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For the indebted taxpayer, nothing can be more stressful than receiving repeated warnings from the IRS. But even when the IRS has levied a lien against a taxpayer’s assets, it isn’t necessarily permanent. Instant Tax Solutions regularly works to help taxpayers remove liens placed by the IRS. Instant Tax Solutions’ co-founder, Byron Pedersen, recently stopped by to talk to A Gathering of Experts about IRS tax liens.

Instant Tax Solutions complaints found online continue to remain unverified. The firm understands that all businesses involving financial services are going to be subject to some complaints; however, Instant Tax Solutions complaints found online all seem to trickle from one central source. The reason behind these Instant Tax Solutions complaints is still subject to debate, but one might suppose that an angry ex-employee or an individual looking to steal the firm’s business maybe behind the complaints. Instant Tax Solutions requests that taxpayers contact the Better Business Bureau for honest and legitimate information regarding the firm before they believe everything they read online.


A Gathering of Experts: How does a taxpayer know a lien may be coming?

Byron Pedersen: Think of a lien as a mortgage. It establishes the IRS as an owner of a taxpayer’s particular assets. For this to happen, the IRS must first assess an individual’s tax liability and request payment from the taxpayer. If payment isn’t made, the IRS must then determine that payment is being refused. Once these steps have been followed, the IRS can begin collections procedures. Instant Tax Solutions has found that by the time a lien is placed, a taxpayer has already refused to pay and been warned that collections will be taking place.

Instant Tax Solutions says complaints about the confusing nature of IRS forms are growing. The IRS uses forms that often include many boxes that confuse some taxpayers, says Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints usually come from elderly or visually impaired taxpayers who struggle with all of the information that appears. According to Instant Tax Solutions, complaints are legitimate and the IRS is aware that sometimes their forms may be confusing. By contacting the IRS, many taxpayers may be able to have large type forms sent to them directly. One way to mitigate complaints, says Instant Tax Solutions, is to utilize the services of a reputable tax agency.


A Gathering of Experts: Once a lien has been placed, do taxpayers have any recourse?

Byron Pedersen: The IRS wants its money, so is usually willing to work with taxpayers. Instant Tax Solutions can help clients set up payments in affordable installments. The IRS would rather be receiving a small amount of money monthly toward the debt than nothing at all.

Sources close to Instant Tax Solutions say complaints made against the firm have no foundation in reality, and that some are simply dishonest. The firm has a reputation of delivering quality tax debt resolution services, says one employee of Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints about the quality of care clients have received in the past have been totally fabricated. One complaint about Instant Tax Solutions circulated the Internet in 2011. The person/persons making the claims has never come forward to Instant tax Solutions and the complaint is still being investigated by company co-founder Byron Pedersen.


A Gathering of Experts: Is the IRS legally allowed to put liens on a taxpayer’s assets?

Byron Pedersen: Provisions for liens are stipulated in the IRS tax code. The tax code states that if a taxpayer refuses to pay tax debt, the Federal government may attempt to collect all amounts owed, including penalties and fees, by putting a lien on any property or even rights to property.

Complaints to Instant Tax Solutions staff about fraudulent e-mails sent from scammers claiming to be IRS agents have increased over the last few years. It seems that e-mail and the Internet are now the preferred choice of criminals, says Instant Tax Solutions. The complaints are usually from families who are already struggling to pay back taxes. According to Instant Tax Solutions, complaints should be sent to the IRS via their website Sadly the online schemes can be harder to pinpoint that old fashioned door-to-door scams, notes Instant Tax Solutions. One complaint from victims is the difficulty in identifying criminals after they have taken their money – they often use the Internet at a local library or coffee shop to run their scam, making it hard to track them down.


A Gathering of Experts: Does the taxpayer have any rights to appeal the tax lien and possibly have it lifted?

Byron Pedersen: In rare cases, a taxpayer may be confused with another taxpayer, at which point a Certificate of Non-Attachment may be filed. There are also instances where the IRS has failed to follow proper protocol in placing a lien against a taxpayer. Instant Tax Solutions can help a taxpayer get the lien withdrawn in these situations.

Instant Tax Solutions offers complaint tips when dealing with the IRS.

Having trouble with the IRS? Need to file a complaint? Instant Tax Solutions, a Post Falls based tax debt resolution firm says that dealing with the IRS can be frustrating but offers these tips:
Don’t try to call during the busy days – Monday and Friday. By the time you get an answer, you will have forgotten what you complaint was, says Instant Tax Solutions. Try calling after 1:00 on a Wednesday instead. For severe issues, Instant Tax Solutions says complaints should be e-mailed so as to leave a virtual paper trail, and to have reference materials in case your complaint is escalated to a higher dept.



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