discoveries was Bill Bronchick to discuss The SOLD System

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television: Best selling real estate author and attorney Bill Bronchick comes to Incredible Discoveries to show you how you can sell your home in thirty days and make more money. He shows you how to stop the financial bleeding. He teaches you how to get buyers in the door and making offers you can’t refuse. On Incredible Discoveries, Bill Bronchick unlocks the secrets that real estate agents won’t show you so you can prepare and price your property to sell it fast, not cheap!  You’ll have the expert’s expert on your side. Bill shows Incredible Discoveries viewers step by step, how to prepare your home for a quick sale, how to price it so you make more money than you thought you could, how to convince buyers it’s the only house they would ever want, and even how to close the deal quickly and hassle free.

On Incredible Discoveries, you’ll learn the first thing you always do when a buyer visits your property. Avoid the advertising mistakes most sellers make. Learn the right way to do open houses so you can do less of them and still sell your house faster and make more money.

As seen on Incredible Discoveries, the complete, easy to learn SOLD System includes: Four easy to read manuals: In Volume 1, you’ll learn Bill’s essential principles, including Staging, How to Offer Attractive Terms, How to Learn Your Market and Competition, and How to Develop a Killer Marketing Plan. In Volume 2, Bill shows you what it takes to get the deal closed and introduces you to sample forms and contracts you’ll encounter so you’ll always know what to expect. In Volume 3, Bill lists valuable resources to enhance your knowledge and keep you ahead of the real estate game. And in Volume 4, Bill explains why and how Credit is the most critical element in any and every real estate transaction you complete.

Altogether, the SOLD System is the most comprehensive, at-home, real estate training program ever developed by one of the most successful real estate authors and attorneys in the nation. People all over the country pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to hear Bill speak in his popular seminars.

Incredible Discoveries: Bill, please tell Incredible Discoveries viewers what exactly is in the system?

Bronchick: The Sold System covers everything you need to get your house sold quickly.  It covers how to prepare your home, how to get it looking beautiful so it sells quickly, how to price it right so it sells, and most importantly, how to get from contract through closing. I walk you through all the steps from A to Z, including sample legal forms, so you can get that check cashed.

Incredible Discoveries: You know, it’s interesting you mentioned the legal forms, because not only are you an extraordinarily successful real estate investor, but you are also a real estate attorney. And it’s that perspective that helps people get their house closed and sold.

Bronchick: I give a 360° complete view of if as both an investor and as an individual, so people get all the perspectives and can get their house sold and closed. We keep seeing this downward trend, hearing the doom and gloom on the news.  Yet, none of this seems to affect the Sold System. The Sold System works because it is different from what everyone else does.  Everyone is dooming and glooming.  You cannot just focus on what does not work; you have to focus on what does work, and my Sold System does work.

It’s almost a mindset that you are putting yourself in to.  Of course, you will have to do a couple of things here and there, but it is really about changing your mind.

Incredible Discoveries:  Absolutely, you have to believe that this is going to work for you and give it one hundred percent for it to work. Now, are there differences on how the system would work from one market to another?

Bronchick: The System works in every market because there are core principles that I give you that apply no matter whether you are in Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami or New York.  There are core principles you must apply to make the system work.  You can adapt the principles for your market, but you have to use the principles in my Sold System to get your house sold.

Incredible Discoveries: OK, now what if you have a house that is worth a hundred grand and somebody else has one that’s worth a million, there has got to be differences in the way you approach the sale?

Bronchick: In my Sold System, I teach people how to evaluate your home, and how to specifically price it.  It may not be the appraisal. You have to go and do your research, and in my Sold System, I show you exactly what to do to get that research to make sure your house is priced, so it sells quickly. Usually, the first offer will come in less than thirty days.

A division of O2 Media, Inc., Incredible Discoveries is a marketing firm unlike any other. By streamlining the creative, production and postproduction processes, Incredible Discoveries is able to quickly and efficiently create a successful campaign, even on a product still in preproduction. Incredible Discoveries utilizes not only television, but also the Internet and multimedia venues to bring attention to the intended product or service. After two decades in the industry, Incredible Discoveries has created partnerships with some of the world’s leading agencies and manufacturers, giving them a leg up over the competition.