Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento Wealth Management Professional, Explains eMoney

Dennis Dachtler Sacramento

Dennis Dachtler Sacramento

According to Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento area residents need round-the-clock access to real-time financial information. With eMoney, Dachtler Wealth Management provides this, as well as secure document storage as a value added service to clients.

Q. What is eMoney?

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento County, CA Lic # 0658362: eMoney is a Personal Wealth Homepage/Management system that Dachtler Wealth Management incorporates as a value added service to clients. Through this software, clients may keep track of their financial state by viewing an overall picture.

Q. What information is available through this software?

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento County, CA Lic # 0658362: The client’s investments as well as their goals and other personal information are available in a snapshot view.

Q. How do I know if my personal information is secure?

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento County, CA Lic # 0658362: The information is kept on an encrypted server and is monitored by the latest technology available in the industry. Information can be accessed securely from anywhere.

Q. How often does the system update?

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento County, CA Lic # 0658362: Every day, once a day, the system is updated with the most current information. The software also flags for any potential signs of trouble or conflict.

Q. Why use eMoney versus traditional wealth tracking methods like bank and investment websites?

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento County, CA Lic # 0658362: While banking institutions have reliable and secure information, eMoney goes beyond just data and offers a real money management solution, linked to every available account.

Q. I need help setting goals. Is eMoney right for me?

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento County, CA Lic # 0658362: We believe that the software is an excellent avenue to helping each client plan for future expenses.

Q. I don’t have time to sit at my computer and log hours tracking my finances. What does eMoney offer someone with my busy lifestyle?

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento County, CA Lic # 0658362: eMoney is available for smart phone users in a user friendly mobile platform.

Q. I’m a physician and I need a financial advisor that understands my specific needs. Is Dachtler Wealth Management right for me?

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento County, CA Lic # 0658362: Dachtler Wealth Management has extensive experience helping medical professionals keep track of and manage their growing retirement and investment funds.

Q. Now that I know more about eMoney, how can I get started with Dachtler Wealth Management?

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento County, CA Lic # 0658362: Getting started is easy. Call our office at 800.333.1822 or visit us on the web at

Dennis Dachtler’s Sacramento County office may be contacted at 800.333.1855 or on the web at

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Marketers LLC – Five Steps to Create a Good Marketing Plan

Marketers LLC specializes in creating effective marketing plans for clients, working carefully with the client to get an in-depth view of business operations. In today’s tough economy, Marketers LLC acknowledges that many businesses are budget-challenged, with marketing budgets cut dramatically. However, Marketers LLC insists that during tough times, it’s more important than ever to craft a plan that will maximize those dollars that are available. To help, Marketers LLC has outlined five phases of a marketing plan in order to help kick your marketing efforts into high-gear.

  1. Planning phase. During this phase, Marketers LLC has found that businesses carefully review their business’s strengths and weaknesses. If possible, Marketers LLC recommends brainstorming with other team members to create a long, detailed list. Next, Marketers LLC recommends outlining business marketing goals in a list. Once you have everything down, Marketers LLC finds it best to bring team members together to prioritize the lists you’ve created and reorder those items to create a list from which you can build your marketing plan.
  2. Obstacle identification phase. In this phase, Marketers LLC says you’ll identify, in writing, any perceived or real obstacles standing in the way to your plan’s success. According to Marketers LLC, this could be the efforts of competitors, lack of funds, or any new trends that may put a kink in your plans. During this phase, Marketers LLC advises you also identify your plan’s core audience and work hard to predict how best to reach those customers. Would your target demographic use social media? Or would they be more likely to turn to a phone book or newspaper to find a product or service?
  3. Strategy development phase. Once all of your lists have been compiled, Marketers LLC states it’s time to pull them together to create your overall marketing strategy. Marketers LLC cautions that you shouldn’t be afraid to eliminate something that doesn’t fit in with your strategic goals. You’ll also need to keep in mind your target market while developing your strategy and eliminate those items that don’t fit in with that particular demographic, Marketers LLC adds.
  4. Analytics phase. As you put your marketing plan into motion, Marketers LLC stresses the importance of setting up a process to measure your success. If your efforts are online, Marketers LLC advises checking into one of many tools available to measure page views and membership numbers.
  5. Review phase. Marketers LLC emphasizes that a marketing plan is never complete. It should be regularly reviewed and revised, Marketers LLC believes, for maximum effectiveness.

Creating a marketing plan can be fun, Marketers LLC has found. As Marketers LLC has also discovered, it can give businesses an in-depth view of operations that can prove helpful in other areas of business development, as well.


Q & A with Kavin Austin Blake – Exotic Locales

Kavin Austin Blake

Kavin Austin Blake

Deep-sea fishing enthusiast Kavin Austin Blake has traveled to many exotic and interesting destinations. Today, Kavin Austin Blake answers a few questions about some of his experiences:

Q: I’ve heard it said that there’s great fishing in the Caribbean. Have you traveled there?

Kavin Austin Blake: Yes, I have, many times.

Q: What spots are your favorites?

Kavin Austin Blake: I’ve always been pretty fond of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Q: What makes San Juan so special?

Kavin Austin Blake: There’s so much to do there­–surfing, golf, exploring, and some great hotels and restaurants!

Q: Have you visited Jamaica?

Kavin Austin Blake: Yes, I loved Jamaica. Really friendly, welcoming people and culture, great food, island tours, horseback riding, you name it.

Q: What about Nassau?

Kavin Austin Blake: Nassau is another favorite spot of mine in the Bahamas. Great fishing, and some fantastic scuba diving and snorkeling!

Q: What can you tell me about the Dominican Republic?

Kavin Austin Blake: I’ve only been to Punta Cana, which is far off the beaten track. That’s a good thing, though, in that it’s so peaceful and relaxed, especially in the off season.

Q: If you had to pick a favorite, what would it be?

Kavin Austin Blake: That’s a tough call, but I’d probably have to pick Aruba. Great hotels, casinos, rock climbing, four-wheeler trips up and down the coastline, Harley-Davidson excursions.

Q: You seem to derive a lot of satisfaction from travel…

Kavin Austin Blake: Yes, I do. I can’t help but feel a little sorry for people who have no interest in travel. It does so much to open up your worldview to get out and experience other cultures and other ways of life.

Q: What is it that keeps you coming back to the Caribbean?

Kavin Austin Blake: Well, there’s the fishing (laughs), but mainly it’s just a great escape and an affordable destination for honeymooners or vacationers or anyone who just needs a break.

Q: Is it the food, the culture, the people?

Kavin Austin Blake: It’s all those and more.

Q: It sounds like there’s about anything there that you might want to do.

Kavin Austin Blake: Absolutely, there’s a huge, wide range of activities that you can chase there. It’s the perfect spot for an open-minded person who wants to broaden their horizons.

Q: And then there’s the fishing…

Kavin Austin Blake: Well, of course!! (laughs)

Q: What other Caribbean spots are still on your wish list?

Kavin Austin Blake: Well, I haven’t been to Tobago or Guadeloupe yet….

Rich Von Discusses Tough Times in the Housing Market

Rich Von

Rich Von

Rich Von has more than a decade of experience in purchasing and flipping over 1700 distressed properties. During this time, Rich Von has lived through an economic rollercoaster, observing that the economy can have an extremely discernible impact on the real estate industry. Below, Rich Von answers a few questions about the effect of tough economic times on American homeowners.

Q: Why are so many houses remaining on the market for years at a time?

Rich Von: Mostly, it’s the fact that the properties are not priced right—or there is something wrong with them (structurally) that requires significant investment to bring them back to market standard.  Plus, with such a high unemployment rate in our country, many would-be homeowners simply can’t qualify for a mortgage, decreasing the number of potential buyers. This has all contributed to creating a stagnant market.

Q: Many homeowners are now “underwater.” What does that mean?

Rich Von: A homeowner becomes “underwater” when he or she owes more on a home than it is worth. The homeowner can’t sell until home values increase, unless he or she can afford to pay the bank that owns the mortgage the shortfall, or difference between sales price and amount the bank is owed.   In this case, of course, many homeowners negotiate “short sales” with the bank—whereby the bank waives the shortfall and promises not to pursue the owner for the difference.

Q: But isn’t this the best time to buy a new home, with interest rates so low?

Rich Von: The fact that interest rates are at an all time low makes it a great time to buy; but because of the Great Recession of 2008, banks are wary—which makes it very difficult to qualify for a home loan.  Gone are the days of stated income—today, you need a full time job and the ability to document that you can really afford the mortgage before a bank will loan you money to buy a house.  So,  yes, interest rates are low, but it’s tough to qualify for those interest rates—which is why the number of renters in our country has grown, and will continue to grow, so dramatically.  And one more thing—for those that qualify for mortages— many are not buying more expensive properties—but are instead choosing to refinance and make improvements on their existing homes.

Q: Has the increased number of foreclosures have a negative impact on the real estate market?

Rich Von: Yes, these foreclosures have flooded the market with properties for sale. Making matters worse, these properties often sell for low dollar amounts, lowering property values overall in these neighborhoods.

Rich Von points out that the real estate market has always been cyclical, so this downturn is likely to change in the coming years. Meanwhile, renters are in a great position to buy, with interest rates and home costs at all-time lows, concludes Rich Von.

Rich Von is the Operations Manager of Von Vesting, a full-service distressed property business. Along with partners Tiffani Von and Kale Flagg, Rich Von and the team at Von Vesting specialize in sourcing, purchasing, comping, performing title checks, and selling distressed properties. Rich Von and Von Vesting have contributed to the revitalization of areas that were in need of an economic boost.