Dennis Wong of YOR Health Discusses Careers in Network Marketing

Dennis-Wong-NetworkingYOR Health co-founder Dennis Wong is a big believer in network marketing. Dennis Wong has witnessed that numerous individuals achieve their goals by establishing mutually beneficial relationships in the business world. According to Dennis Wong, the field of network marketing fits perfectly for ambitious, hard-working individuals who are eager to take control of their own destinies.

Q: Why is network marketing such an attractive career path?

Dennis Wong: Network marketing can be a tremendously fulfilling career. It is challenging at time, but then again, so is everything else in life.

Q: What’s so distinctive about network marketing?

Dennis Wong: There’s no free ride in network marketing. However, the rewards of network marketing can be greater than just about any other career path.

Q: How so?

Dennis Wong: The great thing about network marketing is that it allows the average person an ability to create his or her own business.

Q: What’s the biggest perk of owning a business?

Dennis Wong: Entrepreneurs and business owners have the ability to lead a fairly autonomous lifestyle that other workers simply cannot have.

Q: It sounds like a great idea.

Dennis Wong: Mind you, this doesn’t mean ample free time and a magically growing bank account.

Q: What does network marketing mean then?

Dennis Wong: What it means is that people can be their own bosses, they can create their particular work environments and their co-workers, and they can have a level of flexibility that employees cannot.

Q: What must prospective network marketers keep in mind?

Dennis Wong: If they can learn to offer value to prospective customers and be of service to humanity, they will inevitably prosper.

Q: Are there any boundaries to success?

Dennis Wong: Their only limitation is the reality of the free market.

Q: What can be challenging about network marketing? 

Dennis Wong: At its core, network marketing is about helping a company to grow its sales channel.

Q: That seems simple enough.

Dennis Wong: Not necessarily. As anyone knows, growing a sales organization is not a trivial task.

Q: How is this task achieved?

Dennis Wong: It requires leadership – and leadership in turn requires a high level of commitment to self-development.

Q: What makes a good leader then?

Dennis Wong: Leaders must have a complete understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses.

Q: How do leaders improve their approach?

Dennis Wong: They must use their creativity, and create a path that genuinely taps into people’s common interests.

Q: What’s the most important piece of advice for business leaders?

Dennis Wong: Business leaders must believe deep down that people are their greatest asset. The reality of life at so many levels is that people are necessary to success and happiness.

Q: What’s the highlight of working in network marketing?

Dennis Wong: It’s all about bringing out the best in employees and their potential is the best of network marketing.

As co-founder of YOR Health, Dennis Wong gives people the tools necessary for living a healthy lifestyle. Dennis Wong encourages clients by addressing their financial, emotional and physical needs. Learn more about YOR Health at


  1. Candy Alexander says:

    Sophia and Dennis Wong, YOR Health, and several of the company’s Athletic Advisors have been huge inspirations for me over the last four years. I was overweight, almost to the point of obesity, until I started using YOR Super Slim and walking 3 miles a day. I just want to say thank you and tell you how much I enjoy reading all of your articles and interviews. – Candy Alexander

  2. Jeff Stevenson says:

    Network marketing is an extremely difficult business model and one that I never fully understood until attending events led by Dennis Wong. YOR Health makes it a lot easier by having products that actually work! I have been more successful sharing YOR Health than I ever was in the corporate world. It’s a wonderful feeling when your commute takes you to the gym and back every day. – Jeff Stevenson

    • Jeff, thank you so much for your kind words. Make sure to say hi the next time you’re at a conference. I always enjoy meeting our customers especially ones with your obvious passion. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  3. Leanne Young says:

    I have always longed for flexibility and wish I was brave enough to quit my day job. I am a people person at heart and really think I could be successful network marketing. “Their only limitation is the reality of the free market,” is an absolutely inspirational quote by Dennis Wong. YOR Health has empowered so many people and I have heard great things about the products. How can I get started? – Leanne Young

    • Leanne, you are brave, no matter what you think. It takes a lot of courage to take the first step toward doing something you love. If you’d like to get started, first take a look at our website, I wish you the best of luck although it sounds like you aren’t going to need it. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  4. Michael McKinley says:

    Dennis Wong, YOR Health is a company that relies on network marketing. How do you continue to be successful when there are so many other companies that also sell health and nutrition products? – Michael McKinley

    • I believe that network marketing is why we are so successful. When you have a human network of people that utilize the products that they share, it’s very easy to demonstrate their effectiveness. We are not simply a company that sells a few products, we are a strong community of people from all walks of life working toward a common goal. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  5. Martin G. Neal says:

    What do you mean when you say that entrepreneurs have an autonomous lifestyle? – Martin G. Neal

    • When you work for yourself, you make your own schedule. You’re independent of the restraint set on you when someone else signs your paycheck. You don’t have to rely on a timeclock. An entrepreneur has the luxury and burden of determining the kind of lifestyle they want to live. There are so many people out there who believe that isn’t possible but I’m here to tell you that it absolutely is. It isn’t easy but I have never believed that things worth having are. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  6. Shauna Wall says:

    I’m scared to death of talking to people. How do you open up a conversation and network with someone when you don’t know that you have anything in common? – Shauna Wall

    • Shauna, it can be scary at first. However, I have found that with YOR Health, people would approach me and ask me what I was doing to get in shape. That’s usually how it works with our Independent Representatives. I have heard countless stories of customers making a successful career for themselves by essentially answering questions from people at the gym wanting to know their secret. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  7. Heather Natera says:

    Dennis Wong, YOR Health is amazing…thank you for sharing it with us in Australia. I just have one question: How exactly do you establish mutually beneficial relationships? – Heather Natera

    • It’s pretty simple, really. When you find someone you relate to both personally and professionally you can help each other out. For example, if you are a baker and you move next door to a farm, the farm can supply you with all fresh eggs that you need for your confections and you, in turn, can guarantee a steady income stream for the farmer. The farmer may give your information to a miller from whom you can buy your flour. If you like his flour, you may tell your baker friends. It’s all about opening up an initial conversation. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  8. I have always thought that network marketing was just too hard. It seems like it would be much easier to work for someone else and let them hash out all of the financial and professional details. – Sean Lines

    • Sean – I can’t deny that sometimes working for other people is, in fact, easier. However, when you have the right network – and the proper mindset – it’s very liberating to leave performance evaluations behind forever and measure your success as it happens. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  9. Jeremy Traughber says:

    Do all businesses thrive on a network marketing model? – Jeremy Traughber

    • Jeremy, I don’t think it’s a business model for every type of business. I think it has to be something that people are truly interested in and something that has a positive impact on their community that they can get behind and be proud of. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  10. Victoria Newson says:

    You say that a leader must know their strengths and weaknesses but what other traits should they possess? – Victoria Newson

    • A leader must not only know where they are strong and where they are weak but they must have the courage to admit it. A good leader is one who accepts responsibility for his or her team and understands that success is directly related to motivation. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

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