View Security Cameras From Multiple Locations Through This Easy To Use Application

ICU Security

Current security camera technologies allow businesses to set up multiple cameras in different locations, which owners and managers can monitor from wherever they are, at any time, from a network-supported mobile device.

Monitoring different security cameras using different applications can be a tedious task, though. To address this, security camera providers have come up with easy-to-use applications that enable users to view and manage these security cameras from a single interface. One such application is the GeoVision’s GV Edge Recording Manager for Windows, a tool designed to manage recordings from remote GV-IP Cameras and GV-Target Cameras. It is an integrated interface from which you can access live views, enable recordings, play back videos, and view storage space without checking on each host´s web interface. The Windows Operating System makes it extremely user-friendly. 

Live view options

GV Edge Recording Manager’s live view options can be configured depending on how many security cameras users want to keep track of; you can view 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13, 16, 25, 36, 49, and 64 security cameras simultaneously. Note that viewing more than 32 security cameras at one time requires a GV-USB dongle.

You can easily group security cameras you frequently view and switch from one group to the other by clicking the Favorites button. You can also expand a live view to fit the entire screen of your selected monitor and take a snapshot of all currently open cameras.

Audio options

Audio does not play by default, but this feature can be enabled with a simple right-click on the security camera you want to listen to.

Assigning recording to NAS servers

NAS servers are storage devices connected to a network that allow storage and retrieval of data from a centralized location. Through the GV Edge Recording Manager, you can have GV-IP Cameras or GV-Target Cameras record to NAS servers of your choice and also view the storage information such as the occupied space and remaining space. 

Other key features of the GV Edge Recording Manager include:

  • Display up to 32 channels for free, up to 64 channels using a GV-USB dongle
  • On-demand display for dual channels
  • Fisheye dewarping
  • PIP/PAP view
  • Manual snapshot
  • Enable and disable host recording for GV-IP Devices
  • Host storage assignment to NAS servers for compatible GV-IP Devices
  • Remote playback
  • Batch IP address assignment for GV-IP Devices
  • PTZ control
  • Two-way audio
  • Import and export of system configuration
  • View storage information (free and occupied space) for GV-IP Devices

If you’re planning to upgrade your existing security camera system, get in touch with Nashville-based ICU Security’s highly qualified team today. ICU Security only uses products that are designed to last, with the service to make it so. Request a live demonstration of their security camera systems and find a solution that meets your needs.

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Asphalt Is Still The Best Paving Option For Residential Driveways. Here’s Why.

Hargrove SealcoatingIt can be said that a home is a reflection of its owners. Because of this, you always want to keep it looking as best as it can create a favorable first impression. Nice homes can have trimmed hedges, gates that aren’t rusting, and walls that have a fresh coat of paint.

Unfortunately, we often overlook the state of our driveways. If the driveway is in poor condition or made of subpar material, it diminishes the overall appeal of our homes. Hiring an asphalt paving contractor should be a priority when doing home improvements, especially if the property is up for sale. 

Let’s look at some of the paving materials available and discuss the pros and cons of each.


We understand the appeal of gravel driveways. For one, these are very affordable; you can simply ask landscapers to drop a load of gravel on your property and rake it evenly across the surface. It drains well, too. 

However, it’s difficult to remove snow piling up without disturbing the material. Strong storms can also wash out the gravel, and it doesn’t do a great job of keeping weeds at bay. It’s not advisable to use gravel as a long-term paving material due to the upkeep involved.


There are property owners who consider concrete as the premium residential driveway surface option since it’s expensive to install. 

On the other hand, concrete is not recommended for large surface areas and it easily becomes brittle when exposed to extreme temperature changes (i.e., cold and brutal winters) even when it’s professionally installed. While asphalt can be affected by soaring temperatures, the heat we experience isn’t as damaging to asphalt driveways the way freeze/thaw cycles can wreak havoc on concrete.


Just like concrete, brick driveways are considered premium. Individual blocks are strong, but there can be problems when they are laid out poorly and do not form a solid surface. Brick driveways are likewise prone to freeze/thaw cycles and do not prevent weeds from growing through the cracks.


If you live on a farm or in a rural area, guests can park their vehicles anywhere. This can result in mud and grass displacement. Additionally, guests may feel uncomfortable getting their vehicles or clothing dirty.

As a paving material for driveways, asphalt has several positive properties. It doesn’t get washed out, and with regular sealcoating and maintenance work, it can withstand the elements. With proper care, asphalt can look good as new for decades, which improves your property’s overall appeal.

Hargrove Sealcoating works with homeowners to complete asphalt driveway installation. Call us today to discuss asphalt paving solutions that are right for your home.

Serving Columbia, Spring Hill, Franklin, Brentwood, Thompson’s Station, Lewisburg, Murfreesboro, and Nashville, Hargrove Sealcoating is an expert in asphalt paving. Call them today at 931.619.6718. One of their service advisors will be happy to assist you.