Marketers LLC – Five Steps to Create a Good Marketing Plan

Marketers LLC specializes in creating effective marketing plans for clients, working carefully with the client to get an in-depth view of business operations. In today’s tough economy, Marketers LLC acknowledges that many businesses are budget-challenged, with marketing budgets cut dramatically. However, Marketers LLC insists that during tough times, it’s more important than ever to craft a plan that will maximize those dollars that are available. To help, Marketers LLC has outlined five phases of a marketing plan in order to help kick your marketing efforts into high-gear.

  1. Planning phase. During this phase, Marketers LLC has found that businesses carefully review their business’s strengths and weaknesses. If possible, Marketers LLC recommends brainstorming with other team members to create a long, detailed list. Next, Marketers LLC recommends outlining business marketing goals in a list. Once you have everything down, Marketers LLC finds it best to bring team members together to prioritize the lists you’ve created and reorder those items to create a list from which you can build your marketing plan.
  2. Obstacle identification phase. In this phase, Marketers LLC says you’ll identify, in writing, any perceived or real obstacles standing in the way to your plan’s success. According to Marketers LLC, this could be the efforts of competitors, lack of funds, or any new trends that may put a kink in your plans. During this phase, Marketers LLC advises you also identify your plan’s core audience and work hard to predict how best to reach those customers. Would your target demographic use social media? Or would they be more likely to turn to a phone book or newspaper to find a product or service?
  3. Strategy development phase. Once all of your lists have been compiled, Marketers LLC states it’s time to pull them together to create your overall marketing strategy. Marketers LLC cautions that you shouldn’t be afraid to eliminate something that doesn’t fit in with your strategic goals. You’ll also need to keep in mind your target market while developing your strategy and eliminate those items that don’t fit in with that particular demographic, Marketers LLC adds.
  4. Analytics phase. As you put your marketing plan into motion, Marketers LLC stresses the importance of setting up a process to measure your success. If your efforts are online, Marketers LLC advises checking into one of many tools available to measure page views and membership numbers.
  5. Review phase. Marketers LLC emphasizes that a marketing plan is never complete. It should be regularly reviewed and revised, Marketers LLC believes, for maximum effectiveness.

Creating a marketing plan can be fun, Marketers LLC has found. As Marketers LLC has also discovered, it can give businesses an in-depth view of operations that can prove helpful in other areas of business development, as well.


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