Ian Woodman, Idaho Businessman, Finds Adventure in St. Lucia

Ian Woodman Idaho

Ian Woodman Idaho

Ian Woodman of Idaho has learned that sometimes the best adventures come from a disappointing experience. The lesson came when Ian Woodman, Idaho co-founder of Instant Tax Solutions, took an anniversary trip to St. Lucia with his wife.

The two planned to spend the entirety of their vacation at the Sandals Resort. Ian Woodman, Idaho resident, paid a set fee to the all-inclusive resort that would include all meals, lodging, and activities during his stay. When the couple arrived they sampled the offerings at two different Sandals resorts—the Sandals Grande St. Lucia and Sandals La Toc—but found that the best experiences lay outside the grounds of the resorts.

While the beauty of St. Lucia is unmatched no matter where you stay, Ian Woodman of Idaho discovered the food and activities at the Sandals resorts weren’t quite what he and his wife expected. The couple was drawn to the island’s other offerings. During the trip, the Woodmans learned that an all-inclusive resort could be a waste in a location with so many other offerings.

One of the most memorable experiences was a zip line that took the couple through the rainforest, Ian Woodman, Idaho resident, recalls. While coasting through the air on a pulley, the Woodmans were able to get a bird’s-eye view of the St. Lucia rainforest. Woodman acknowledges zip lines aren’t for everyone. For those who aren’t as adventurous or are traveling with small children, Ian Woodman of Idaho recommends taking the aerial tram, which gives travelers a very similar experience.

Ian Woodman, an Idaho tax resolution business owner, took his wife to the straw market in St. Lucia, where they sampled local cuisine. They also journeyed to Rodney Bay, where a new mall was being built. They took in the shops, restaurants, and beautiful historic marina at Treasure Bay Casino, which Ian Woodman, Idaho businessman, found was much more than a traditional casino.

Ian Woodman, Idaho co-founder of Instant Tax Solutions, is a Los Angeles native who relocated to Post Falls, Idaho in 1996 after the birth of his first child. Developed with his business partner, Byron Pedersen, Ian Woodman ’s Idaho-based Instant Tax Solutions began as a two-person operation and grew to what it is today. Instant Tax Solutions serves thousands of customers with a staff of more than twenty-five tax professionals, Ian Woodman. Idaho residents have come to rely on Instant Tax Solutions, where Ian Woodman of Idaho is responsible for human resources and accounting.


  1. Christopher Noraldo says:

    St. Lucia is a great place to visit. I’ve been there only once but I will never forget that trip! It’s such a great place to visit if you want to relax, or even if you want to do some physical activity, that’s great too. I went last year and have been fantasizing about going back this year. We’ll see…

    • Ian Woodman Idaho says:

      @Christopher Noraldo – I agree with you. The all inclusive package did include some relaxing items, but wanted to be more physical. That’s why we went outside the package. But it was still an amazing trip! -Ian Woodman

  2. Matthew Belvue says:

    St. Lucia is a spectacular place. I visited there the first time back in 2000 and every time my wife and I have had time to take a trip, we’ve gone back there. We’ve been a total of 3 times and have found something different to do every time. Every time has been a “memorable visit”. I will probably never get tired of it.

    • Ian Woodman Idaho says:

      @Matthew Belvue – I will say this… of all of the trips we have taken, that is one of the places I would not mind visiting multiple times! We did find that we would have loved to stay a few extra days to see what else we could do. But unfortunately, all vacations have to end at some point. – Ian Woodman

  3. Eddie Martin says:

    I have booked a few vacations with the Sandals and I guess it just depends on the location because we got so much with our all-inclusive package. I guess St. Lucia is one of those places that wasn’t a good package. Hopefully you won’t lose faith in the company just over that one visit.

    • Ian Woodman Idaho says:

      @Eddie Martin – You are probably right. We have gotten many all-inclusive packages and didn’t really have any problems with any of the other ones. So maybe it is just dependent upon the location. Thanks for the comment. – Ian Woodman

  4. Ellen Folsher says:

    The Sandals is a great company to book through – but I do recommend to anyone booking with them to save a little cash outside of what they offer because it is true what you are saying – there are a lot of local places that offer some great food, etc. But in general, I think the Sandals does a great job of making their packages a great deal for what you get.

    • Ian Woodman Idaho says:

      @Ellen Folsher – That is a great tip. In fact, I think my wife and I talked about that for the next trip we take. Thanks for the comment. – Ian Woodman

  5. Jennifer Heller says:

    I’ve found that every single “all-inclusive” trip I’ve taken has been just like that… I feel like I get more for my money when I go outside of things like that. I’ve actually never been to St. Lucia but now will have to visit because of your suggestion – just without the all-inclusive package :)

    • Ian Woodman Idaho says:

      @Jennifer Heller – If you look above at Ellen’s comment, that is a great idea. It’s not that all Sandals trips are like that – it’s just you might want to plan ahead and save some money aside for the local things that you may not experience in the package. Don’t lose faith! – Ian Woodman

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