Start off Your Spring Cleaning the Right Way with Designing Spaces

Designing Spaces

Designing Spaces

When you think of housecleaning, one tool comes to mind – the vacuum cleaner.  Is your vacuum really doing the job?  As part of our “Spring Cleaning Tips from the Pros”, Designing Spaces takes a closer look at vacuum bags and filters.  Joining us is HomeCare Industries, to show us the importance of changing our vacuum bags and filters and also that not all bags are the same. 

Designing Spaces: Before we get started, I have to ask you, how often do we change our bags on our vacuums?

HomeCare Industries: It’s very important to change both your vacuum bags and your filters.  Your vacuum bag should be changed at least every six weeks; or when the dirt inside the bag reaches that fill line and your filters should be changed at least every six months.  Now when your filters and bags become overused, they easily become clogged with dirt and with dust – which results in poor air quality.  But, it also reduces the suction power of your machine and puts a strain on it as well.

Designing Spaces: You brought some bags for us to see today, right?

HomeCare Industries: That’s what we did, absolutely.  We brought our new HomeCare scented MicroLined® vacuum bags; and our filters as well.

Designing Spaces: Scented vacuum bags?  I’ve never heard of that.

HomeCare Industries: Our HomeCare scented bags use HEPA media and they also have an odor controlled Micro-Liner.  The first step that you need to do is take the scent tab and you peel it off and that releases the scent.

Designing Spaces: Oh, I can smell that already.  That’s a great smell.

HomeCare Industries: And then you want to place it in your vacuum.  This is our HomeCare scented vacuum filter.  The scent is created from little scent beads inside the filter itself; and as you’re vacuuming, it brings the scent out into the room.

Designing Spaces: I see.

HomeCare Industries: The HomeCare bag, which is a two-ply microlined bag, adds an extra layer of filtration which captures one hundred percent of dust mites, allergens, rag weed and other household debris.  Here, we have two bags that have been used; and they look pretty similar. (Holds up two bags.)

Designing Spaces: They do.

HomeCare Industries: Both dirty, one actually is a single-ply and one is the double-ply.

Designing Spaces: Which one is which?

HomeCare Industries: Can you guess?

Designing Spaces: I can’t guess.

HomeCare Industries: I know, they look the same.

Designing Spaces: Okay, which one’s the one-ply, which one’s the two?

HomeCare Industries: (Holding up one of the bags.) This is the one-ply; and, as you can see, the dirt is actually captured inside the bag.  Then you go here to the two ply.

Designing Spaces: Ok, let’s see.

HomeCare Industries: (Holds up second bag.)  Again, it looks like it’s captured inside the bag.  But, then when you pull the MicroLiner off, you actually see that it’s clean.  So, the dirt is actually staying inside the bag,  Now, the HomeCare’s MicroLined bag also gives you significantly better filtration – up to three times better filtration.

Designing Spaces: Whoa.

HomeCare Industries: (Proceeds to start up the vacuum, to demonstrate.)  Smells good, right?

Designing Spaces: It smells so clean and fresh.  You can really smell that.

HomeCare Industries: That’s the odor eliminator and liner and scent patch at work.   When you stop smelling that scent, it’s a great indicator that you need to change either your bag or your filter.

Designing Spaces: So, where can our viewers learn more?

HomeCare Industries: You can go to

Designing Spaces: Well, we gave you wonderful ideas for spring cleaning.  But, if you missed any of them, be sure to check out our website at  Lots of useful information there, be sure to check it out.  Happy spring cleaning!


Entering its 10th year, Designing Spaces endures as one of America’s favorite home-improvement shows.  The program inspires viewers on decorating ideas, DIY projects and step-by-step improvements to help make every space count.  The show, Designing Spaces, provides solutions to help you enjoy the space you live, work and play in.  Designing Spaces airs at 7:30 am (ET/PT) on Lifetime.


Gregory Fake: Passionate About Literature

Gregory Fake

Gregory Fake

On any given day, Gregory Fake can be found talking with bestselling, celebrity, and children’s authors while developing segments for the award-winning Lifetime Television series, The Balancing Act.  “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” explains Gregory Fake, “I have a longtime passion for literature.”

Beginning at an early age, Gregory Fake developed a love for reading and the written word.  In fourth grade, he read 140 books, more than any other student at Sam Houston Elementary School that year.  Small wonder, considering Gregory Fake’s parents were both writers and reading and writing were commonplace in his household.

As an adult, Gregory Fake is captivated by fantasy and science fiction writing and is especially fond of the great authors, C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien.  “These two authors with similar childhood stories, who later went on to become friends at one point, were able to create fantastical worlds like no other,” offers Gregory Fake.  “While C. S. Lewis developed an early interest in animals and bringing life to animals, J. R. R. Tolkien created his own languages with his cousins.  The basis for their great novels was born well before either one of them knew it,” Gregory Fake continues.

Much like these great authors, Gregory Fake leveraged his childhood of watching his grandfather excel in high steel and listening to him discuss the stock market, into a successful business and now television production career.  Today at The Balancing Act, Gregory Fake is able to combine his business training and experience with creativity and know-how to produce provocative, empowering television for women.  While he would love to be a renowned author, he is grateful for the current influence of literature and words in his work in television.

Not surprisingly, Gregory Fake is currently exploring the works of the various authors who were members of the Inklings, a literary club formed in the 1930’s at Oxford University, which included Lewis and Tolkien.  His love of fantasy and science fiction allow Gregory Fake to bring creativity and intrigue to The Balancing Act morning program each week.

Gregory Fake received a degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and a law degree from Georgetown. He has consulted for Fortune 500 companies and has practiced banking law.  Residing in Pompano Beach, Florida with his wife and kids, Gregory Fake enjoys fishing, volunteering at his church, and spending time on the beach with his family.

Chef Gale Gand Sweetens Up O2 Media’s “The Balancing Act” Kitchen in 2012

O2 Media

O2 Media

Award Winning Food Network Star, Gale Gand will join O2 Media’s Hit Morning Show, “The Balancing Act” on Lifetime TV as a new celebrity Co-Host.

O2 Media’s premiere women’s show “The Balancing Act” on Lifetime Television, welcomes their newest addition to the show– Celebrity Chef Co-Host, Gale Gand. Most of you will recognize Gale from her popular TV show, ‘Sweet Dreams,’ the first all-dessert show produced by the Food Network, says O2 Media.  With Sweet Dreams currently airing on the Cooking Channel and her laundry list of cookbooks, Gale joins O2 Media’s “The Balancing Act” on Lifetime to share her culinary expertise with viewers.

Viewers of O2 Media’s “The Balancing Act” are always looking for faster and better ways to feed themselves and their families. Gale’s kitchen segments will enable viewers to learn about cooking from a very trusted expert, while they start their mornings and perform their own balancing act. And what does Gale say about getting a home cooked meal on the table after a day of work? According to O2 Media, “It’s all about planning and there are some tips and helpful hints to pull it off. It doesn’t have to be a perfect fine dining experience, but everyone can be fed a healthy and satisfying meal.”

Gale’s awards, cookbooks and TV appearances credit her as one of the top Pastry Chefs in America. Just this past April, Gale was a participating Chef for the White House Seder recipes on line, reports O2 Media. She is a supporter of sustainable agriculture, eating locally, the environmental movement and she’s a member of the American Institute of Wine and Food raising funds for culinary scholarships. Gale also has her own root beer company which produces Gale’s Root Beer, an artisanal cinnamon, ginger, vanilla infused root beer (now with real cane sugar!)

“We are so glad that Gale Gand will be joining ‘The Balancing Act’ on O2 Media’s Lifetime TV and are excited to see what tasty treats she whips up in our kitchen! Our viewers have been asking for more kitchen segments and we are happy to give that to them with Gale behind the counter,” says Doug Campbell, O2 Media’s Executive VP of Programming for “The Balancing Act” on Lifetime.

O2 Media’s “The Balancing Act” on Lifetime TV, is America’s only one hour morning show that’s about women, for women and trusted by women. The show inspires and empowers women with entertaining and educational shows helping to place them in the best position to achieve success in every area of their lives. As a wife, mother, chef and restaurateur, Gale will add a great “balance” to O2 Media’s show as she brings her high level of excitement and energy to “The Balancing Act” kitchen segments.

About The Balancing Act
“The Balancing Act” TV show is produced by BrandStar Entertainment, parent company of O2 Media, Inc. and airs on Lifetime Television at 7:00am (ET/PT). For information or to view a show, visit You can also follow “The Balancing Act” on, and

About O2 Media℠
Based in Pompano Beach, Fla., O2 Media is a national television production company and pioneer of the branded entertainment industry. Since its inception O2 Media has engaged, entertained and educated viewers with such reputable shows as Designing Spaces and The Balancing Act, both airing on Lifetime Television. O2 Media has earned hundreds of industry awards for revolutionizing the way brands engage with consumers on television. O2 Media provides unmatched marketing value to its clients while producing quality content for its growing national viewership through Brandutainment®. Household brands and blue chip companies alike, continue to depend on O2 Media for effectively communicating their message to consumers.  For more information, visit