Specialists from Homelife Warranty Protection Discuss Benefits Of Insulation

HomeLife Warranty ProtectionIf you want to get the most energy efficient use of your home, proper insulation is a must. In today’s expert interview, we speak with HomeLife Warranty Protection founders Dennis and Nicole Roehl about what areas need special attention.

Q: Today we welcome HomeLife Warranty Protection to our site to discuss ways proper insulation can save a homeowner from an uncomfortable situation.

HomeLife Warranty Protection: Thank you for choosing us.

Q: We know that homes are insulated. But why?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: Insulation works to keep the temperature and moisture levels in your home best suited for everyday living. And, sealing off air leaks also reduces your home’s energy efficiency footprint.

Q: What is the most important part of the home to insulate?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: There isn’t one area that’s more or less important. I would say, however, to start with the ceiling and walls and work your way around from there.

Q: How can a homeowner determine if they have enough insulation in the attic?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: Attics should be insulated with an R-30 value material, which equates to 11 inches of fiberglass or eight inches of cellulose insulation. Before adding these materials, it’s a good idea to check for any air leaks and seal your attic access.

Q: What is a radiant barrier?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: A radiant barrier is a reflective material used to reflect radiant heat. They are typically used in attics of homes in warmer climates to help keep cooling costs down.

Q: What type of insulation is ideal  for exterior walls?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: If a home is already finished, blown insulation is fine. This can be installed by what’s known as the dense pack technique. Blown insulation provides significant benefits with minimal disturbance to the rest of the house.

Q: Is it possible to insulate the floors above a heated garage?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: This is a very simple project that requires roll insulation and flexible metal rods which keep the insulation in place.

Q: Should the foundation be insulated?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: A well maintained and insulated foundation will keep any below-grade rooms comfortable and work to prevent insect infestation, radon, and moisture problems.

Q: What are some ways to insulate a basement so that it can be used as livable space?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: The interior wall should be insulated along with any exposed ductwork. Insulating basement walls minimizes thermal bridging and helps reduce condensation on hard surfaces below grade.

Q: Why do some insulation materials require fire-rated covering?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: Certain materials release toxic fumes when ignited and must be covered with a flame retardant.

Q: What are some different kinds of insulation?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: Batt and roll insulation, concrete blocks, foam board, loose fill, and spray insulation are all good choices. Insulated concrete blocks have gained popularity over the last 10 years in new construction.

Q: How should the crawlspace be insulated?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: That depends on whether it’s ventilated or unventilated. Unventilated crawl spaces should be sealed airtight. If you have a ventilated crawlspace, pay careful attention to the area below the floor, especially around air vents.

Q: Are there ways to add comfort to a home built on a concrete slab foundation?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: New construction should utilize insulated slab. It is extremely cost prohibitive to insulate the perimeter of an existing home, but it can help reduce heating bills by up to 20% in extremely cold regions.

Q: Does insulation really make a difference to my overall utility costs?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: Absolutely. Proper insulation can help homeowners save 30% or more in utility cost.

Q: What other improvements keep the home cool and comfortable?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: We would suggest installing ENERGY STAR-certified windows and doors and making sure your HVAC unit is inspected at least twice a year.

Q: That’s great advice. We appreciate your time today and thank you for joining A Gathering Of Experts.

HomeLife Warranty Protection: Our pleasure.


  1. I can tell a huge difference in my home since adding new insulation. It gets hot in Arizona and the insulation really helps. I really appreciate HomeLife Warranty Protection posting stuff like this. Everyone should be reading.

    • HomeLife Warranty Protection says:

      Thank you for your kind words. Yes, insulation can make a several degree difference in the home, not to mention a huge impact on your comfort and utility bills, especially in our ultra hot summers.

  2. HomeLife Warranty Protection is the best! We had a problem with our hot water heater a few months ago. They sent a plumber out and he said it was a fluke, it just died. HLWP replaced it, no questions asked. I was out maybe $65 for the service call fee!

    • HomeLife Warranty Protection says:

      We are happy to hear of your positive experience. Thank you for being a loyal customer!

  3. Jonathan says:

    I don’t understand why I have to worry about insulation. Shouldn’t the builder put all that in before the house is even finished? On another note…how do I find out more about HomeLife Warranty Protection products?

    • HomeLife Warranty Protection says:

      That’s a great question. Insulation is usually made of fibers, which settle over time. As the material flattens out, it isn’t as effective. It is a good idea to have your insulation checked out every five years or so. You can visit our website HLWP.co for more information on our warranty contracts.

  4. Does HomeLife Warranty Protection offer plans in Florida?

    • HomeLife Warranty Protection says:

      As of now, we service many areas in the Southwest. We are not currently offering home warranties in Florida.

  5. I have a question for HomeLife Warranty Protection: Why should the ductwork be insulated???

    • HomeLife Warranty Protection says:

      Ductwork should be insulated to ensure that the air inside the home remains at a favorable temperature. In the summer, cool air can get warm if not insulated and winter weather can cool off warm air. This will also impact air quality and the amount of abnormal wear and tear endured by the system.

  6. I would like to add on to what HomeLife Warranty Protection said about radiant barriers. So that people get a better idea, it looks kind of like aluminum foil but is more durable and comes in larger rolls. And NO, you can’t replace it with foil!

    • HomeLife Warranty Protection says:

      That is a great description. Someone else once mentioned that it was like the emergency blankets used for people who fall into water in the winter. Thank you for your input!

  7. I purchased a homelife warranty protection package years ago and it was the best investment ever. When my original warranty went out on my dishwasher, Homelife was there within 48 hours to replace the motor pump assembly.

    • HomeLife Warranty Protection says:

      We are happy to hear that we were able to get you taken care of. It can be very upsetting when appliances fail!

  8. Yes! I just spoke with my builder (after reading the comments HomeLife Warranty Protection made about insulated slab). It was not much more to use insulated slab and I am thinking it will save on my heating and cooling bills, too!

    • HomeLife Warranty Protection says:

      Any time you are able to seal your home and retain the ambient temperature, you will save money. Congratulations on your new home. We would love to speak with you once your builder’s warranty has expired!

  9. I read AGOE on a regular basis and have read interviews with HomeLife Warranty Protection before. I love how AGOE asks questions that make for clear answers for people like me, who don’t have time to dig deeper into different topics.

    • HomeLife Warranty Protection says:

      Yes, they have been really great to work with and we are always honored when AGOE reaches out to us for comments.

  10. I HAD NO IDEA that insulating the garage was so easy! After reading this, I called HomeLife Warranty Protection and the rep was so nice and actually helped me find a DIY website. My garage is now draft-free and I saved THOUSANDS of dollars over having someone do it for me. THANK YOU!

    • HomeLife Warranty Protection says:

      We are so happy that we are able to help. We value our customers and will always strive to go above and beyond!