University of Georgia

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser

A senior student at the University of Georgia, Kyle Thomas Glasser, is a one of those students, who at a very young age has set an example to fellow students, the youth in general, and even people beyond his age.  Determined to make this world a better place, his efforts in reaching to out to people who are in need through resources that are readily available to him are what triggers and inspires him to help beyond what is required or expected of him.

As a high school student, he has graduated with honors and has set an example of leadership, discipline, and that inherent affection to help people who are in need. That is why it was no wonder that he decided to pursue a medical related course in college. University of Georgia presented this environment for him — perfect for academic learning while still in touch with society in general.

Already in his senior year in college, Kyle Thomas Glasser, plans on furthering his learning by pursuing a more focused medical discipline and specializing in one field or many. His idea of being part of the medical profession is simple yet genuine, to help people.

He has been doing this for quite some time, volunteering to work for his community while he was still in high school, being part of school activities to organize academic and extra-curricular activities to help strengthen the skills and talents of his group members, peers, and even his. He is also quite active in sports and has played football and baseball to represent his school.

The interesting aspect about this student from University of Georgia is his genuine concern to improve on the lives of others. It was only recently that he embarked on a mission, a trip to Central America, to aid those who might be in need of medical attention.

He is in fact a perfect example of an individual whose pursuits are not centered on his own needs, he reaches out to help others, his endeavors are focused towards efforts to achieve and make his dream a reality — a dream that is not inspired for his own gain but for the betterment of people around him and those that he can reach out to. His talents, he uses to help enrich the lives of others while his educational learning he applies to help and teach others.

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