Q&A with United Faith Church of Barnegat, NJ

United Faith ChurchSo many GOOD things happening in ONE place! Find out about a CHURCH ON FIRE with a passion for GOD.

United Faith Church of Barnegat, NJ is a non-denominational, Bible-believing church established in 2006. United Faith Church exists to share the love of the Father to all people in the Barnegat community and surrounding areas. In a recent interview, United Faith Church answered frequently asked questions about what to expect when visiting.

Gathering of Experts:  What type of a church is United Faith Church?

United Faith Church: United Faith Church in Barnegat, NJ is a non-denominational, Bible-believing church, which from the Holy Scriptures, teaches the whole counsel of God. Those at United Faith Church acknowledge that the Bible is the handbook of life; in order to live the victorious life that God has ordained for the believer, one must embrace all of its teachings.  It is encouraged and modeled by the leaders of United Faith Church to read the Bible daily and then put God’s Word into practice in one’s life.

Gathering of Experts: What is worship like at United Faith Church?

United Faith Church: One might best describe the worship at United Faith Church as dynamic, powerful and fun, with an energetic contemporary style. As a result, the worship encourages those that are young at heart to come together in celebration of exalting the Lord Jesus Christ. Believers of all ages at United Faith Church in Barnegat join to worship the King in “spirit” and “truth” at the altar where they are free to move with the spirit of God.

Gathering of Experts:  What does United Faith Church offer for children, toddlers, and babies?

United Faith Church: A children’s church ministry is provided at United Faith Church, which encompasses a range of ages from nursery to fifth grade.  Each class is age-appropriate and has multiple components, including, but not limited to, a bible lesson with a purposeful life application, a craft, and a time of worship.  Furthermore, each teacher has attended several leadership classes throughout the years and has received training on preparing and teaching lessons.  In addition, all teachers have been trained in CPR, had background checks, and attended an annual certification on childcare and safety.

Gathering of Experts: Do you believe in women preachers?

United Faith Church: Yes, both Pastor Janeth Santiago and her daughter Jessica Burke preach at United Faith Church in Barnegat.  United Faith Church believes that the Holy Spirit is not a respecter of persons or things.  The Holy Spirit is responsible to give gifts to all mankind.  One of these gifts is the gift of administration and preaching. United Faith Church believes that it is God who delegates these gifts and man should embrace the will of God and the gift of God in each individual.

Gathering of Experts:  Do you believe that God still heals today?

United Faith Church: Believers at United Faith Church stand by the promise that “by His stripes we are healed” (Isaiah 53:5); in the seven years that the church has been in existence, United Faith Church has been privileged to see many healings.  In accordance with Psalm 23, United Faith Church embraces the Lord as the Good Shepherd, who seeks to fully restore the souls of His people. Many members of United Faith Church have been blessed with incredible testimonies of physical, mental and emotional healings. Each service brings an expectation for future healings and deliverances within the hearts of the gathered believers at United Faith Church in Barnegat.

Gathering of Experts: Do you have a men’s ministry?

United Faith Church: The men’s ministry at United Faith Church is led by Pastor Jerry Santiago.  The men gather each Saturday to worship, pray, fellowship and receive a timely and relevant message.  The men at United Faith Church are passionate for their God.  They are diversified in their ages, walks of life and careers; however, they are united in their love and worship of the Living God.  The men of United Faith Church enjoy meeting together and carrying out different projects as they fellowship with one another.

Gathering of Experts:  Do you have activities during the week?

United Faith Church: Youth groups for various ages are held on a weekly basis at United Faith Church in Barnegat.  Beginning with second grade, United Faith Church offers youth groups for elementary, middle and high school-age children. United Faith Church currently has ten cell groups for adults that meet in homes to study the Word of God. Furthermore, since worship is an integral part of United Faith Church, guitar lessons and drum lessons are also provided during the week for all who are interested.  In addition, piano lessons and trumpet lessons are taught on a scheduled basis. United Faith Church is pleased to offer a variety of functions to meet the spiritual needs and giftings of those who attend to further enhance their journey with Christ.

To learn more about United Faith Church in Barnegat, visit UnitedFaithChurch.org.

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