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Pierre Bennett Global Holidays

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays

When travelling to London for the first time, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays acknowledges that the options can be overwhelming. With such sites as Big Ben, Parliament and the National Gallery to choose from, where should a traveler start? To help new visitors to London, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays has compiled a list of some of the most interesting things to see in London, one of Europe’s most glamorous cities.

When visitors set out to sightsee in historic London, one of the first places that Pierre Bennett Global Holidays usually recommends they visit is Buckingham Palace.  Visitors can watch the famous changing of the palace guard every evening and see that the gate guards really do remain completely immobile.    Kensington Palace Gardens with its famous swans, both black and white, is just a short walk away.  Pierre Bennett Global Holidays also highly recommends a tour of the underground bunkers used by Winston Churchill and his staff during World War II.  It is also nearby and is so accurately restored it feels as if a staff member might walk in at any moment.

Visitors who wish to feel pampered and have a once-in-a-lifetime shopping experience, says Pierre Bennett Global Holidays, must visit Harrods. This first-class store specializes in “retail theater” and product quality – not to mention a stellar selection of brands from around the globe. The terracotta palace is filled with luxury items from haute couture to dog collars and hand-painted porcelain doorknobs. And because of Pierre Bennett Global Holidays member discounts for travel, visitors to Harrods will have a little extra money for this unique shopping experience. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays reports that there are over twenty-seven restaurants and cafes for the hungry shopper at Harrods.

According to Pierre Bennett Global Holidays, visitors should plan to set aside a day to visit London’s National Gallery. With art from Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Renoir, Cezanne and Van Gogh, art lovers will be enthralled by the collection in this nearly two-hundred-year-old museum. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays also suggests that visitors take advantage of the museum’s special exhibitions and lectures.

To watch history being made, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays recommends that travelers stop by the Houses of Parliament. Visitors can sit in and watch Westminster Hall debates, as well as several committees. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays also reports that there are guided tours through the House of Lords that explain the history of the art hanging on the walls, as well as the architecture of the building. Big Ben is located within Westminster Castle, and visitors shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see the most famous clock in the world, which the government is renaming after Queen Elizabeth in honor of her 60th Jubilee anniversary as monarch

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays tells gourmands to check out some of London’s best eateries. British food isn’t the bland concoction that it used to be, points out the staff, and London is filled with international restaurants that focus on the best ingredients that the area has to offer. Celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver and Gary Rhodes all have restaurants in London and several of them are Michelin rated as well.

Because Pierre Bennett Global Holidays serves as a full service travel agency, travelers can experience the firm’s unparalleled customer service accompanying their membership program. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays is a world-class leader in the travel industry and the club invites new members to take advantage of the sights and sounds of London, along with the best the world has to offer.

Perfect Vacation Source Family Friendly Vacation Destinations in Mexico

Perfect Vacation Source

Perfect Vacation Source

The Perfect Vacation Source knows Mexico has plenty of things for couples and friends traveling in groups to do, but what about children? Many people don’t realize how many kid-friendly destinations there are in Mexico. In fact, the San Francisco Chronicle recently named Mexico, “one of the best places in the world for a family vacation.”

According to The Perfect Vacation Source, children are given special attention in Mexico’s restaurants and special events. Often children are showered with attention and even regaled with song. The Perfect Vacation Source lists these as some of the most popular:

  • Club Med Cancún Yucatán—Not only does this Club Med location include activities specifically designed for children, it’s all-inclusive. The team at The Perfect Vacation Source stresses this because you’ll be able to find food and drink anytime your children need it. Anyone who has ever traveled with children knows how important this can be, according to The Perfect Vacation Source.
  • Xcaret— The Perfect Vacation Source recommends this theme park for its archaeological theme, complete with underground rivers, natural pools, swimming with dolphins, and a Coral Reef aquarium. A nighttime performance features 300 actors demonstrating Mexico’s history in dance and song, according to The Perfect Vacation Source.
  • Chapultepec Park—The largest park in Latin America includes several activities that The Perfect Vacation Source members find kid-friendly, including numerous museums, a zoo, pony rides, and amusement and water parks. The Perfect Vacation Source explains that the amusement park alone can keep your family busy for hours with more than 50 rides and attractions.
  • Cozumel—Long a popular tourist destination, The Perfect Vacation Source recommends Cozumel for its safety. The small, quiet island offers snorkeling, children’s pools, and knee-deep tide pools. The Perfect Vacation Source also recommends the traditional Mexican “paseo,” where locals dress up their children for a fun evening of dancing to the music of local bands.
  • Cabo—Cabo is filled with pools designed for children, The Perfect Vacation Source reveals, including waterslides, fountains, and kiddie pools for younger children. Several babysitting services are available at the many resorts to give parents a day or evening off, according to The Perfect Vacation Source. Special kids’ explorers clubs give children a chance to participate in science- and nature-themed projects.

Call on The Perfect Vacation Source to help you plan your family’s vacation to Mexico, saving time and money. The Perfect Vacation Source is a travel club that can point you toward the best resort destination for budget-saving prices.

Visit The Perfect Vacation Source online at www.perfectvacationsource.com