Q & A with Kavin Austin Blake – Exotic Locales

Kavin Austin Blake

Kavin Austin Blake

Deep-sea fishing enthusiast Kavin Austin Blake has traveled to many exotic and interesting destinations. Today, Kavin Austin Blake answers a few questions about some of his experiences:

Q: I’ve heard it said that there’s great fishing in the Caribbean. Have you traveled there?

Kavin Austin Blake: Yes, I have, many times.

Q: What spots are your favorites?

Kavin Austin Blake: I’ve always been pretty fond of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Q: What makes San Juan so special?

Kavin Austin Blake: There’s so much to do there­–surfing, golf, exploring, and some great hotels and restaurants!

Q: Have you visited Jamaica?

Kavin Austin Blake: Yes, I loved Jamaica. Really friendly, welcoming people and culture, great food, island tours, horseback riding, you name it.

Q: What about Nassau?

Kavin Austin Blake: Nassau is another favorite spot of mine in the Bahamas. Great fishing, and some fantastic scuba diving and snorkeling!

Q: What can you tell me about the Dominican Republic?

Kavin Austin Blake: I’ve only been to Punta Cana, which is far off the beaten track. That’s a good thing, though, in that it’s so peaceful and relaxed, especially in the off season.

Q: If you had to pick a favorite, what would it be?

Kavin Austin Blake: That’s a tough call, but I’d probably have to pick Aruba. Great hotels, casinos, rock climbing, four-wheeler trips up and down the coastline, Harley-Davidson excursions.

Q: You seem to derive a lot of satisfaction from travel…

Kavin Austin Blake: Yes, I do. I can’t help but feel a little sorry for people who have no interest in travel. It does so much to open up your worldview to get out and experience other cultures and other ways of life.

Q: What is it that keeps you coming back to the Caribbean?

Kavin Austin Blake: Well, there’s the fishing (laughs), but mainly it’s just a great escape and an affordable destination for honeymooners or vacationers or anyone who just needs a break.

Q: Is it the food, the culture, the people?

Kavin Austin Blake: It’s all those and more.

Q: It sounds like there’s about anything there that you might want to do.

Kavin Austin Blake: Absolutely, there’s a huge, wide range of activities that you can chase there. It’s the perfect spot for an open-minded person who wants to broaden their horizons.

Q: And then there’s the fishing…

Kavin Austin Blake: Well, of course!! (laughs)

Q: What other Caribbean spots are still on your wish list?

Kavin Austin Blake: Well, I haven’t been to Tobago or Guadeloupe yet….

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