Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO, Offers Tips for Staying Healthy in the Golden Years

Pam Gray Bonaventure

Pam Gray Bonaventure

Pam Gray joined Bonaventure in 2004 and quickly rose to become its chief operating officer. Building on a successful career in senior living and care, Pam Gray coordinates Bonaventure programs that allow seniors to age with vitality. In the following interview, Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO, offers tips for aging with wellness in mind.

Gathering of Experts: Thanks for sharing your expertise! First, tell readers about Bonaventure.

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: Bonaventure is a senior living and care company, focused on providing services that help seniors live life on their terms.

Gathering of Experts: Where are your communities located?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: Bonaventure operates 37 communities in six states in the Western U.S.

Gathering of Experts: Tell readers more about helping seniors live how they want to.

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: This philosophy is what drives our business throughout the communities.  It’s all about listening to what the residents want, and ensuring we’re providing the services and care they deserve and expect.

Gathering of Experts: How is wellness incorporated?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: Getting older doesn’t automatically mean immobility and frailty. Residents have daily opportunities to be active and improve their wellness through a variety of scheduled activities designed with their needs in mind.

Gathering of Experts: What options are offered onsite?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: Most communities offer exercise facilities and all offer healthy food choices. A number of recreational programs are also offered throughout the week, such as yoga classes and dance night.

Gathering of Experts: What wellness considerations should seniors focus on?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: First, it’s important for seniors to understand that educating oneself about the physical changes that come with aging can go a long way.

Gathering of Experts: What are some of these changes?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: It is a fact that muscles lose mass and bones lose density with age. It’s something we just can’t avoid.

Gathering of Experts: Why is this problematic?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: Loss of strength in the bones and muscles can lead to mobility issues and increased risk of injuries from falls.

Gathering of Experts: What can seniors do to address these changes?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: The good news is that regular exercise can help slow the process and help keep the body strong.  Many seniors who actively participate in daily physical activities say they feel better now that when they were younger!

Gathering of Experts: What types of exercise do you recommend?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: Seniors should do aerobic, strength and flexibility exercises weekly.

Gathering of Experts: How can seniors fit it all in?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: There should be daily exercise, but not all types of exercise need to be done each day.

Gathering of Experts: What would a week of exercise look like for a healthy senior?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: Walking a few times a week, daily stretching, and lifting light weights a couple of times would be a great goal to start with.  It’s important not to over-do it, so stay within your comfort zone.  And always check with a doctor before changing up your regular routines.

Gathering of Experts: Where can readers learn more?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: The AARP and Mayo Clinic are great resources.

Gathering of Experts: Thanks for your insight!

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: Always happy to help any senior continue to do the things they love whenever I can!

Pam Gray of Bonaventure has worked in the senior care industry for more than 20 years. Throughout her career, Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO, has dedicated herself to providing individualized, compassionate care. According to Pam Gray, Bonaventure provides seniors with the perfect community to age with vitality. Learn more at

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