Says Direct Media Power, Complaints to Better Business Bureau a Good Gauge

Direct Media Power Complaints

Direct Media Power Complaints

According to Direct Media Power, complaints filed with the BBB are a good indicator of how trustworthy a business is. A company with a B rating or better is typically a safe bet. Here, this A rated firm discusses common questions about the Bureau and its rating system and advises consumers to thoroughly investigate any business they intend to patronize. 

How does the BBB complaint system work?

According to Direct Media Power, complaints are sent to the organization by consumers and they contact the firm in question. They are a third party with a neutral stance in all cases.

What disciplinary action does the BBB take when there is a report filed?

The Better Business Bureau does not take any disciplinary action. Says Direct Media Power, complaints are filed and the Bureau acts as a mediator between the two parties.

How much does it cost to open a case file with the BBB?

It is a free service from the non-profit organization. According to Direct Media Power, complaints can be filed free of charge and the Bureau provides their services to the business without costs as well. The only fees the BBB charges are for membership dues.

How does the BBB rate businesses?

There are a number of factors including length of time the business has been in operation and whether or not they provide complete information about themselves. Of course, points out Direct Media Power, complaints against the company are given heavy consideration if they go unresolved. Recommends Direct Media Power, complaints should be handled immediately or they can reflect negatively against the firm’s reputation.

Does the Better Business Bureau handle professional services grievances?

According to Direct Media Power, complaints about professionals such as attorneys and physicians are usually heard by their respective boards.

What about complaints that have been settled in court?

No, Direct Media Power notes complaints which have already been resolved through legal or other venues are considered closed cases. The customer may file a report with the BBB only if a new situation arises.

Are there good businesses with low BBB ratings?

Yes there are. As with all classification processes, a low rating does not necessarily mean bad service. For Instance, Direct Media Power says complaints about the Ritz Carlton Hotel are handled without BBB mediation and the Luxury Hotel chain has been known to get an F grade. Chef Wolfgang Puck has also bore the brunt of a bad BBB rating despite his well-known reputation for superior service, says Direct Media Power. Complaints over the years have cited the BBB as playing favoritism to its members in regards to its grading scale.

Does the BBB monitor for fraudulent companies?

No, says Direct Media Power. Complaints, however, may be a good indication of possible negative activity. If there are a number of unresolved complaints it could be advised to look elsewhere. According to Direct Media Power, complaints may lead to an investigation which could expose fraudulent activity.

Is the Better Business Bureau a government entity?

No, they are a private group with corporate offices in DC.

Does the BBB handle accredited member disputes differently than non-members?

The Bureau claims the only difference between paying and nonpaying members is the level of standards they are held to, says Direct Media Power. Complaints are handled in the same way regardless.

According to Direct Media Power, complaints are not the only factor that the BBB takes into consideration. The group also reminds consumers to expand their search and consider other sources of information if they are truly interested in becoming a customer of a firm with a low rating.

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