Dr. Cruz Discusses Natural Relief for Dog Skin Care with Incredible Discoveries

If you’re a dog lover like me, you’re no stranger to their constant scratching and biting at their dry, itchy skin. Sure it’s common canine behavior. But, when is an itch more than just an itch?  Get ready to meet Dr. Bernadine Cruz, renowned veterinarian for over 20 years.  You may recognize her from her numerous TV appearances or from her pet radio show in Los Angeles.  Dr. Cruz is an author and nationally recognized speaker on pet care.  You’ll also hear from renowned chemist David Fielder who will talk about the scientific breakthrough in pet care.

Incredible Discoveries: Dr. Cruz, welcome.

Dr. Cruz: Thank you, for having me.

Incredible Discoveries: I’m a die-hard dog lover.  It seems that whether it’s a pedigree or mutt, dogs still share one thing in common; they scratch like crazy.  What causes this?

Dr. Cruz: Well, dogs can be itchy for every reason that you and I are; and then some, depending on where they itch, bite, scratch, chew will often times give us reasons why.  Their skin is the largest organ on their body; but it has very limited number of ways it can react:  dryness, redness, itchiness.  And did you know that a dog’s skin is actually thinner and more fragile than ours?  So, we really need to take very good care of that skin.

Incredible Discoveries: There are lots of products out there that you can buy at convenience stores, pet stores, doggy spas. Yet our dogs are still scratching uncontrollably. Why do these products fail us?

Dr. Cruz: The problem is many of them address the itch in only one way – they only clean, only moisturize, or only medicate.  You need to do all three to get to the root of the cause.

Incredible Discoveries: That’s why you wind up with a cabinet full of bottles.

Dr. Cruz: Many of them provide temporary relief by washing away the allergens and irritants; but they do not provide sustained skin relief by addressing the skin irritation and potential inflammation.  Some contain harsh chemicals that aggravate skin conditions – and even steroids.

Incredible Discoveries: Steroids?

Dr. Cruz: Steroids are often used to minimize allergic reactions and reduce skin inflammation; but can have side effects such as increased appetite, change in mood and they can even depress the immune system.

Incredible Discoveries: To think that some of the soaps that itch treatments we trust may actually expose our pets to these potential dangers is very frightening.

Dr. Cruz: And they don’t always work.

Incredible Discoveries: How does AvenaPro 6 work?

Dr. Cruz: AvenaPro 6 unleashes 3 different oat active emollients, to address the underlying causes of itching, called triple oat complex:  one to calm the itch, another to protect and moisturize the skin and follicles, and another to clean the hair coat.

Incredible Discoveries: “Active oats” – what does that mean?

Dr. Cruz: It means they have powerful therapeutic properties.  It’s very unique.  They have the ability to actually get into the skin and restore health.  AvenaPro 6 features Avenanthramides, a remarkable all natural oat compound that’s clinically proven to reduce itching and shedding better than the leading veterinary therapy.  AvenaPro 6 starts working immediately on contact as the triple oat complex goes deep to quench skin.  You may even see results after the first bath.  You’ll definitely feel it – smoother skin, fewer flakes, less itching and biting.  Most anti-itch formulas take at least 5 minutes to soak in.  I don’t know about you but I’ve never met a wet dog that can sit still for that long.  But AvenaPro 6 works in only 2 minutes.  You’ll never have to chase after your sopping wet dog again.

Incredible Discoveries: I have to ask – what is so magical about this revolutionary formula?

Dr. Cruz: It’s the triple oat complex, a powerful blend of 3 oat extracts: avenanthramides, oat beta glucan and oat peptides.  In human medicine the FDA considers these oat extracts a type 2 skin protectant for their therapeutic properties that diminish redness and irritation, and their antioxidant activity which helps repair the skin.

Incredible Discoveries: Oatmeal is something I’ve seen in skin care products that I actually use on my own skin.

Dr. Cruz: Believe it or not, AvenaPro 6 is better than our oatmeal products in a lot of ways.  AvenaPro 6 scientists discovered that the avenanthramides found in the hulls of oats are powerful antihistamine compounds.  They created a patented extraction process for carefully removing the oat extracts to preserve purity and potency.  This purity helps them get absorbed.

Incredible Discoveries: Dr. Cruz, it sounds to me that the key to absorption is solubility.

Dr. Cruz: That’s right.  Without solubility there are no benefits.  You see, other oatmeal formulas contain a starchy matrix of colloidal molecules that keep the avenanthramides trapped inside.  That crude form is over 10,000 times larger than pure avenanthramide molecules.  So, there’s little chance of them getting absorbed into the skin.  They’re not even water soluble.  They harden on the skin without delivering any benefits.

Incredible Discoveries: So, what happens?  They cake up on the skin and get washed away?

Dr. Cruz: Yes, they’ll feel good on the skin for a little while; but there’s no lasting benefit beyond that.  But AvenaPro 6 avenanthramides are not only smaller because of the way they’re extracted; they’re water soluble, which helps them get carried through the skin’s surface.

Incredible Discoveries: What about shedding and pet dander?  If you have kids, you don’t want them breathing in this dead skin.

Dr. Cruz: Dander makes up a huge percentage of the junk floating in the air of our homes.  Clinically studies have shown that the AvenaPro 6 system decreases scaling and dander by more than 90%.

Incredible Discoveries: Incredible!  AvenaPro 6 does all of this and then some.  You know, we pin our hopes on pet store products because the alternative can be a costly visit to the veterinarian, not to mention the costs of prescriptions.

Dr. Cruz: Some severe skin conditions do require a visit to the veterinarian.  However, AvenaPro 6 is quite simply the most remarkable over-the-counter skin soothing system for pets that I’ve ever come across.  And it’s clinically proven.

Incredible Discoveries: Tell me about the clinical study where AvenaPro 6 was tested against the most popular pet shampoo.

Dr. Cruz: A double blind clinical trial conducted by veterinarians revealed that AvenaPro 6 out-performed the top selling prescription shampoo.  They saw a 94% reduction in scaling and dander.  They also saw reduced shedding and improved skin and hair coat condition.  And this was after only 3 baths.

Incredible Discoveries: In only 3 baths?  Well, it was vets and professional groomers who were handling the dogs, right?

Dr. Cruz: No, actual dog owners washed their own pets.  They used as much or as little product as they needed to work up a good lather.  That’s how easy this product is to use.  Use it like any shampoo.  Leave it on for 2 minutes to gives the avenanthramides and oat emollients time to penetrate the skin.

Incredible Discoveries: Dr. Cruz, I want to thank you so much for joining us.

Dr. Cruz: Thank you, for having me.

Incredible Discoveries: For more information on AvenaPro 6, visit the website avenapro.com.

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The Balancing Act Lifetime Interviews Athene Annuity & Life Assurance

The Balancing Act Lifetime

The Balancing Act Lifetime

As part of the Family Health Series on The Balancing Act Lifetime, we’re going to explore new areas of interest – Your financial health.  Are you saving money?  Are you financially ready for retirement?  It is the single biggest challenge facing Americans right now; and to get as pointed in the right direction, we’re pleased to be joined this morning by Chris Grady, Executive Vice President at Athene Annuity & Life Assurance. 

The Balancing Act Lifetime: Hey Chris, good morning to you.

Chris Grady: Hi there. How are you?

The Balancing Act Lifetime: I’m good.  So, let’s start off by acknowledging that subject we’re going to discuss can be uncomfortable or confusing for some.  But, I think we should just delve into this. In these tough times, it is hard for a lot of people to save.  Especially for retirement.  What do you suggest, for people who would like to prepare themselves?

Chris Grady: Yes, retirement is critical; because many people are going to spend more time retired than working.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: That’s a great point.

Chris Grady: If you don’t prepare and get ready for retirement, that amount of gap that you’re going to have when you do retire, is going to be a big problem.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: Such a great point.

Chris Grady: One way to handle retirement is to treat it like you were going to budget for a car.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: Ok.

Chris Grady: Let’s say you were going to save for your retirement.  Pretend that you’re trying to buy a car; and instead, put aside $200 per month.  Just save your money like it’s a budget.  Another great key is to think about retirement is to treat it as not just an accumulation of money; but, rather, how much money you’re going to need to pay your bills.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: I think those are great points.  Here’s another thought that I’d like your input on:  More Americans, are living longer than ever before; therefore, we can assume that one may be alive longer in retirement, than ever before.   What are the methods that people typically use for saving?

Most people say to themselves, “Oh, I have Social Security” and then “I might have a little retirement plan at work”.  Well, if you think about Social Security for the average American, Social Security will only replace 20 to 25 percent of your earned income.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: That’s it?

Chris Grady: That’s it.  And then you have your retirement and that might replace 5 or 10 percent.  So, the person that’s making $50,000 a year from their employer plan or from the government plan, you might only get half of that.  And if I asked anybody how would you like a 50 percent cut in pay?  And continue to live, it’s not easy.  So we think that filling that gap is critical.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: So let me ask you this, then.  How do we know if we are saving enough money to retire the way we want, to kind of live at the same lifestyle we did when we were working?

Chris Grady: Everybody’s needs, goals, and wants are different.  So, this is what’s critical.  You have to evaluate what’s really a “need”.  For example, your mortgage payment or your health care bill.  And then determine what your “wants” are.  Do you want to pay for your grandchild’s college?  Or do you want to donate money to charity.  So you’ve got to add the 2 up.  You’ve got to figure out how much that is going to be a month and then you’ve got to prepare for having a solution that’s going to provide that income.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: I want to get into the tax issue, here, right now; because, how does that affect the way people are preparing and saving for retirement?

Chris Grady: Many people save for retirement with what I would call “incorrect products”.  In other words, the government has already created incentives for annuities and they actually give benefits to annuities and 401k tax benefits.  And these products are designed for retirement solutions.  Many other products are more designed for “Oh, I’ll pay for college with that money.”  Or, “I’ll pay for a new house or a vacation with that money.”  That’s not what the retirement money is for.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: Ok.  So let me ask you this, then.  What is the biggest tip you would give to people who are tuning in, if you had to summarize everything into just one?

Chris Grady: Take control of your retirement.  That’s what i would say.  Evaluate it and treat it like it’s an important bill.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: And would you also say the earlier the better?

Chris Grady: The earlier the better.  It’s never too early to start.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: Never too late either – huh?

Chris Grady: And it’s never too late.  So the key is there are solutions for everybody, regardless of where you are in the life cycle.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: Well, great information.  It was great to meet you.

Chris Grady: Oh great to meet you.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: Such great information on how we can make smart decisions for our retirement and our finances.  And to learn more about retirement income planning go to atheneannuity.com and be sure to click into the consumer education section as well, a lot of great information there.

Now in its fifth year, The Balancing Act Lifetime endures in enabling women, in all aspects of their lives. The aim at The Balancing Act Lifetime is simple – It strives to benefit today’s contemporary woman “balance it all”, by bringing them outstanding resolutions to everyday issues.  Viewers can watch America’s foremost morning show The Balancing Act Lifetime weekday mornings on Lifetime television at 7 am (ET/PT).


Gregory Fake: Passionate About Literature

Gregory Fake

Gregory Fake

On any given day, Gregory Fake can be found talking with bestselling, celebrity, and children’s authors while developing segments for the award-winning Lifetime Television series, The Balancing Act.  “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” explains Gregory Fake, “I have a longtime passion for literature.”

Beginning at an early age, Gregory Fake developed a love for reading and the written word.  In fourth grade, he read 140 books, more than any other student at Sam Houston Elementary School that year.  Small wonder, considering Gregory Fake’s parents were both writers and reading and writing were commonplace in his household.

As an adult, Gregory Fake is captivated by fantasy and science fiction writing and is especially fond of the great authors, C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien.  “These two authors with similar childhood stories, who later went on to become friends at one point, were able to create fantastical worlds like no other,” offers Gregory Fake.  “While C. S. Lewis developed an early interest in animals and bringing life to animals, J. R. R. Tolkien created his own languages with his cousins.  The basis for their great novels was born well before either one of them knew it,” Gregory Fake continues.

Much like these great authors, Gregory Fake leveraged his childhood of watching his grandfather excel in high steel and listening to him discuss the stock market, into a successful business and now television production career.  Today at The Balancing Act, Gregory Fake is able to combine his business training and experience with creativity and know-how to produce provocative, empowering television for women.  While he would love to be a renowned author, he is grateful for the current influence of literature and words in his work in television.

Not surprisingly, Gregory Fake is currently exploring the works of the various authors who were members of the Inklings, a literary club formed in the 1930’s at Oxford University, which included Lewis and Tolkien.  His love of fantasy and science fiction allow Gregory Fake to bring creativity and intrigue to The Balancing Act morning program each week.

Gregory Fake received a degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and a law degree from Georgetown. He has consulted for Fortune 500 companies and has practiced banking law.  Residing in Pompano Beach, Florida with his wife and kids, Gregory Fake enjoys fishing, volunteering at his church, and spending time on the beach with his family.

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with The SOLD System’s Bill Bronchick

Incredible Discoveries

Incredible Discoveries

The following segment aired on Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television. Joining Incredible Discoveries was Bill Bronchick to discuss The SOLD System

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television: Best selling real estate author and attorney Bill Bronchick comes to Incredible Discoveries to show you how you can sell your home in thirty days and make more money. He shows you how to stop the financial bleeding. He teaches you how to get buyers in the door and making offers you can’t refuse. On Incredible Discoveries, Bill Bronchick unlocks the secrets that real estate agents won’t show you so you can prepare and price your property to sell it fast, not cheap!  You’ll have the expert’s expert on your side. Bill shows Incredible Discoveries viewers step by step, how to prepare your home for a quick sale, how to price it so you make more money than you thought you could, how to convince buyers it’s the only house they would ever want, and even how to close the deal quickly and hassle free.

On Incredible Discoveries, you’ll learn the first thing you always do when a buyer visits your property. Avoid the advertising mistakes most sellers make. Learn the right way to do open houses so you can do less of them and still sell your house faster and make more money.

As seen on Incredible Discoveries, the complete, easy to learn SOLD System includes: Four easy to read manuals: In Volume 1, you’ll learn Bill’s essential principles, including Staging, How to Offer Attractive Terms, How to Learn Your Market and Competition, and How to Develop a Killer Marketing Plan. In Volume 2, Bill shows you what it takes to get the deal closed and introduces you to sample forms and contracts you’ll encounter so you’ll always know what to expect. In Volume 3, Bill lists valuable resources to enhance your knowledge and keep you ahead of the real estate game. And in Volume 4, Bill explains why and how Credit is the most critical element in any and every real estate transaction you complete.

Altogether, the SOLD System is the most comprehensive, at-home, real estate training program ever developed by one of the most successful real estate authors and attorneys in the nation. People all over the country pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to hear Bill speak in his popular seminars.

Incredible Discoveries: Bill, please tell Incredible Discoveries viewers what exactly is in the system?

Bronchick: The Sold System covers everything you need to get your house sold quickly.  It covers how to prepare your home, how to get it looking beautiful so it sells quickly, how to price it right so it sells, and most importantly, how to get from contract through closing. I walk you through all the steps from A to Z, including sample legal forms, so you can get that check cashed.

Incredible Discoveries: You know, it’s interesting you mentioned the legal forms, because not only are you an extraordinarily successful real estate investor, but you are also a real estate attorney. And it’s that perspective that helps people get their house closed and sold.

Bronchick: I give a 360° complete view of if as both an investor and as an individual, so people get all the perspectives and can get their house sold and closed. We keep seeing this downward trend, hearing the doom and gloom on the news.  Yet, none of this seems to affect the Sold System. The Sold System works because it is different from what everyone else does.  Everyone is dooming and glooming.  You cannot just focus on what does not work; you have to focus on what does work, and my Sold System does work.

It’s almost a mindset that you are putting yourself in to.  Of course, you will have to do a couple of things here and there, but it is really about changing your mind.

Incredible Discoveries:  Absolutely, you have to believe that this is going to work for you and give it one hundred percent for it to work. Now, are there differences on how the system would work from one market to another?

Bronchick: The System works in every market because there are core principles that I give you that apply no matter whether you are in Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami or New York.  There are core principles you must apply to make the system work.  You can adapt the principles for your market, but you have to use the principles in my Sold System to get your house sold.

Incredible Discoveries: OK, now what if you have a house that is worth a hundred grand and somebody else has one that’s worth a million, there has got to be differences in the way you approach the sale?

Bronchick: In my Sold System, I teach people how to evaluate your home, and how to specifically price it.  It may not be the appraisal. You have to go and do your research, and in my Sold System, I show you exactly what to do to get that research to make sure your house is priced, so it sells quickly. Usually, the first offer will come in less than thirty days.

A division of O2 Media, Inc., Incredible Discoveries is a marketing firm unlike any other. By streamlining the creative, production and postproduction processes, Incredible Discoveries is able to quickly and efficiently create a successful campaign, even on a product still in preproduction. Incredible Discoveries utilizes not only television, but also the Internet and multimedia venues to bring attention to the intended product or service. After two decades in the industry, Incredible Discoveries has created partnerships with some of the world’s leading agencies and manufacturers, giving them a leg up over the competition.