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Jeffrey Kale Flagg

Jeffrey Kale Flagg

As co-founder, COO and/or CEO of three distinct $100 million enterprises, Jeffrey Kale Flagg has overseen more than one hundred thousand sales people; and Flagg has spoken to and motivated more then 15,000 individuals at single venues . A skilled communicator, Jeffrey Kale Flagg shares some of his secrets to success in this brief article.

According to Jeffrey Kale Flagg, it can be quite frustrating and disappointing to spend time with people that constantly complain about their lives but never do anything to remedy an unwanted situation.  The amazing thing, says Jeffrey Kale Flagg, is that even though everyone can fix their problems, very few people try.  They prefer to sit, do nothing and complain. Why don’t people choose the mountain peak that they want to climb and just do it?  “There is no simple answer,” says Flagg.  “All I can tell you is that no matter how good any opportunity is, some people simply aren’t willing to put in effort.  They aren’t willing to change.”

We all know people who constantly complain, points out Jeffrey Kale Flagg. They complain about their job, complain about their relationships, or complain about no money or their weight. They may complain about their boss, or the weather or just about life in general. They keep doing the same thing day in and day out, adds Flagg, and are shocked when nothing changes. Why would people rather moan and groan than take action?  The answer to their problem, according to Jeffrey Kale Flagg, is really so simple.  All they have to do is to stop doing the things that are creating the wrong results.  They simply have to change their approach, says Flagg.

Jeffrey Kale Flagg suggests a simple formula for success.  Step one, says Flagg, is to find someone that has accomplished what you want, someone who has achieved the result that you want to achieve.  Then, says Jeffrey Kale Flagg, copy their formula–do what they did to get their result.  Lastly, concludes Flagg, is to stay persistent and never quit.  It sounds too simple, acknowledges Jeffrey Kale Flagg. Like many others, he says he was brought up to believe that to become successful, the formula had to be complex, difficult or unique.  But according to Flagg, “that is pure hogwash!”

According to Jeffrey Kale Flagg, to be successful all you have to do is find the vehicle that has taken another person up success-mountain. And then, concludes Jeffrey Kale Flagg, use the identical vehicle and drive on the same road.


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