RIP Print Media?

Is print a dead form of media? This question has been asked constantly since the Internet took over the world of marketing. Many companies have migrated their physical advertising efforts to digital because of cost effectiveness and potential exposure. However, printed material lends credence and solidity to a business’s image.

Print is tangible

Printed advertisements, such as posters, mail pieces, and ads in newspapers magazines etc., are real and can be physically seen and touched. Unlike Internet advertisements that are subject to disappear or be replaced with the latest, greatest product without warning, once something is printed it remains a constant reminder of the business’ message. For most consumers, the ability to physically hold information from a business lends credence to the company. After all, Internet advertising is cheap and can be done by anyone, anywhere. Print advertisement costs money which many people equate with a company’s quality and success.

More branding opportunities

There are many different types of print. Print ads can be on paper, cardboard, magazines, T-shirts, and other products and apparel. Companies who utilize print and promotional products in their marketing strategies may keep their brand image in front of clients even when they’re not at their computer. For instance, many companies give away ink pens with their logo clearly displayed in the hopes that customers will use them elsewhere. This essentially creates a tiny billboard anywhere the customer uses that specific promotional product.

Print is taken more seriously

Despite worldwide reliance on the Internet for information, many people tend to trust printed materials over those simply published online.

Print can reach with the Internet cannot

While it may sound completely out-of-line with current beliefs about the widespread availability of the Internet, print advertisement can reach places that even the web can’t. For instance, a large number of senior citizens are wary of the Internet and trust their good old-fashioned printed newspapers for information. Many mountain cabins and chalets rely on print advertisements to let their guests know about local attractions and dining options since Internet connections can be nonexistent away from the city. Business cards, rack cards, and brochures are quick and easy to grab and do not require lengthy downloads and are free of annoying pop-up advertisements.

Bridging the gap

Bridging the gap between print media and online presence isn’t that difficult. The recent invention of the QR (Quick Response) Code allows consumers to simply take a picture of the print ad and bring up additional interactive information on their compatible device.

Most business owners are best served by marketing their business under as many channels as possible. Finding the right balance between print and digital media is different for each business and is based on the demographics of their target customer and budget considerations.

Dr. Cruz Discusses Natural Relief for Dog Skin Care with Incredible Discoveries

If you’re a dog lover like me, you’re no stranger to their constant scratching and biting at their dry, itchy skin. Sure it’s common canine behavior. But, when is an itch more than just an itch?  Get ready to meet Dr. Bernadine Cruz, renowned veterinarian for over 20 years.  You may recognize her from her numerous TV appearances or from her pet radio show in Los Angeles.  Dr. Cruz is an author and nationally recognized speaker on pet care.  You’ll also hear from renowned chemist David Fielder who will talk about the scientific breakthrough in pet care.

Incredible Discoveries: Dr. Cruz, welcome.

Dr. Cruz: Thank you, for having me.

Incredible Discoveries: I’m a die-hard dog lover.  It seems that whether it’s a pedigree or mutt, dogs still share one thing in common; they scratch like crazy.  What causes this?

Dr. Cruz: Well, dogs can be itchy for every reason that you and I are; and then some, depending on where they itch, bite, scratch, chew will often times give us reasons why.  Their skin is the largest organ on their body; but it has very limited number of ways it can react:  dryness, redness, itchiness.  And did you know that a dog’s skin is actually thinner and more fragile than ours?  So, we really need to take very good care of that skin.

Incredible Discoveries: There are lots of products out there that you can buy at convenience stores, pet stores, doggy spas. Yet our dogs are still scratching uncontrollably. Why do these products fail us?

Dr. Cruz: The problem is many of them address the itch in only one way – they only clean, only moisturize, or only medicate.  You need to do all three to get to the root of the cause.

Incredible Discoveries: That’s why you wind up with a cabinet full of bottles.

Dr. Cruz: Many of them provide temporary relief by washing away the allergens and irritants; but they do not provide sustained skin relief by addressing the skin irritation and potential inflammation.  Some contain harsh chemicals that aggravate skin conditions – and even steroids.

Incredible Discoveries: Steroids?

Dr. Cruz: Steroids are often used to minimize allergic reactions and reduce skin inflammation; but can have side effects such as increased appetite, change in mood and they can even depress the immune system.

Incredible Discoveries: To think that some of the soaps that itch treatments we trust may actually expose our pets to these potential dangers is very frightening.

Dr. Cruz: And they don’t always work.

Incredible Discoveries: How does AvenaPro 6 work?

Dr. Cruz: AvenaPro 6 unleashes 3 different oat active emollients, to address the underlying causes of itching, called triple oat complex:  one to calm the itch, another to protect and moisturize the skin and follicles, and another to clean the hair coat.

Incredible Discoveries: “Active oats” – what does that mean?

Dr. Cruz: It means they have powerful therapeutic properties.  It’s very unique.  They have the ability to actually get into the skin and restore health.  AvenaPro 6 features Avenanthramides, a remarkable all natural oat compound that’s clinically proven to reduce itching and shedding better than the leading veterinary therapy.  AvenaPro 6 starts working immediately on contact as the triple oat complex goes deep to quench skin.  You may even see results after the first bath.  You’ll definitely feel it – smoother skin, fewer flakes, less itching and biting.  Most anti-itch formulas take at least 5 minutes to soak in.  I don’t know about you but I’ve never met a wet dog that can sit still for that long.  But AvenaPro 6 works in only 2 minutes.  You’ll never have to chase after your sopping wet dog again.

Incredible Discoveries: I have to ask – what is so magical about this revolutionary formula?

Dr. Cruz: It’s the triple oat complex, a powerful blend of 3 oat extracts: avenanthramides, oat beta glucan and oat peptides.  In human medicine the FDA considers these oat extracts a type 2 skin protectant for their therapeutic properties that diminish redness and irritation, and their antioxidant activity which helps repair the skin.

Incredible Discoveries: Oatmeal is something I’ve seen in skin care products that I actually use on my own skin.

Dr. Cruz: Believe it or not, AvenaPro 6 is better than our oatmeal products in a lot of ways.  AvenaPro 6 scientists discovered that the avenanthramides found in the hulls of oats are powerful antihistamine compounds.  They created a patented extraction process for carefully removing the oat extracts to preserve purity and potency.  This purity helps them get absorbed.

Incredible Discoveries: Dr. Cruz, it sounds to me that the key to absorption is solubility.

Dr. Cruz: That’s right.  Without solubility there are no benefits.  You see, other oatmeal formulas contain a starchy matrix of colloidal molecules that keep the avenanthramides trapped inside.  That crude form is over 10,000 times larger than pure avenanthramide molecules.  So, there’s little chance of them getting absorbed into the skin.  They’re not even water soluble.  They harden on the skin without delivering any benefits.

Incredible Discoveries: So, what happens?  They cake up on the skin and get washed away?

Dr. Cruz: Yes, they’ll feel good on the skin for a little while; but there’s no lasting benefit beyond that.  But AvenaPro 6 avenanthramides are not only smaller because of the way they’re extracted; they’re water soluble, which helps them get carried through the skin’s surface.

Incredible Discoveries: What about shedding and pet dander?  If you have kids, you don’t want them breathing in this dead skin.

Dr. Cruz: Dander makes up a huge percentage of the junk floating in the air of our homes.  Clinically studies have shown that the AvenaPro 6 system decreases scaling and dander by more than 90%.

Incredible Discoveries: Incredible!  AvenaPro 6 does all of this and then some.  You know, we pin our hopes on pet store products because the alternative can be a costly visit to the veterinarian, not to mention the costs of prescriptions.

Dr. Cruz: Some severe skin conditions do require a visit to the veterinarian.  However, AvenaPro 6 is quite simply the most remarkable over-the-counter skin soothing system for pets that I’ve ever come across.  And it’s clinically proven.

Incredible Discoveries: Tell me about the clinical study where AvenaPro 6 was tested against the most popular pet shampoo.

Dr. Cruz: A double blind clinical trial conducted by veterinarians revealed that AvenaPro 6 out-performed the top selling prescription shampoo.  They saw a 94% reduction in scaling and dander.  They also saw reduced shedding and improved skin and hair coat condition.  And this was after only 3 baths.

Incredible Discoveries: In only 3 baths?  Well, it was vets and professional groomers who were handling the dogs, right?

Dr. Cruz: No, actual dog owners washed their own pets.  They used as much or as little product as they needed to work up a good lather.  That’s how easy this product is to use.  Use it like any shampoo.  Leave it on for 2 minutes to gives the avenanthramides and oat emollients time to penetrate the skin.

Incredible Discoveries: Dr. Cruz, I want to thank you so much for joining us.

Dr. Cruz: Thank you, for having me.

Incredible Discoveries: For more information on AvenaPro 6, visit the website

Specializing in creating infomercials designed for maximum impact, Incredible Discoveries ® works directly with manufacturers to ensure products are presented in a way that connects with consumers. For more information on Incredible Discoveries, contact them at 2001 W. Sample Road, Pompano Beach, FL 33064 or call 954.979.8323.

Treating Your Skin the Right Way

When you’re ready to whip up a healthy meal, you’ve got to have the right ingredients.  Well, the same thing can be said for skin care.  If you’re going to have great and healthy skin, you’ve got to know the ingredients.  At the very least, it’s important to know what to look for, when deciding what the best ingredients are.  And so, The Balancing Act ® is happy to be joined by skin care experts Jason Toms and Lisa Savage – both of Hollywood-based InfiniteAloe® skin care.

The Balancing Act: Hello. It’s great to see you.

Jason Toms: Thank you so much, for having us.

The Balancing Act: Thank you, for being here.  So, let’s talk about Hollywood and about healthy, vibrant, skin.  In Hollywood, beauty is front and center.  When it comes to skin care in Hollywood, what are the beautiful people in Tinseltown looking for?  What are they doing?

Jason Toms: The people in Tinseltown are looking for what you’re looking for; and that is a formulation for skin care that works.  They are looking for formulations that are, basically, heavy and made from natural ingredients.  With no added toxic chemicals and things that are formulated with a really comprehensive delivery system.

The Balancing Act: You know?  Here’s the thing.  When I’m reading ingredient labels, if I can’t pronounce it, I’m wondering if it’s something that I should be putting on my skin.  How do we know what’s good and what’s not so good, guys?

Lisa Savage: That’s definitely where we need to educate ourselves, because it is.  It’s very confusing, especially with so many new products coming on the market every single day.  You definitely want to be careful of products that have heavy chemicals as the first ingredients.  You want to be careful of too much fragrance, because those are irritants for the skin.  And, you definitely want to stay away from anything that clogs your pores, because that’s shown to advance aging.  And, we don’t need any help with that, do we?

The Balancing Act: Girl, please.  That’s already happening at home; so we don’t need any more help with that one.

Lisa Savage: (Laugh) No, we don’t!

The Balancing Act: So, I want to talk a little bit about what I know is a really important ingredient to both of you; and that’s aloe vera.  I notice aloe vera in a lot of skin care products.  What I didn’t know (and, you educated me on this, Jason) there are over 300 different varieties of aloe vera.

Jason Toms: Absolutely.

The Balancing Act: How do I know which one is best for me?

Jason Toms: Luckily, scientists have figured it out.  The number one aloe vera, out of over 300 varieties, is Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller.

The Balancing Act: What’s so great about this?

Jason Toms: Well, it’s been scientifically proven to heal the skin up to 10 times faster than normal.

The Balancing Act: Wow!

Jason Toms: Yeah.  So, if you get a cut, bruise, burn, or abrasion – that can actually help with the healing process.  Obviously, your body heals itself.  And there are different beneficial qualities to aloe vera such as it is anti-fungal, antiviral, it’s antibacterial, and it’s an analgesic – which relieves pain.  Also, it’s really good for arthritis.

The Balancing Act: So, in general, what should we be looking for in terms of ingredients; and I guess more specifically, is there anything that we should avoid?

Lisa Savage: Well, yes.  From my research that I’ve done, there are certain chemicals you want to avoid that are, actually, harmful to the body.  Such as parabens, propylene glycol, petroleum, mineral oil.  Those are going to irritate your skin.  Plus, not to mention, it’s found that whatever we put on our skin can be found in almost every organ in our body.

The Balancing Act: EEEEEK!

Lisa Savage: So, it’s imperative that we put healthy, natural ingredients on our body.

The Balancing Act: I think you’re right.  Jason, I want to ask you this question: As women age, do you think they need to be paying more or less attention to the kinds of skin care products they use?

Jason Toms: Well, absolutely.  You do need to pay attention; and to be honest, the earlier, the better.  You don’t want to use things when you’re young that you’re going to regret later; but with the right ingredients, you know, it’s never too late.  Your skin changes as you age, too.  So, you kind of want to switch your skin care regimen to suit where you are in, in life.

The Balancing Act: That’s great insight.

Jason Toms: With the strongest aloe vera out there, the Barbadensis Miller, you can care for your skin today in preparation for your skin care tomorrow.  Take our InfiniteAloe products, for example.  They contain tons of oils, vitamins, and antioxidants.  We created a light and non-greasy formula that just soaks into your skin.  Men love the product, children love the product, and you can use it to shave with.

The Balancing Act: So, it’s a multi-use product.  I think is great for our audience, because we’re trying to balance it all.

Jason Toms: We’re all about convenience!

The Balancing Act: Thank you again for being here and for this great information.

Jason Toms: We were happy to be here.

The Balancing Act: For more skin care information, visit the skin care experts over at

The Balancing Act ® produces shows that offer a fresh approach to current topics and give a new spin on morning television. The Balancing Act is the first production company to earn the WomenCertified® Seal. If you would like to learn more about The Balancing Act visit



Start off Your Spring Cleaning the Right Way with Designing Spaces

Designing Spaces

Designing Spaces

When you think of housecleaning, one tool comes to mind – the vacuum cleaner.  Is your vacuum really doing the job?  As part of our “Spring Cleaning Tips from the Pros”, Designing Spaces takes a closer look at vacuum bags and filters.  Joining us is HomeCare Industries, to show us the importance of changing our vacuum bags and filters and also that not all bags are the same. 

Designing Spaces: Before we get started, I have to ask you, how often do we change our bags on our vacuums?

HomeCare Industries: It’s very important to change both your vacuum bags and your filters.  Your vacuum bag should be changed at least every six weeks; or when the dirt inside the bag reaches that fill line and your filters should be changed at least every six months.  Now when your filters and bags become overused, they easily become clogged with dirt and with dust – which results in poor air quality.  But, it also reduces the suction power of your machine and puts a strain on it as well.

Designing Spaces: You brought some bags for us to see today, right?

HomeCare Industries: That’s what we did, absolutely.  We brought our new HomeCare scented MicroLined® vacuum bags; and our filters as well.

Designing Spaces: Scented vacuum bags?  I’ve never heard of that.

HomeCare Industries: Our HomeCare scented bags use HEPA media and they also have an odor controlled Micro-Liner.  The first step that you need to do is take the scent tab and you peel it off and that releases the scent.

Designing Spaces: Oh, I can smell that already.  That’s a great smell.

HomeCare Industries: And then you want to place it in your vacuum.  This is our HomeCare scented vacuum filter.  The scent is created from little scent beads inside the filter itself; and as you’re vacuuming, it brings the scent out into the room.

Designing Spaces: I see.

HomeCare Industries: The HomeCare bag, which is a two-ply microlined bag, adds an extra layer of filtration which captures one hundred percent of dust mites, allergens, rag weed and other household debris.  Here, we have two bags that have been used; and they look pretty similar. (Holds up two bags.)

Designing Spaces: They do.

HomeCare Industries: Both dirty, one actually is a single-ply and one is the double-ply.

Designing Spaces: Which one is which?

HomeCare Industries: Can you guess?

Designing Spaces: I can’t guess.

HomeCare Industries: I know, they look the same.

Designing Spaces: Okay, which one’s the one-ply, which one’s the two?

HomeCare Industries: (Holding up one of the bags.) This is the one-ply; and, as you can see, the dirt is actually captured inside the bag.  Then you go here to the two ply.

Designing Spaces: Ok, let’s see.

HomeCare Industries: (Holds up second bag.)  Again, it looks like it’s captured inside the bag.  But, then when you pull the MicroLiner off, you actually see that it’s clean.  So, the dirt is actually staying inside the bag,  Now, the HomeCare’s MicroLined bag also gives you significantly better filtration – up to three times better filtration.

Designing Spaces: Whoa.

HomeCare Industries: (Proceeds to start up the vacuum, to demonstrate.)  Smells good, right?

Designing Spaces: It smells so clean and fresh.  You can really smell that.

HomeCare Industries: That’s the odor eliminator and liner and scent patch at work.   When you stop smelling that scent, it’s a great indicator that you need to change either your bag or your filter.

Designing Spaces: So, where can our viewers learn more?

HomeCare Industries: You can go to

Designing Spaces: Well, we gave you wonderful ideas for spring cleaning.  But, if you missed any of them, be sure to check out our website at  Lots of useful information there, be sure to check it out.  Happy spring cleaning!


Entering its 10th year, Designing Spaces endures as one of America’s favorite home-improvement shows.  The program inspires viewers on decorating ideas, DIY projects and step-by-step improvements to help make every space count.  The show, Designing Spaces, provides solutions to help you enjoy the space you live, work and play in.  Designing Spaces airs at 7:30 am (ET/PT) on Lifetime.


The Balancing Act Lifetime Interviews Athene Annuity & Life Assurance

The Balancing Act Lifetime

The Balancing Act Lifetime

As part of the Family Health Series on The Balancing Act Lifetime, we’re going to explore new areas of interest – Your financial health.  Are you saving money?  Are you financially ready for retirement?  It is the single biggest challenge facing Americans right now; and to get as pointed in the right direction, we’re pleased to be joined this morning by Chris Grady, Executive Vice President at Athene Annuity & Life Assurance. 

The Balancing Act Lifetime: Hey Chris, good morning to you.

Chris Grady: Hi there. How are you?

The Balancing Act Lifetime: I’m good.  So, let’s start off by acknowledging that subject we’re going to discuss can be uncomfortable or confusing for some.  But, I think we should just delve into this. In these tough times, it is hard for a lot of people to save.  Especially for retirement.  What do you suggest, for people who would like to prepare themselves?

Chris Grady: Yes, retirement is critical; because many people are going to spend more time retired than working.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: That’s a great point.

Chris Grady: If you don’t prepare and get ready for retirement, that amount of gap that you’re going to have when you do retire, is going to be a big problem.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: Such a great point.

Chris Grady: One way to handle retirement is to treat it like you were going to budget for a car.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: Ok.

Chris Grady: Let’s say you were going to save for your retirement.  Pretend that you’re trying to buy a car; and instead, put aside $200 per month.  Just save your money like it’s a budget.  Another great key is to think about retirement is to treat it as not just an accumulation of money; but, rather, how much money you’re going to need to pay your bills.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: I think those are great points.  Here’s another thought that I’d like your input on:  More Americans, are living longer than ever before; therefore, we can assume that one may be alive longer in retirement, than ever before.   What are the methods that people typically use for saving?

Most people say to themselves, “Oh, I have Social Security” and then “I might have a little retirement plan at work”.  Well, if you think about Social Security for the average American, Social Security will only replace 20 to 25 percent of your earned income.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: That’s it?

Chris Grady: That’s it.  And then you have your retirement and that might replace 5 or 10 percent.  So, the person that’s making $50,000 a year from their employer plan or from the government plan, you might only get half of that.  And if I asked anybody how would you like a 50 percent cut in pay?  And continue to live, it’s not easy.  So we think that filling that gap is critical.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: So let me ask you this, then.  How do we know if we are saving enough money to retire the way we want, to kind of live at the same lifestyle we did when we were working?

Chris Grady: Everybody’s needs, goals, and wants are different.  So, this is what’s critical.  You have to evaluate what’s really a “need”.  For example, your mortgage payment or your health care bill.  And then determine what your “wants” are.  Do you want to pay for your grandchild’s college?  Or do you want to donate money to charity.  So you’ve got to add the 2 up.  You’ve got to figure out how much that is going to be a month and then you’ve got to prepare for having a solution that’s going to provide that income.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: I want to get into the tax issue, here, right now; because, how does that affect the way people are preparing and saving for retirement?

Chris Grady: Many people save for retirement with what I would call “incorrect products”.  In other words, the government has already created incentives for annuities and they actually give benefits to annuities and 401k tax benefits.  And these products are designed for retirement solutions.  Many other products are more designed for “Oh, I’ll pay for college with that money.”  Or, “I’ll pay for a new house or a vacation with that money.”  That’s not what the retirement money is for.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: Ok.  So let me ask you this, then.  What is the biggest tip you would give to people who are tuning in, if you had to summarize everything into just one?

Chris Grady: Take control of your retirement.  That’s what i would say.  Evaluate it and treat it like it’s an important bill.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: And would you also say the earlier the better?

Chris Grady: The earlier the better.  It’s never too early to start.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: Never too late either – huh?

Chris Grady: And it’s never too late.  So the key is there are solutions for everybody, regardless of where you are in the life cycle.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: Well, great information.  It was great to meet you.

Chris Grady: Oh great to meet you.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: Such great information on how we can make smart decisions for our retirement and our finances.  And to learn more about retirement income planning go to and be sure to click into the consumer education section as well, a lot of great information there.

Now in its fifth year, The Balancing Act Lifetime endures in enabling women, in all aspects of their lives. The aim at The Balancing Act Lifetime is simple – It strives to benefit today’s contemporary woman “balance it all”, by bringing them outstanding resolutions to everyday issues.  Viewers can watch America’s foremost morning show The Balancing Act Lifetime weekday mornings on Lifetime television at 7 am (ET/PT).


Weight Loss Secrets Revealed in BrandStar Entertainment Interview

BrandStar Entertainment

BrandStar Entertainment

Weight Loss. It’s a topic and concern women take seriously, and why not? We want to look and feel our very best, right ladies? But where do you turn when the battle to lose extra pounds and inches becomes a losing one? BrandStar Entertainment ® spoke with a guest who knows a four-hundred year old weight loss secret she wants to share with us. Her name is Julia Lundstrom, CEO of Okuma Nutritionals.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: Good morning.

Julia Lundstrom: Good morning.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: It’s nice to have you here.

Julia Lundstrom: Thank you for having me.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: Ok, whenever I hear the word, “secret”, I’m all ears. Our ladies out there all want to know – what is the secret to slim down?

Julia Lundstrom: Very, very appealing, always, these secrets.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: Yes.

Julia Lundstrom: This one actually has been around for probably more than four hundred years and a billion people know it, just not here in the United States. It is tea. Tea is a weight loss secret and they drink it in China. They’ve been drinking it for thousands of years; but recently, we have discovered that tea actually can help you lose weight.

BrandStar Entertainment ®:  When I go to the market, there are just so many teas to choose from. Which is the best one for you – you know – that consistently help you lose weight and burn fat?

Julia Lundstrom: Actually, there are only three real types of tea. Most people don’t know this. All the other teas that you see out there are herbs or they’re a spin-off of these three types of teas. You have your black teas, your green teas and what most people have never heard of in this country – “Oolong” or “Wu-long” tea. Wu-long is the tea that is specific for weight loss.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: We hear a lot of the health benefits when it comes to green tea. Wu-long: Is it better for burning fat and losing inches?

Julia Lundstrom: It absolutely is. Because we only have three main types of tea, they all come from one tea leaf. That one tea leaf is fermented in different ways. You have black tea, which is fully fermented. The second, green tea, is non-fermented. Oolong is a semi-fermented tea. That fermentation process brings out a couple different compounds that help raise your metabolism and help you lose weight.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: A lot of my friends tell me I have problems with my metabolism – that I can’t get it going.

Julia Lundstrom: That’s what Oolong tea does. It raises your metabolism, up to 12 percent higher in twenty four hours. Think how many calories you’ll burn, raising your metabolism that much.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: A lot of women suffer from “Yo-Yo dieting”. They lose weight and then they gain some back. They keep going up and down that roller coaster. Does Wu-long help stop that ride?

Julia Lundstrom: There is no such thing as a magic pill; we don’t claim that this is a magic pill. What we do encourage people is that this is a great addition to any diet and exercise program. If you’re on a program where you’re going to lose a few pounds, this will help accelerate that loss. Don’t forget, it did take a long time to put those pounds on. It will take a long time to take them off. This is such a great benefit, not only for the weight loss, but for a variety of antioxidant effects. Wu-long helps your skin look better as well as strengthening your teeth.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: While we continue to talk, I’m going to pour us both a cup of tea, since you brought the tea bags with you. Is there a time that you suggest our viewers for having the tea? Is it better to having in the morning or at night?

Julia Lundstrom: The English drink tea in the afternoons, but we suggest taking the tea fifteen minutes before breakfast and lunch. What that will do is help satiate your appetite. It will fill you up and boost your metabolism at the same time. By the time you actually eat, that food is going to go through your system faster.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: You know, everyone in this country drinks coffee. Does coffee actually speed up your metabolism?

Julia Lundstrom: Absolutely. Caffeine will speed up your metabolism, but the problem with caffeine is you get that instant jolt and soon after, you crash. Like I said, only one cup of Oolong can actually boost your metabolism all the way through a twenty-four hour period of time. If you think about it: who really drinks just a black cup of coffee? Do you put sugar in your coffee?

BrandStar Entertainment ®: You have no idea! I put cream, sugar and everything else in my coffee.

Julia Lundstrom: Exactly. So, some of those coffee drinks can contain up to six hundred calories. That should be a third of your calorie intake in a day. So, we encourage and challenge viewers at home to take a look at their coffee intake.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: What do you suggest doing, instead?

Julia Lundstrom: We encourage everyone to swap out their coffee for our Oolong tea for at least thirty days. If you accept the challenge, tell us how you feel and how much weight you’ve lost. We want you to really get on board with this because we are going to give twenty percent off to everyone who orders today.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: Did you hear that? Viewers at home can use the promo code provided and save twenty percent off of the entire order. And if you’re not a tea drinker and are not crazy about tea, in general, Julia has great little capsules that’ll do the same thing. Can you tell our viewers about it?

Julia Lundstrom: Sure. We have taken our tea and created a concentrated capsule form. There are no additives; nothing but tea. You will actually get almost four hundred percent more of the compound to lose weight. It’s a very convenience way to get your dose of Oolong. If you don’t like tea or you are on the go, the capsules are a great alternative to have on hand.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: I would love to try them as well. Can I?

Julia Lundstrom: Absolutely.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: We appreciate it, Julia. If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of Wu-Long Tea for better health, including slimming down and shaping up, visit

BrandStar Entertainment ® produces shows that offer a fresh approach to current topics and give a new spin on morning television. BrandStar Entertainment ® is the first production company to earn the WomenCertified® Seal. If you would like to learn more about BrandStar Entertainment ®, visit


Says Direct Media Power, Complaints to Better Business Bureau a Good Gauge

Direct Media Power Complaints

Direct Media Power Complaints

According to Direct Media Power, complaints filed with the BBB are a good indicator of how trustworthy a business is. A company with a B rating or better is typically a safe bet. Here, this A rated firm discusses common questions about the Bureau and its rating system and advises consumers to thoroughly investigate any business they intend to patronize. 

How does the BBB complaint system work?

According to Direct Media Power, complaints are sent to the organization by consumers and they contact the firm in question. They are a third party with a neutral stance in all cases.

What disciplinary action does the BBB take when there is a report filed?

The Better Business Bureau does not take any disciplinary action. Says Direct Media Power, complaints are filed and the Bureau acts as a mediator between the two parties.

How much does it cost to open a case file with the BBB?

It is a free service from the non-profit organization. According to Direct Media Power, complaints can be filed free of charge and the Bureau provides their services to the business without costs as well. The only fees the BBB charges are for membership dues.

How does the BBB rate businesses?

There are a number of factors including length of time the business has been in operation and whether or not they provide complete information about themselves. Of course, points out Direct Media Power, complaints against the company are given heavy consideration if they go unresolved. Recommends Direct Media Power, complaints should be handled immediately or they can reflect negatively against the firm’s reputation.

Does the Better Business Bureau handle professional services grievances?

According to Direct Media Power, complaints about professionals such as attorneys and physicians are usually heard by their respective boards.

What about complaints that have been settled in court?

No, Direct Media Power notes complaints which have already been resolved through legal or other venues are considered closed cases. The customer may file a report with the BBB only if a new situation arises.

Are there good businesses with low BBB ratings?

Yes there are. As with all classification processes, a low rating does not necessarily mean bad service. For Instance, Direct Media Power says complaints about the Ritz Carlton Hotel are handled without BBB mediation and the Luxury Hotel chain has been known to get an F grade. Chef Wolfgang Puck has also bore the brunt of a bad BBB rating despite his well-known reputation for superior service, says Direct Media Power. Complaints over the years have cited the BBB as playing favoritism to its members in regards to its grading scale.

Does the BBB monitor for fraudulent companies?

No, says Direct Media Power. Complaints, however, may be a good indication of possible negative activity. If there are a number of unresolved complaints it could be advised to look elsewhere. According to Direct Media Power, complaints may lead to an investigation which could expose fraudulent activity.

Is the Better Business Bureau a government entity?

No, they are a private group with corporate offices in DC.

Does the BBB handle accredited member disputes differently than non-members?

The Bureau claims the only difference between paying and nonpaying members is the level of standards they are held to, says Direct Media Power. Complaints are handled in the same way regardless.

According to Direct Media Power, complaints are not the only factor that the BBB takes into consideration. The group also reminds consumers to expand their search and consider other sources of information if they are truly interested in becoming a customer of a firm with a low rating.

Direct Media Power is a pay-per-call radio advertising provider and is not affiliated with the Better Business Bureau. The information provided above is for education purposes only. For more information, contact Direct Media Power at 888.302.5557

O2 Media™ Stands Head and Shoulders above the Competition

As a pioneer in branded entertainment, Pompano Beach, Florida, production company O2 Media™ is an industry leader. They offer a number of branded entertainment platforms, all with proven track records. Lifetime’s The Balancing Act®, Designing Spaces™, and Incredible Discoveries®. In addition to broadcast television, O2 Media™ also provides hands-on opportunities via the Balance Your Life Road Tour™ and print advertisements through their quarterly women’s magazine, Balance Your Life™. Through the years the team has earned the respect of countless clients who share their experiences here.


Great return on investment! The exposure and prominence that Lifetime and this show, The Balancing Act®, have amongst our target audience is dollar for dollar more potent than really any print ad we can run. It definitely resonates better with that target market.

Anthony Lucchetto, Owner,

We are pleased to hear that your appearance has caused such an impact. Thank you.
Doug Campbell, The Balancing Act®
3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


When you have a new product you’ve got to get it out there. It’s important that you spend the time on the marketing and the effort and the money on the marketing so that people can see it’s out there and you can test the market more quickly and see how it’s going to do.

David Gonzalos II, Founder & CEO, Impact Advanced Can

Thank you for taking the time to say these kind words. We appreciate you and hope that you will return again in the near future.
Doug Campbell, O2 Media

3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


To team up with The Balancing Act® in this entire production is amazing to me because they totally understand the power of the tube as well as social media. So to team up and having both companies understand the power of that, I mean, I think we could break records.

Robert Ferguson, Nutrition/Author/Endorser, Proclaim Nutrition

We certainly hope that you do break records, and lots of them. The segment was both fun and educational and I think our viewers have taken notice.
Doug Campbell, The Balancing Act®
3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


It’s hard to communicate [our] type of information. We felt this was the best format to do that.

Sonia Thomasino, Marketing Manager, Pilot Corp. of America

The issues that you spoke about, specifically arthritis, affects so many people and many of those have lost their ability to communicate the way there are accustomed to, by writing. The thought that Pilot has put into the new pens is amazing and I am proud that we were able to share that with the women in our viewership.
Doug Campbell, O2 Media

3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


The large viewership—I mean, once I had a chance to work with some of the folks here at The Balancing Act® I got an idea of just how broad the viewership was here. Again, it gave us kind of that immediate plug-in or connection to that audience.

Michael Sullivan, VP Sales & Marketing, Avlon Pharmaceuticals

Michael, we have worked so hard for over a decade to build our viewer base. We take pride in only presenting them with products that they can use. We are so glad to have been able to bring Avlon onto the show.
Doug Campbell, The Balancing Act®
3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


We just felt that we needed to start reaching out to different avenues where, because our roots are in car audio, so for 30 years we’ve been in car audio. It’s been a very male dominant group of followers. Again, just getting out to that new demographic. This is a great vehicle to do that.

Rick Wenner, Manager—Health & Fitness Products, Scosche Industries

We are so glad that Scosche Industries has expanded their outreach to women. For you, this untapped market may offer the boost you need to become a household name and we sincerely hope that The Balancing Act® helps you achieve that.
Doug Campbell, The Balancing Act
3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


I would come back…it’s been a fantastic experience. I feel that I’ve been supported throughout the entire process. I have every confidence that it’s going to work out really well so, I would guess yes!

Erika Bird, Director, The Reading Game

We will welcome you with open arms – and an open mic! Please do contact us when you are ready to talk about another appearance.
Doug Campbell, O2 Media

3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


I had a very good time. Everybody here has been fantastic.

Dr. Kevin T. Brady, President & CEO, Amer. Inst. For History Education

Our parent/teacher corner is one of the most important segments on our show since it directly impacts children and parents. We were so pleased to be able to help you get your point out and remind our viewers that it takes history to make history.
Doug Campbell, The Balancing Act
3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


Yes, I would definitely recommend The Balancing Act® to customers because it gives them a platform of education. Being in the health industry I know the importance of educating your audience. This is a great platform to do it.

David Hawk, Marketing Consultant, Team Angel Barn Dad Nutrition

Thank you for so many warm words regarding our show, The Balancing Act®. From all of use at O2 Media, we wish you the best.
Doug Campbell, The Balancing Act®
3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073

Direct Media Power, Inc. Benefits and Services Explained

Direct Media Power

Direct Media Power

Radio advertisement powerhouse Direct Media Power, Inc. speaks about their exclusive service offerings and how radio can benefit most businesses.

A Gathering of Experts: Good morning, thank you for taking time to be with us today.

Direct Media Power: Thank you for having us.

A Gathering of Experts: Let’s get started, shall we? To begin, can you tell us a little about Direct Media Power? Specifically, for those who are unfamiliar with marketing terms, what is a direct response media firm?

Direct Media Power: Essentially what we do is create advertisements for our clients that elicit a direct response from their target consumer.

A Gathering of Experts: So would these be primarily businesses that do not require a retail environment?

Direct Media Power: Exactly–anything personal service. Think credit counseling, tax settlement, loan modification services, and specialized health products. There is a broad range of businesses we can work for effectively.

A Gathering of Experts: How does it work?

Direct Media Power: First, we visit with the client to find out exactly what they want and need. Then, we set to work researching the best markets. When we know where to advertise and who we are speaking to, we write, edit, and produce a radio commercial for our client to approve.

A Gathering of Experts: Where do these ads run?

Direct Media Power: We have access to virtually every corner of the country.

A Gathering of Experts: How does Direct Media Power stack up against media buyers and brokers?

Direct Media Power: First, they are not going to take any responsibility creating a commercial; we do. And, we pay for it as well. It is a free service to our clients.  Also, we provide a monitored/recorded call center with live transfer capabilities. All this with a money back guarantee.

A Gathering of Experts: How do your clients track their results?

Direct Media Power: We use a third party real-time, online tracking service – which we also provide free of charge — that records every call that a campaign generates.  There is no guessing here.  Companies that work with us can “see, feel, and touch” the response and effectively manage their people and sales process.

A Gathering of Experts: We understand that you take on more of a partner role than just a service provider. Can you explain?

Direct Media Power: After initial cash testing, which is just a few thousand dollars in most cases, we will evaluate the volume of calls generated. Based on that, our clients may have the option to pay only for the future calls they actually receive instead of the airtime, which can get expensive.

A Gathering of Experts: That sounds like it affords your clients the opportunity to focus their capital on other aspects of their business.

Direct Media Power: It does. And, since we are a radio-only provider, we are great at what we do and can have the client’s message on-air in just a few days.

A Gathering of Experts: Very good to know. We look forward to speaking with you again in the future.

Direct Media Power: Thank you again.


Direct Media Power, Inc., the nation’s most trusted source for pay per call direct media response services, is located just outside of Chicago. The group has successfully placed over $50,000,000 in national radio advertising in just the last five years. The team at Direct Media Power enjoys working relationships with all major radio broadcast networks as well as with thousands of local stations.

For more information on how to turn radio into revenue, visit


The Balancing Act on Lifetime with Lew Lautin

The Balancing Act

The Balancing Act

The following segment aired on “The Balancing Act” on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Lew Lautin to discuss his photography project geared toward raising awareness for the homeless.

The Balancing Act Host 1: Hi there, good morning, everybody.  I’m Danielle Knox, it’s Friday, January 13, 2012, coming up on the show this morning, a story of giving in the simplest way.  We’ll show you how a photographer’s amazing pictures of the homeless is changing lives and communities.  Also ahead this morning, dry eye: a look at the symptoms and remedies with a doctor and a patient who suffers from this often overlooked disease.  Also, they’re back—our friends from SeaWorld are here!  Get ready to see some exotic animals and, of course, those two adorable penguins who can’t travel without each other, Pete and Penny are here in the house this morning.  We talked about the photographer who is giving his time to the homeless and that inspired The Balancing Act’s daily question today: “Have you ever volunteered with a charity organization?”  We would love to hear from you on this one so you can vote by calling us at 855-3balanc, that’s 855-322-5262.  Press one for yes and two for no,  stay right where you are, “The Balancing Act” starts right now.

The Balancing Act: Host 2: Well, he has a passion for people and a skill for photography.  Combine the two and you get a wonderful undertaking by my next guest to take on a new project that not only helps the community but is impacting lives of just so many people in such a positive way.  I am so happy to welcome to the show this morning, photographer, Lew Lautin.  Good morning to you, Lew, good to see you.

Lautin: Good morning, thanks for having me here.

The Balancing Act: I love what you’re doing because I think what happens is many people will drive or walk past the homeless and see them but not really see them and so, talk about what you’re doing in your community and where the idea for this came from.

Lautin: I got a call around two and a half years ago from Marti Foreman who’s the executive director of lifenet4families and she asked if I would shoot a video for their twenty-fifth anniversary and I said “Sure,” and I went down to the lifenet4families center and I immediately fell in love with the people there in a very unusual situation.  They’re homeless, they’re near homeless, they live on the streets and they go there for a meal or a shower or some help or some tutoring or some financial help.  After I spoke to Marti about doing the video, I said, “Can I bring my cameras back and can I bring my studio lights in?”  I started going every week bringing my camera and these big studio lights and sitting down with the clients there and I started taking pictures of them and then the following week I’d bring them back copies.

The Balancing Act: Aww, how do you make a project like this a success and really make a difference in their lives because, you know, they feel like, “Oh, here I am, I’m homeless, nobody cares.”  How do you insure that somebody cares?

Lautin: I think there are two aspects of that.  The first is when I go back the next week and I bring them copies, I’ve handed pictures to people and they say I’m going to send this to my mother.

The Balancing Act: They say that to you, they’re going to send, ohhh?

Lautin: Yes, “she hasn’t seen a picture of me for two or three years.”  And the other aspect of it is to sit down with somebody who’s homeless or near homeless, big studio lights, make them feel like a CEO, make them feel somebody, like they’re important ,and spend fifteen or twenty minutes with them, engaging them in dialogue, if they wish.  Some don’t wish to engage in dialogue.  Make them feel important; make them feel like somebody cares, ten or fifteen minutes.

The Balancing Act: Oh, that just touches my heart and when you take these pictures, what happens to them afterwards.  I know that you give them to them and they send them to their friends and family and then, is there something else that you do with the pictures, as well?

Lautin: Yes, I also volunteer at Boca Helping Hand to take pictures there of their clients and when you walk into Boca Helping Hands, there are big portraits around fifteen/twenty people I’ve taken pictures of and for lifenet4families.  Whenever they have a big event, I provide blown up pictures for them and it shows the community that these are real people, these are people who are suffering, and these are people who need help.  A lot of these people were donating to places like lifenet and Boca Helping Hands a year or two or three ago and, unfortunately, they’re not in a position today to help and they need some help.

The Balancing Act: Absolutely and I think with the economy and the recession and everything that’s going on, that is such a true statement.  When you talk about the response that your photography receives, not just for maybe other people who see it but also from the homeless that you’re taking pictures of, what do you think this does to them, kind of emotionally?

Lautin: I think it’s a whole gamut of emotions.  Some of them feel sad seeing pictures of themselves in the situation they’re at, some of them feel elated, and some of them feel very good about how they look.  So it’s a whole gamut of emotions that’s out there, just like the homeless population or the near homeless population, but they are a people; they’re our neighbors, our brothers, our sisters.

The Balancing Act: I think that is the resonating point.  They are people, and you, as a person, have accomplished so much as a photographer.  I know you’ve worked a lot with the fine art photography.  Your work has sold for really high prices.  I mean, you’ve accomplished a lot in your career.  How does this project differ?

Lautin: This project differs on the emotional gut level.  You’re sitting down with people who need help; you’re sitting down with people who don’t get respect, people just walk by them and ignore them.  If I can touch one person and make them feel important, make them feel loved, wow!

The Balancing Act: Yeah, you know, I was telling you that I encountered a homeless man the other day and had given him money and didn’t know his back history or his story but everybody has a story, right, everybody has a history?

Lautin: I just did a composite of six homeless heads with the constitution of the United States behind them and that was just shown at ArtServe and the last person on the right died six months ago and I’ll get a call from lifenet: do I have a picture of somebody.

The Balancing Act: Oh, my goodness.

Lautin: For a memorial.

The Balancing Act: Let me ask you this with just about thirty seconds here left: what do you want your photography to do, what is the take away, what would you like viewers who are watching to take away?

Lautin: I would like viewers to go to their phone right now, figure out how they can help, how they can help people who need help desperately, how they can volunteer—whether it’s at a soup kitchen, whether it’s volunteering at a hospital, whether it’s mentoring, whether it’s Women in Distress or Meals on Wheels, Trash to Treasure—help.  You have the ability to do something, you have the ability to make a difference in somebody’s life, it’s never too late.

The Balancing Act: It’s never too late and also, I think what people tend to think is somebody else is going to do it.

Lautin: You do it; you do it today.  Pick up the phone and do it.

The Balancing Act: Absolutely, Lew Lautin, great interview, thank you so much for coming by this morning.

Lautin: Thank you so much for having me.

The Balancing Act: And if you’d like more information in terms of how to make a difference in your own community, simply pick up the camera and make someone’s day special, and for more information on Lew or to see his work, be sure to check out his website.  It’s

The Balancing Act is the only morning show in America produced by women specifically for women. Every morning, The Balancing Act on Lifetime hosts Danielle Knox and Kristy Villa tackle the issues that face today’s woman. Popular show segments include live weather updates with Mark Mancuso, surprise celebrity visitors, and news about the latest trends affecting your life, home, career and family. The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television airs daily on Lifetime at 7 a.m. ET/PT. For more information, visit The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television’s website at