Traveling to Italy

traveling-to-italyIf you plan to travel to Italy, here’s the No. 1 most important travel tip: Eat gelato as often as possible. Italian gelato is one of the greatest delights in the entire country. Referring to gelato as ice cream is borderline blasphemous.

If you want to “experience” rather than just “see” the country, the best advice is don’t try to see or do too much. You can’t experience everything Italy has to offer in a week or even a month. First decide what and where you are most interested in exploring and then choose the locations. Concentrate on seeing a few things and seeing them well. Take your time and relax. Consider staying in one place for a few days. You’ll get a better feel for the locale. Don’t make checking an item off your to-do list a substitute for enjoying the essence of a place.

Consider getting up early. Crowds usually don’t arrive at popular sites until well after breakfast. Have a refreshing afternoon nap during the heat of the day and then stay up late to enjoy the social interaction of the local community. Italians eat late, usually around 8 p.m.

Plan to get off the beaten track. That may mean getting away from large cities, but you won’t regret it. Don’t totally dismiss the popular tourist attractions, but a few days in the Tuscan countryside can build some great memories, too.

If you’re interested in an inexpensive place to stay and a way to gain an appreciation for how people live in rural Italy, you may want to try an agriturismo vacation. Agriturismo is a combination of the Italian words for agriculture and tourism. It is a style of vacationing in country or farmhouses that is similar to bed and breakfast accommodations. An agriturismo vacation is suitable for the whole family and in some places can be very romantic or luxurious.

To get on an Italian’s good side, learn a little Italian. To get a flavor for the local cuisine, eat where the locals eat. To save money on incidentals, shop local supermarkets. In general, in order to get a feel for the country and its people, experience Italy as the natives do. The Italians you meet will be pleased that you’ve at least tried to fit in to their culture and you may just experience the vacation of a lifetime.

A Gathering of Experts Suggests Travel as a New Year’s Resolution

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, some people use them as the proverbial stick instead of the carrot. For many, January starts with things like unrealistic weight loss goals, learning a second language by the end of the month or “never eating candy again.” We think there’s a much better way to self-improve in the new year, and that plan comes wrapped in glossy brochure. Why not make traveling the “carrot” to achieve some of your goals?

Being exposed to sights, cultures and new experiences is a fantastic way to shape awareness of the world – and oneself. It’s also a fun way to learn a second language and to work off some holiday calories.

When traveling, it’s a good idea to have at least the basics of the language. Even if it’s only a few phrases, being able to communicate with the local community is a huge advantage when traveling. People tend to be more hospitable to tourists who are respectful enough to try to speak the language, instead of gesturing wildly.

Traveling to a foreign country is also a great way to self-motivate when it comes to working out. Hitting the pool at the gym is much more fun when it’s an incentive to become a stronger swimmer for learning how to surf or go snorkeling.

And traveling is also an incentive to hit the books. Going to Italy? Now’s a great time to read up on wine or to bone up on art history. Traveling to Mexico? Why not learn about the Aztecs before getting there. Traveling is much more rewarding when a visitor knows some of the history of a country or region.

Many airlines offer winter discounts, so traveling outside of the U.S. doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive. There are even websites that send out alerts for last minute travel deals. So, start that passport application and plan to do a little traveling in 2013.

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays | London’s Best

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays

When travelling to London for the first time, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays acknowledges that the options can be overwhelming. With such sites as Big Ben, Parliament and the National Gallery to choose from, where should a traveler start? To help new visitors to London, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays has compiled a list of some of the most interesting things to see in London, one of Europe’s most glamorous cities.

When visitors set out to sightsee in historic London, one of the first places that Pierre Bennett Global Holidays usually recommends they visit is Buckingham Palace.  Visitors can watch the famous changing of the palace guard every evening and see that the gate guards really do remain completely immobile.    Kensington Palace Gardens with its famous swans, both black and white, is just a short walk away.  Pierre Bennett Global Holidays also highly recommends a tour of the underground bunkers used by Winston Churchill and his staff during World War II.  It is also nearby and is so accurately restored it feels as if a staff member might walk in at any moment.

Visitors who wish to feel pampered and have a once-in-a-lifetime shopping experience, says Pierre Bennett Global Holidays, must visit Harrods. This first-class store specializes in “retail theater” and product quality – not to mention a stellar selection of brands from around the globe. The terracotta palace is filled with luxury items from haute couture to dog collars and hand-painted porcelain doorknobs. And because of Pierre Bennett Global Holidays member discounts for travel, visitors to Harrods will have a little extra money for this unique shopping experience. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays reports that there are over twenty-seven restaurants and cafes for the hungry shopper at Harrods.

According to Pierre Bennett Global Holidays, visitors should plan to set aside a day to visit London’s National Gallery. With art from Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Renoir, Cezanne and Van Gogh, art lovers will be enthralled by the collection in this nearly two-hundred-year-old museum. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays also suggests that visitors take advantage of the museum’s special exhibitions and lectures.

To watch history being made, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays recommends that travelers stop by the Houses of Parliament. Visitors can sit in and watch Westminster Hall debates, as well as several committees. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays also reports that there are guided tours through the House of Lords that explain the history of the art hanging on the walls, as well as the architecture of the building. Big Ben is located within Westminster Castle, and visitors shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see the most famous clock in the world, which the government is renaming after Queen Elizabeth in honor of her 60th Jubilee anniversary as monarch

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays tells gourmands to check out some of London’s best eateries. British food isn’t the bland concoction that it used to be, points out the staff, and London is filled with international restaurants that focus on the best ingredients that the area has to offer. Celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver and Gary Rhodes all have restaurants in London and several of them are Michelin rated as well.

Because Pierre Bennett Global Holidays serves as a full service travel agency, travelers can experience the firm’s unparalleled customer service accompanying their membership program. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays is a world-class leader in the travel industry and the club invites new members to take advantage of the sights and sounds of London, along with the best the world has to offer.

Travel Tips For People Who Don’t Like to Travel

Sure it would be amazing to see that Mediterranean island on your bucket list, or motor the wine country of California – but sometimes traveling can seem daunting. Is airline travel really as nerve wracking as it seems? How can a person drive across country and avoid rush-hour gridlock in cities? What about trains? Do they stop at the best destinations? A Gathering of Experts affirms that traveling can be a once-in-a-lifetime-event – in the best way possible.

Q: Everything in the news about airline travel seems to be a nightmare. Is it really as terrible as it sounds?

A Gathering of Experts: According to the Bureau of Transportation, over 1.73 million passengers fly per day in the United States. So, although anecdotally flying is cumbersome – it’s actually still incredibly safe and efficient.

Q: The old joke used to be that airline food was terrible, and now it seems like the trend is not to offer any food at all. Is that accurate?

A Gathering of Experts: For a while airlines really did cut back on meals. But now the opposite is happening – at least on longer domestic flights. Many airlines have been working with restaurateurs to create dishes that can withstand the challenges of flight to serve passengers excellent fare, either as a meal or for ala carte dishes.

Q: What about driving across the country? How can a traveler manage not to get stuck in massive gridlock in large cities?

A Gathering of Experts: The best way for a car trip to go smoothly is to really plan out the travel route. Either get off the interstate and stop for a meal and a quick sightseeing tour, or choose a secondary scenic route. If that’s not possible because of the specific metropolitan area, break the trip up into areas of interest, and leave in the morning at a leisurely pace so as not to fight with commuter traffic.

Q: What about trains? Are they efficient and do they go through the best destinations?

A Gathering of Experts: For many people, the preferred method of travel is by train. Trains will take passengers through city hubs, and can cost less than flying or driving. Also, many trains have sleeper cars, which is handy for long trips. And when traveling with a group, train travel is by far the most social way to get from place to place.

Travelling to Greece

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser loves travelling and seeing the world. Kyle has grown up in Georgia and he has seen a lot of places and great scenery. However, Kyle feels that visit Greece is at the top of his list because there is a lot to admire. He has planned to visit a number of places in Greece and see the world up close.

Kyle first plans to see the Coast of Greece with all the light green waters and white sands on the shores. Greece beaches are known to be very safe for humans and Kyle says he loves this kind of scenery. There are many volcanic and pebble beaches that surround Greece and these are what he wants to see. It is an amazing view and anyone would be intrigued by such beauty.

The beautiful Acropolis in Athens is such a mystery for many people. It is designed elegantly for its time and this is a huge attraction. He intends to visit the Parthenon, the center of Acropolis as it is and not forgetting theOdeon of Herodes Atticus. This building is very old dating back in 161 AD to remember Herodes’ wife. Kyle feels that the building has been designed with a lot of detail which makes it the perfect attraction. This building must has worn-out some places with time but Kyle believes that the most important part of the story still remains. This is what he intends to see and the building with fill up part of the history that he craves to feel.

Kyle also wants to see the Monastery of Agia Lavra because of his religious background. The birthplace of Greece is Monastery of Agia Lavra and Kyle which is the church has burnt down four times and rebuilt over and over.

Olympia Stadium is also a very important and historical place from Greece. Kyle Thomas Glasser wants to see this place and says it was built in the 1970s and by 1982 it was finished. There are also caves in Greece that are very unique and the best places to explore. Kyle hopes to see them someday especially “Tafkoura” which Kyle says has not been explored well.

Kyle is very committed to working and serving the community and this is the reason why he takes his career in medicine very seriously. His plans of travelling the world are all based on also helping the underprivileged societies.

Douglas Battista Reports that Barbados Offers Much More than Beaches

Douglas Battista

Douglas Battista

Douglas Battista points out that whatever Barbados lacks in size, this beautiful Caribbean island makes up in sheer beauty and a climate that is second to none.

History of Barbados

According to Douglas Battista, the first persons to live on the tiny island of Barbados were the Arawak Indians, who left around 1200 AD. Throughout the next 600 years, Barbados was inhabited by the Portuguese and later the English. In the 1600s, the inhabitants began utilizing the country’s rich soil in the agriculture production of sugarcane. According to Douglas Battista, Barbados was a British Crown Possession and, as such, extended England’s practice of slavery to the Caribbean island. In the early 1800s, the slaves revolted and by 1834 the practice was abolished forever. After World War II, Barbados became a prime tourist attraction and is currently a democratic society, notes Douglas Battista.

Discover Barbados

The Resort Areas – While Barbados is home to numerous resorts, the main tourist attractions are located on the South and West coasts. For vacationers seeking sophistication and luxury, Douglas Battista recommends the West Coast. This area is home to numerous fine dining establishments and pristine waters. As well, Douglas Battista notes that one is likely to spot a celebrity or two. According to Douglas Battista, the South is known for its nightlife and offers those seeking lively entertainment almost unlimited options.

The Beaches – White sand, blue waters, and 3,000 hours of sunshine per year make some of the most beautiful beaches in the history of the Caribbean, says Douglas Battista. Some of the most popular beaches are found in the resort areas, including Sandy and Rockley on the South side and Payne’s Bay to the West. According to Douglas Battista there’s no shortage of activities available; swimming, jet skiing, kayaking and sailing are abundant in the serene waters of the South and West. As well, Douglas Battista says that Barbados’ beaches are perfect for just soaking in the golden rays of the unobstructed sunshine.

Bridgetown – The Nation’s capital offer shopping galore, and duty-free at that, says Douglas Battista. A quick stroll through the Trafalgar Square or a walking tour of the city enjoying the complexity its unique architecture are just some of the relaxing activities available in the commercial center of the country, adds Douglas Battista.

East Coast – For stress relief, Douglas Battista recommends staying in the West. But, for those with a little more adventure in their spirit, the untamed waters off East Atlantic Coast are a surfer’s Utopia. Douglas Battista says that this is the premier spot to grab a board and a waterproof camera because memories here deserve to be printed and shared.

According to Douglas Battista, Barbados is an open and friendly country. Battista highly recommends at least a weeklong visit for those looking to enjoy this country’s hospitality and landscape.

Ian Woodman, Idaho Businessman, Finds Adventure in St. Lucia

Ian Woodman Idaho

Ian Woodman Idaho

Ian Woodman of Idaho has learned that sometimes the best adventures come from a disappointing experience. The lesson came when Ian Woodman, Idaho co-founder of Instant Tax Solutions, took an anniversary trip to St. Lucia with his wife.

The two planned to spend the entirety of their vacation at the Sandals Resort. Ian Woodman, Idaho resident, paid a set fee to the all-inclusive resort that would include all meals, lodging, and activities during his stay. When the couple arrived they sampled the offerings at two different Sandals resorts—the Sandals Grande St. Lucia and Sandals La Toc—but found that the best experiences lay outside the grounds of the resorts.

While the beauty of St. Lucia is unmatched no matter where you stay, Ian Woodman of Idaho discovered the food and activities at the Sandals resorts weren’t quite what he and his wife expected. The couple was drawn to the island’s other offerings. During the trip, the Woodmans learned that an all-inclusive resort could be a waste in a location with so many other offerings.

One of the most memorable experiences was a zip line that took the couple through the rainforest, Ian Woodman, Idaho resident, recalls. While coasting through the air on a pulley, the Woodmans were able to get a bird’s-eye view of the St. Lucia rainforest. Woodman acknowledges zip lines aren’t for everyone. For those who aren’t as adventurous or are traveling with small children, Ian Woodman of Idaho recommends taking the aerial tram, which gives travelers a very similar experience.

Ian Woodman, an Idaho tax resolution business owner, took his wife to the straw market in St. Lucia, where they sampled local cuisine. They also journeyed to Rodney Bay, where a new mall was being built. They took in the shops, restaurants, and beautiful historic marina at Treasure Bay Casino, which Ian Woodman, Idaho businessman, found was much more than a traditional casino.

Ian Woodman, Idaho co-founder of Instant Tax Solutions, is a Los Angeles native who relocated to Post Falls, Idaho in 1996 after the birth of his first child. Developed with his business partner, Byron Pedersen, Ian Woodman ’s Idaho-based Instant Tax Solutions began as a two-person operation and grew to what it is today. Instant Tax Solutions serves thousands of customers with a staff of more than twenty-five tax professionals, Ian Woodman. Idaho residents have come to rely on Instant Tax Solutions, where Ian Woodman of Idaho is responsible for human resources and accounting.

Ian Woodman: Memorable Holidays [Disney World]

Ian Woodman

Ian Woodman

In 2010, Ian Woodman made a promise to his family and close friends when he entered in a contest to predict the winner of the NCAA Basketball Championship. That promise was that if he won, he’d take everyone to Disney World with his winnings. While many people might make such promises, Ian Woodman is a man of his word. In February 2011, he took 17 people to Disney World, paying airfare, hotel, park admission, and all expenses while they were in Orlando.

What resulted was a trip Ian Woodman still fondly recalls today. The friends shared one rental house, which allowed them to reminisce about the game that afforded Ian Woodman the opportunity to win the trip. For two weeks, Ian Woodman and those close to him stayed in Orlando, visiting the different amusement parks and having a great time.

Disney World is the most visited theme park in the world. Its four theme parks include the Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Disney-MGM Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Other amusement parks in the Orlando area allow visitors like Ian Woodman to stay busy during a trip to the area. In addition to world famous Universal Studios, Universal’s Islands of Adventure is also located in the area, according to Ian Woodman. For a group of 17, a trip to Orlando is a trip of a lifetime, Ian Woodman points out.

Due to the ticket prices of Orlando’s theme parks—Disney World’s Magic Kingdom admission is currently $90 a day—Ian Woodman acknowledges that Disney World is an expensive trip for many people. Ian Woodman was glad he could provide such a great vacation to those he cared about, knowing it was a trip that many were unable to easily afford. By using his winnings to fund such a large trip, not only was Ian Woodman able to create beautiful memories for himself and his family, but he was able to share those memories with those closest to him.

A trip to Disney is a landmark event for many children, creating a childhood memory that is often cherished for life. As such, many parents, like Ian Woodman, know the value of a trip to Disney World to the younger generations. Ian Woodman explains that Disney World occupies more than 30,000 acres slightly southwest of Orlando. In addition to its theme parks, Ian Woodman says, Disney World also includes two water parks and 23 resorts on site, each with a different theme.

Yet today, Ian Woodman says he and those closest to him consider the two weeks they spent at Disney World the best vacation they ever had. That alone is enough to make Ian Woodman glad he spent his winnings to treat his loved ones.

Perfect Vacation Source Family Friendly Vacation Destinations in Mexico

Perfect Vacation Source

Perfect Vacation Source

The Perfect Vacation Source knows Mexico has plenty of things for couples and friends traveling in groups to do, but what about children? Many people don’t realize how many kid-friendly destinations there are in Mexico. In fact, the San Francisco Chronicle recently named Mexico, “one of the best places in the world for a family vacation.”

According to The Perfect Vacation Source, children are given special attention in Mexico’s restaurants and special events. Often children are showered with attention and even regaled with song. The Perfect Vacation Source lists these as some of the most popular:

  • Club Med Cancún Yucatán—Not only does this Club Med location include activities specifically designed for children, it’s all-inclusive. The team at The Perfect Vacation Source stresses this because you’ll be able to find food and drink anytime your children need it. Anyone who has ever traveled with children knows how important this can be, according to The Perfect Vacation Source.
  • Xcaret— The Perfect Vacation Source recommends this theme park for its archaeological theme, complete with underground rivers, natural pools, swimming with dolphins, and a Coral Reef aquarium. A nighttime performance features 300 actors demonstrating Mexico’s history in dance and song, according to The Perfect Vacation Source.
  • Chapultepec Park—The largest park in Latin America includes several activities that The Perfect Vacation Source members find kid-friendly, including numerous museums, a zoo, pony rides, and amusement and water parks. The Perfect Vacation Source explains that the amusement park alone can keep your family busy for hours with more than 50 rides and attractions.
  • Cozumel—Long a popular tourist destination, The Perfect Vacation Source recommends Cozumel for its safety. The small, quiet island offers snorkeling, children’s pools, and knee-deep tide pools. The Perfect Vacation Source also recommends the traditional Mexican “paseo,” where locals dress up their children for a fun evening of dancing to the music of local bands.
  • Cabo—Cabo is filled with pools designed for children, The Perfect Vacation Source reveals, including waterslides, fountains, and kiddie pools for younger children. Several babysitting services are available at the many resorts to give parents a day or evening off, according to The Perfect Vacation Source. Special kids’ explorers clubs give children a chance to participate in science- and nature-themed projects.

Call on The Perfect Vacation Source to help you plan your family’s vacation to Mexico, saving time and money. The Perfect Vacation Source is a travel club that can point you toward the best resort destination for budget-saving prices.

Visit The Perfect Vacation Source online at