Alice Cooper Gives Words of Advice to Rock & Roll Academy and Charles C Brennan

Charles C. BrennanCharles C. Brennan is a Las Vegas businessman and the owner of Dollar Loan Center, which provides affordable loans to consumers. Success in business has given Charles C. Brennan the opportunity to invest in something he believes in. Heading back to his hometown, Charles C. Brennan created the Rock & Roll Academy where underserved children could learn music while also finding an outlet for their creative talents.

Charles C. Brennan recently welcomed a rock and roll legend to the Rock & Roll Academy. Alice Cooper joined Charles C. Brennan in an event to dedicate a new recording studio, which was named for one of Cooper’s songs. As Charles C. Brennan explains, the studio will give students the chance to use an actual mixing board.

Recently, Charles C. Brennan spoke to Gathering of Experts and shared the words of advice Alice Cooper gave students at the Academy. [Read more…]