Ian Woodman, Idaho Businessman, Finds Adventure in St. Lucia

Ian Woodman Idaho

Ian Woodman Idaho

Ian Woodman of Idaho has learned that sometimes the best adventures come from a disappointing experience. The lesson came when Ian Woodman, Idaho co-founder of Instant Tax Solutions, took an anniversary trip to St. Lucia with his wife.

The two planned to spend the entirety of their vacation at the Sandals Resort. Ian Woodman, Idaho resident, paid a set fee to the all-inclusive resort that would include all meals, lodging, and activities during his stay. When the couple arrived they sampled the offerings at two different Sandals resorts—the Sandals Grande St. Lucia and Sandals La Toc—but found that the best experiences lay outside the grounds of the resorts.

While the beauty of St. Lucia is unmatched no matter where you stay, Ian Woodman of Idaho discovered the food and activities at the Sandals resorts weren’t quite what he and his wife expected. The couple was drawn to the island’s other offerings. During the trip, the Woodmans learned that an all-inclusive resort could be a waste in a location with so many other offerings.

One of the most memorable experiences was a zip line that took the couple through the rainforest, Ian Woodman, Idaho resident, recalls. While coasting through the air on a pulley, the Woodmans were able to get a bird’s-eye view of the St. Lucia rainforest. Woodman acknowledges zip lines aren’t for everyone. For those who aren’t as adventurous or are traveling with small children, Ian Woodman of Idaho recommends taking the aerial tram, which gives travelers a very similar experience.

Ian Woodman, an Idaho tax resolution business owner, took his wife to the straw market in St. Lucia, where they sampled local cuisine. They also journeyed to Rodney Bay, where a new mall was being built. They took in the shops, restaurants, and beautiful historic marina at Treasure Bay Casino, which Ian Woodman, Idaho businessman, found was much more than a traditional casino.

Ian Woodman, Idaho co-founder of Instant Tax Solutions, is a Los Angeles native who relocated to Post Falls, Idaho in 1996 after the birth of his first child. Developed with his business partner, Byron Pedersen, Ian Woodman ’s Idaho-based Instant Tax Solutions began as a two-person operation and grew to what it is today. Instant Tax Solutions serves thousands of customers with a staff of more than twenty-five tax professionals, Ian Woodman. Idaho residents have come to rely on Instant Tax Solutions, where Ian Woodman of Idaho is responsible for human resources and accounting.

The Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Teams Offers Tips on Choosing a Reputable Tax Preparer

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings

Caution is key, says the Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Teams in this brief interview with A Gathering of Experts.

Tax Season has come and gone but the Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team says that next year is coming fast. Today, A Gathering of Experts invites the Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team – experts on the IRS – to ask questions about something most Americans give little thought to: selecting a tax preparer.

A Gathering of Experts: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule – we certainly appreciate it.

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: As always, it is our pleasure.

A Gathering of Experts: Let’s get started… With all of the talk about fraud lately, don’t most people verify their tax preparer as legitimate?

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: Sadly, no. Many people assume having an office equates to having an honest staff; it doesn’t.

A Gathering of Experts: What should someone look for when searching for a tax company to file their yearly returns?

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: First and foremost, if it sounds too good to be true, well, it just might not be true.

A Gathering of Experts: That applies to all areas of life.

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: Yes it does. We also tell people to approach with caution if a firm claims they can get a bigger return than another company because they know “insider secrets.”

A Gathering of Experts: What should one look for, as far as fees go?

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: We suggest only dealing with flat fees, which are given in writing up-front.

A Gathering of Experts: Should the tax preparer be willing to sign the documents?

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: Yes, if they say they cannot, then run.

A Gathering of Experts: Is the taxpayer responsible for false information?

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: Ultimately, yes. The person whose name is on the return is the one Uncle Sam will come after.

A Gathering of Experts: Who can represent a taxpayer in front of the IRS?

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: Many people think just any person who knows taxes can do this but that isn’t so. Only a select group of professionals, including CPAs, enrolled agents, and attorneys are allowed to stand for a taxpayer.

A Gathering of Experts: Does the IRS keep tabs on fraudulent firms?

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: They do, indeed. These people, when convicted, face up to 5 years behind bars as well as major fines.

A Gathering of Experts: Can you cite examples?

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: One that comes to mind involves a Texas tax preparer who got sentenced to prison for 18 years after being found guilty of 40 counts of tax fraud.

A Gathering of Experts: Now that is a steep punishment. Before we go, can you tell us how taxpayers may contact Instant Tax Solutions if they’re in need of tax help?

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: We offer tax resolution services to clients across the nation and can be contacted at 888.387.4071. Also, they may visit our website at www.Instanttaxsolutions.com for Instant tax Solutions ratings, reviews, and other related information.

Ian Woodman: Memorable Holidays [Disney World]

Ian Woodman

Ian Woodman

In 2010, Ian Woodman made a promise to his family and close friends when he entered in a contest to predict the winner of the NCAA Basketball Championship. That promise was that if he won, he’d take everyone to Disney World with his winnings. While many people might make such promises, Ian Woodman is a man of his word. In February 2011, he took 17 people to Disney World, paying airfare, hotel, park admission, and all expenses while they were in Orlando.

What resulted was a trip Ian Woodman still fondly recalls today. The friends shared one rental house, which allowed them to reminisce about the game that afforded Ian Woodman the opportunity to win the trip. For two weeks, Ian Woodman and those close to him stayed in Orlando, visiting the different amusement parks and having a great time.

Disney World is the most visited theme park in the world. Its four theme parks include the Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Disney-MGM Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Other amusement parks in the Orlando area allow visitors like Ian Woodman to stay busy during a trip to the area. In addition to world famous Universal Studios, Universal’s Islands of Adventure is also located in the area, according to Ian Woodman. For a group of 17, a trip to Orlando is a trip of a lifetime, Ian Woodman points out.

Due to the ticket prices of Orlando’s theme parks—Disney World’s Magic Kingdom admission is currently $90 a day—Ian Woodman acknowledges that Disney World is an expensive trip for many people. Ian Woodman was glad he could provide such a great vacation to those he cared about, knowing it was a trip that many were unable to easily afford. By using his winnings to fund such a large trip, not only was Ian Woodman able to create beautiful memories for himself and his family, but he was able to share those memories with those closest to him.

A trip to Disney is a landmark event for many children, creating a childhood memory that is often cherished for life. As such, many parents, like Ian Woodman, know the value of a trip to Disney World to the younger generations. Ian Woodman explains that Disney World occupies more than 30,000 acres slightly southwest of Orlando. In addition to its theme parks, Ian Woodman says, Disney World also includes two water parks and 23 resorts on site, each with a different theme.

Yet today, Ian Woodman says he and those closest to him consider the two weeks they spent at Disney World the best vacation they ever had. That alone is enough to make Ian Woodman glad he spent his winnings to treat his loved ones.

Instant Tax Solutions | Understanding Tax Liens

Instant Tax Solutions

Instant Tax Solutions

For the indebted taxpayer, nothing can be more stressful than receiving repeated warnings from the IRS. But even when the IRS has levied a lien against a taxpayer’s assets, it isn’t necessarily permanent. Instant Tax Solutions regularly works to help taxpayers remove liens placed by the IRS. Instant Tax Solutions’ co-founder, Byron Pedersen, recently stopped by to talk to A Gathering of Experts about IRS tax liens.

Instant Tax Solutions complaints found online continue to remain unverified. The firm understands that all businesses involving financial services are going to be subject to some complaints; however, Instant Tax Solutions complaints found online all seem to trickle from one central source. The reason behind these Instant Tax Solutions complaints is still subject to debate, but one might suppose that an angry ex-employee or an individual looking to steal the firm’s business maybe behind the complaints. Instant Tax Solutions requests that taxpayers contact the Better Business Bureau for honest and legitimate information regarding the firm before they believe everything they read online.


A Gathering of Experts: How does a taxpayer know a lien may be coming?

Byron Pedersen: Think of a lien as a mortgage. It establishes the IRS as an owner of a taxpayer’s particular assets. For this to happen, the IRS must first assess an individual’s tax liability and request payment from the taxpayer. If payment isn’t made, the IRS must then determine that payment is being refused. Once these steps have been followed, the IRS can begin collections procedures. Instant Tax Solutions has found that by the time a lien is placed, a taxpayer has already refused to pay and been warned that collections will be taking place.

Instant Tax Solutions says complaints about the confusing nature of IRS forms are growing. The IRS uses forms that often include many boxes that confuse some taxpayers, says Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints usually come from elderly or visually impaired taxpayers who struggle with all of the information that appears. According to Instant Tax Solutions, complaints are legitimate and the IRS is aware that sometimes their forms may be confusing. By contacting the IRS, many taxpayers may be able to have large type forms sent to them directly. One way to mitigate complaints, says Instant Tax Solutions, is to utilize the services of a reputable tax agency.


A Gathering of Experts: Once a lien has been placed, do taxpayers have any recourse?

Byron Pedersen: The IRS wants its money, so is usually willing to work with taxpayers. Instant Tax Solutions can help clients set up payments in affordable installments. The IRS would rather be receiving a small amount of money monthly toward the debt than nothing at all.

Sources close to Instant Tax Solutions say complaints made against the firm have no foundation in reality, and that some are simply dishonest. The firm has a reputation of delivering quality tax debt resolution services, says one employee of Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints about the quality of care clients have received in the past have been totally fabricated. One complaint about Instant Tax Solutions circulated the Internet in 2011. The person/persons making the claims has never come forward to Instant tax Solutions and the complaint is still being investigated by company co-founder Byron Pedersen.


A Gathering of Experts: Is the IRS legally allowed to put liens on a taxpayer’s assets?

Byron Pedersen: Provisions for liens are stipulated in the IRS tax code. The tax code states that if a taxpayer refuses to pay tax debt, the Federal government may attempt to collect all amounts owed, including penalties and fees, by putting a lien on any property or even rights to property.

Complaints to Instant Tax Solutions staff about fraudulent e-mails sent from scammers claiming to be IRS agents have increased over the last few years. It seems that e-mail and the Internet are now the preferred choice of criminals, says Instant Tax Solutions. The complaints are usually from families who are already struggling to pay back taxes. According to Instant Tax Solutions, complaints should be sent to the IRS via their website www.irs.gov. Sadly the online schemes can be harder to pinpoint that old fashioned door-to-door scams, notes Instant Tax Solutions. One complaint from victims is the difficulty in identifying criminals after they have taken their money – they often use the Internet at a local library or coffee shop to run their scam, making it hard to track them down.


A Gathering of Experts: Does the taxpayer have any rights to appeal the tax lien and possibly have it lifted?

Byron Pedersen: In rare cases, a taxpayer may be confused with another taxpayer, at which point a Certificate of Non-Attachment may be filed. There are also instances where the IRS has failed to follow proper protocol in placing a lien against a taxpayer. Instant Tax Solutions can help a taxpayer get the lien withdrawn in these situations.

Instant Tax Solutions offers complaint tips when dealing with the IRS.

Having trouble with the IRS? Need to file a complaint? Instant Tax Solutions, a Post Falls based tax debt resolution firm says that dealing with the IRS can be frustrating but offers these tips:
Don’t try to call during the busy days – Monday and Friday. By the time you get an answer, you will have forgotten what you complaint was, says Instant Tax Solutions. Try calling after 1:00 on a Wednesday instead. For severe issues, Instant Tax Solutions says complaints should be e-mailed so as to leave a virtual paper trail, and to have reference materials in case your complaint is escalated to a higher dept.



Instant Tax Solutions’ Co-Founder Helps Found Consumer Advocate Group

Instant Tax Solutions

Instant Tax Solutions

Consumer advocacy is more prevalent than ever, with groups forming in order to help consumers avoid scams. For that reason, Instant Tax Solutions’ Byron Pedersen has joined with several other leaders in the field to organize the Tax Problem Resolution Services Coalition (TPRSC). The mission of the organization is to help prevent consumers from falling prey to false advertising by tax relief businesses.

Instant Tax Solutions says scams focusing on tax settlements is a growing problem in the US

There is a virtual epidemic of scams, says Instant tax Solutions, that dupe taxpayers who are behind with the IRS into paying out even more money. It’s a huge problem, says Byron Pedersen, co-founder of Instant Tax Solutions. A scam victim may be desperate and pay out big bucks to settle their debt. Unfortunately, as is the case with many “bad” companies, the money is gone and so is the taxpayer’s hope for resolving Uncle Sam’s issues. Citing information found on the Instant Tax Solutions website, scams can be avoided by thoroughly researching and proceeding with caution when choosing any financial service provider – not just tax professionals.


Byron Pedersen, Instant Tax Solutions’ co-founder, helped form the TPRSC, making sure the integrity he always put first in his own business was a number one priority in this new organization as well. With a model that puts the taxpayer first, Instant Tax Solutions employs more than 40 tax attorneys, former IRS agents, and accountants to help taxpayers navigate what can be a complicated filing process.

Have you been the victim of a tax debt scam, asks Instant Tax Solutions? If so, you need to know that not all tax debt settlement firms are fraudulent. According to Instant Tax Solutions, scam firms are out there, but if you take the time to research and verify the reputation of the tax attorneys assigned to your case, you can usually avoid getting hurt. According to Instant Tax Solutions, a scam isn’t always easy to spot. There are salesmen trained specifically to gain the trust of taxpayers who already owe the IRS sums of money they cannot repay. These false agents claim to have inside information about how to stop the IRS from collecting, says Instant Tax Solutions. The scam is that the information they have isn’t a secret at all. Anyone can go on the IRS’s website and easily find these companies’ “tricks.” It is, however, helpful to utilize the experience of a trusted tax professional.


The TPRSC will serve several purposes, the primary of which is safeguarding and educating consumers, Instant Tax Solutions’ Pedersen states. When false advertising is identified, the TPRSC can contact government regulators on both the state and federal level. According to Instant Tax Solutions, TPRSC plans to speak to media outlets about the tax relief industry, working to spread its message to the world at large. “As part of its charter, the Tax Problem Resolution Services is poised to offer up new proposals for state and federal legislation to handle unscrupulous practices in our industry,” Instant Tax Solutions’ Pedersen comments. These practices, he says, threaten the integrity of an industry that relies on consumer trust.

Instant Tax Solutions warns scams found by the IRS are using official looking documentation

The IRS is warning people that criminals are using their logo to dupe taxpayers, says Instant Tax Solutions. The scam goes something like this: A taxpayer gets an email from what they believe to be the IRS or other government agency. Instant Tax Solutions says the scam emails may have the actual IRS logo attached and may even have real contact information for the Internal Revenue Service posted somewhere in the email. In the body of the message is the contact information that points people to the scam or scammer. Instant Tax Solutions says that the fraudulent email will suggest calling a certain number, often a cell phone, to avoid a lengthy hold period. The IRS has verifiable landlines, and if you suspect you’ve been contacted by a scammer, you are encouraged to look these numbers up and report the attempted fraud.


The TPRSC’s members are comprised of experts from the tax relief industry, all interested in boosting the reputation of the industry. In addition to Pedersen, TPRSC founders include Tax Resolution Services’ Kathy Hill and the American Society of Tax Problem Resolvers’ Lawrence Lawler. Pedersen notes that the involvement of American Society of Tax Problem Resolvers, considered the top training and certification provider in the tax relief industry, makes him proud to be a part of TPRSC.

Phishing Scams: Instant Tax Solutions Says that it’s Time to Fight Back!

The Internet and emails are used every day to scam citizens, says Instant tax Solutions. Scams are just one of the problems facing users of the Internet and the IRS is not immune to people pretending to be government officials. According to Instant Tax Solutions, phishing scams – that is, scams that use the Internet or email to “fish” for personal information like credit card numbers – happen almost daily. Even the most advanced spam filter in the world can’t stop a trusting taxpayer from looking at an email if it spikes their curiosity, acknowledges the founders of Instant Tax Solutions. Email scams are the easiest to spot though, as the IRS does not ask for personal information via email. If you have received an email from the “IRS” asking for personal information, please contact them via the website www.irs.gov.


According to Pedersen, the professionals at Instant Tax Solutions have more than a hundred years of combined experience in various areas of tax preparation. With a nationwide client base, Instant Tax Solutions stands ready to assist taxpayers in sorting through tax issues and finding relief.

According to Instant Tax Solutions, scams, shams, and spam are a real problem facing taxpayers looking to settle IRS debt. One scam, says Instant Tax Solutions, involves duping tax payers in to believing they will inherit large sums of cash from recovered lottery funds, perhaps from a long-lost relative. As noted by Instant Tax Solutions, the scam is a multi-level scheme, starting with a simple email from the fake IRS agent asking for a telephone number to contact the targeted recipient of the false funds. From the initial contact, says Instant Tax Solutions, the scam is layered into a tangled web of believable information. Taxpayers are advised NEVER to offer up personal information to anyone via email.