Ian Woodman: Memorable Holidays [Disney World]

Ian Woodman

Ian Woodman

In 2010, Ian Woodman made a promise to his family and close friends when he entered in a contest to predict the winner of the NCAA Basketball Championship. That promise was that if he won, he’d take everyone to Disney World with his winnings. While many people might make such promises, Ian Woodman is a man of his word. In February 2011, he took 17 people to Disney World, paying airfare, hotel, park admission, and all expenses while they were in Orlando.

What resulted was a trip Ian Woodman still fondly recalls today. The friends shared one rental house, which allowed them to reminisce about the game that afforded Ian Woodman the opportunity to win the trip. For two weeks, Ian Woodman and those close to him stayed in Orlando, visiting the different amusement parks and having a great time.

Disney World is the most visited theme park in the world. Its four theme parks include the Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Disney-MGM Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Other amusement parks in the Orlando area allow visitors like Ian Woodman to stay busy during a trip to the area. In addition to world famous Universal Studios, Universal’s Islands of Adventure is also located in the area, according to Ian Woodman. For a group of 17, a trip to Orlando is a trip of a lifetime, Ian Woodman points out.

Due to the ticket prices of Orlando’s theme parks—Disney World’s Magic Kingdom admission is currently $90 a day—Ian Woodman acknowledges that Disney World is an expensive trip for many people. Ian Woodman was glad he could provide such a great vacation to those he cared about, knowing it was a trip that many were unable to easily afford. By using his winnings to fund such a large trip, not only was Ian Woodman able to create beautiful memories for himself and his family, but he was able to share those memories with those closest to him.

A trip to Disney is a landmark event for many children, creating a childhood memory that is often cherished for life. As such, many parents, like Ian Woodman, know the value of a trip to Disney World to the younger generations. Ian Woodman explains that Disney World occupies more than 30,000 acres slightly southwest of Orlando. In addition to its theme parks, Ian Woodman says, Disney World also includes two water parks and 23 resorts on site, each with a different theme.

Yet today, Ian Woodman says he and those closest to him consider the two weeks they spent at Disney World the best vacation they ever had. That alone is enough to make Ian Woodman glad he spent his winnings to treat his loved ones.


  1. Kelly Smith says:

    After reading the story of Ian Woodman of how he and his family and friends took their trip to Disney World, I am reminded how important family is. Unfortunately, I often feel lonely because I am far from my family and I’ve never been to Disney World. That is why I plan to bring my family there and experience what Ian Woodman’s family and friends experienced during their visit. Thank you for the information – it will be useful during my visit at Disney World.

    • Ian Woodman says:

      Hello kelly. I know how hard it is to be far from your family but a simple phone call can also help ease what you feel. I am glad that my simple story gave you an idea and maybe when you have some time off you can also treat them on Disney World.

  2. Brian Frances says:

    I am happy for Ian Woodman because he became closer to his family and friends during their trip to Disney World. Spending time with your family and friends can really create a bond whether you are in Disney World or any other place around the world. Thank you, Ian Woodman, for sharing your inspiring story.

    • Ian Woodman says:

      I really appreciate your comment Brian. It is really a good memories to have your family and friends with you during your time off. I hope it can give you an inspiration and do the same. Good luck!! – Ian Woodman

  3. George Brooks says:

    Disney World is the most famous vacation spot chosen by people of all ages. So when Ian Woodman told his family and friends that he would pay for the trip to Disney World, I’m sure they all knew they were going to have a great time. Ian Woodman, you are an inspiration to all because instead of using the prize for yourself, you shared it to your family and friends.

    • Ian Woodman says:

      Disney World is really an amazing place to have a vacation with your family and friends. Paying for the trip is not that big of a deal what important is that we have so much fun and a lot of memories to talk about someday. Thank you so much George for the high praises. – Ian Woodman

  4. Irish Grisham says:

    I can only say that Ian Woodman is a great guy. It is so rare these days to find someone so honorable. You never even thought about the money. Instead you were thinking about your family and friends having a good time at Disney World. You are a good example!

    • Ian Woodman says:

      Hi Irish thank you for saying that but there are still a lot of us out there honourable that is. Money is never been important to me. As long I can see my family and friends enjoying their vacation then I am happy.

  5. Lailanie Bradfort says:

    Ian Woodman knows when he promises his family and friends a vacation, most especially that their destination is the famous Disney World, it will cost a lot of money but he never changes his mind – knowing that they will be together and will be creating memories that will last for a long time. Who cares about the money? The important thing is that your family and friends are having fun!

    • Ian Woodman says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Lailanie. We really do enjoyed ourselves at Disney World which is a great place to bond with your family. I never regret going there with my family and friends. – Ian Woodman

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