Phil Melugin Discusses Phoenix Home Care

 Phil Melugin

Phil Melugin

Through the years, Phil Melugin has received countless letter and emails with questions about Phoenix Home Care’s lineup of services. Here, he speaks to some of the most common inquiries about the group’s mission, leadership, and beginnings.

What is Phoenix Home Care’s mission?

Phil Melugin says that Phoenix Home Care was developed as a means to help aging or disabled Americans improve their quality of life. Simply put, Phil Melugin believes that these challenges should be met with grace, dignity, and assistance. He has acquired a caring staff of passionate and capable individuals who take pride in caring for those who cannot care for themselves.

Why is the company called Phoenix Home Care when it is not located in Arizona?

According to Phil Melugin, Phoenix Home Care is the namesake of the mythical bird known as the Phoenix. Historically, this bird represents rebirth and celebrates endings as new beginnings.

Aside from Private Duty Nursing, what other services does Phoenix Home Care offer?

There are many, explains Phil Melugin. PHC offers a vast array of services for most any situation. Phil Melugin says that PHC provides occupational therapy, IV infusion treatments, and wound care. In addition to these medical care options, Phoenix Home Care is also available to perform in-home safety evaluations and has a dedicated Medical Social Work team.

Does PHC offer services to children?

Absolutely, says Phil Melugin.  He believes that children deserve extra special care. Melugin and the leadership team at PHC take great care to extensively select and train only the most qualified and compassionate PDNs for their pediatric division. Phil Melugin explains that PHC has the capability to care for children with special needs from infancy into adulthood.

What is the New Beginnings Package?

Phil Melugin has seen first-hand the physical and mental challenges that bringing a new life into the world can have on both new and experienced mothers. With the help of the moms in his life, he has crafted five different plans specifically for mother and child. These plans are the perfect gift for any woman and child, says Phil Melugin.

Does PHC offer emergency care services?

According to Phil Melugin, PHC does offer respite care to families in their service area. Emergency relief services may be utilized when regular care is absent for any reason. Phil Melugin also explains that regular visits may be scheduled to offer time off for a regular caregiver.

Is Phoenix Home Care available to help with self-directed services?

Currently, PHC is able to assist Missouri residents find suitable personal care attendants. PHC acts in an administrative only capacity and the caregiver is the employee of the recipient, says Phil Melugin.

About Phil Melugin

Phil Melugin is the President of Phoenix Home Care. He founded the company after personal experiences led him to believe that more effective PDN care was needed in his home state. Melugin believes that exceeding expectations is the only way to serve his clients and is proud to provide services to patients in both Kansas and Missouri. Phil Melugin holds a Masters of Education and operates his firm with strict core values and Christian principals.



Philip Melugin: Safety Tips for Quail Hunting

Philip Melugin

Philip Melugin

Phoenix Home Care founder Philip Melugin owns Pheasant Run Ranch in Kansas. As owner of the 5,000-acre hunting facility, Philip Melugin consistently stresses to other hunters the importance of safe hunting practices. For those who are new to the field, Melugin identifies several must-follow rules. Even for longtime hunters, Philip Melugin suggests that reviewing these suggestions could prove a valuable refresher.

  • Wear blaze orange. This is also known as safety orange and it is easy to spot. As Philip Melugin points out, the more orange you can wear, the better. Hunting clothing available in safety orange includes baseball caps, vests, jackets, pants, and shirts.
  • Follow gun safety rules. While in transit, Philip Melugin emphasizes that a shotgun should remain unloaded with barrels open until arrival at your destination. The safety should be engaged when you are not actively hunting.
  • Safety comes first at all times. As Philip Melugin warns, you should only shoot when you are 100% certain no other hunters are within shooting range. This rule extends to other hunters’ guides and any hunting dogs that may be out on the hunt. You should be aware of your surroundings and the location of every person or dog in the vicinity at all times.
  • Shots toward the ground are strictly forbidden, since these shots could harm the dogs. Philip Melugin quotes a general rule that disallows hunters from shooting at prey at any point that requires the gun to go below a point where it is horizontal with the ground.
  • Wear proper clothing. Thick pants are advisable, especially in cooler temperatures, because they will protect your legs from brush. Philip Melugin also advises wearing comfortable shoes with sturdy soles to prevent slips. Be sure your shoes are broken in prior to going out on your hunt to avoid being slowed down by foot discomfort.
  • Study regulations. According to Philip Melugin, regulations for hunting are available on the Kansas Wildlife website. You should also know basic hunting etiquette and follow it at all times.

Quail hunting can be fun and productive, but Philip Melugin reminds hunters regarding the importance of putting safety first at all times. Most importantly, if you’re a beginner, be sure to let the staff at Pheasant Run Ranch know that when you’re making your reservation so they can ensure you have the best guide to help you as you begin your hunt.