Tips for a Smooth Home Renovation

agatherHome renovations can be a big project and must be well planned. While most people do not realize it, a home renovation is not as easy as it sounds.  Just ask people who have refurbished their homes recently, and you will understand that a renovation is often a huge time and money commitment. While renovation is probably a lot more cost-effective than building a whole new structure, it creates problems of its own.  Here are some thoughts about renovation for your edification.


Some people believe that spending money on a quality renovation instead of being cheap is acceptable since the necessary funds will magically appear. In reality, that isn’t true! Talk to people who have renovated their homes and do as much cost-comparison and window shopping as possible. Check your budget with your contractor regularly to make sure you’re on track. Determine needs vs. wants. Is a granite countertop really necessary?

Length of project

It’s important to determine how long a renovation project will take. Can you afford or do you want to be out of your home for six months or more? Most homeowners come to realize that building in a financial cushion will be necessary. For most, renovations take more time and money than initially thought or planned. It is important to plan accordingly.

 Find a Contractor

We’ve all heard the horror stories about contractors that cost a fortune and let renovations go on forever.  The best contractors can be found through word of mouth, but if you can’t come up with a good referral, find them on the Internet. Make sure you get several estimates before signing any agreements.


List the items that you, along with family and friends, can do yourselves. Perhaps you can paint and tear down a wall, or sew new linens, curtains and throw pillows. Measure all spaces, windows, walls and more.

 Find Bargains

Begin watching for sales and discounts. Upcoming weekends can now be spent visiting thrift stores and yard sales. Appliances can be purchased at the scratch-and-dent. Tile and flooring may be found at the discount supplier in town.


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