God’s Luv International Ministries Church: Honoring God in Our Prayers

God's Luv International Ministries Church

God's Luv International Ministries Church

God’s Luv International Ministries Church was founded on a vision of a worldwide ministry. As leader of God’s Luv International Ministries Church, Dr. Pierre Bennett uses anointing of oils and laying of hands to heal and comfort those in his congregation. God’s Luv International Ministries Church meets in Reston and McLean, Virginia, where members are encouraged to help others reach another level in their relationship with God.

Today, God’s Luv International Ministries Church is at the forefront of Dr. Pierre Bennett’s mind as he talks to us about how to pray successfully.

A Gathering of Experts: Sacrifice is a large part of the Bible’s story. As the pastor at God’s Luv International Ministries Church, how do you translate that to today’s world?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: I recently spoke to God’s Luv International Ministries Church about David, who stopped every six paces to pray to God. I use this example to show my God’s Luv International Ministries Church members how important it is, no matter what we’re going through in our lives, to stop and pray to God.

A Gathering of Experts:  I think we all want to pray more, but we sometimes slip and realize we haven’t prayed as often as we should.

Dr. Pierre Bennett: Many of the members at God’s Luv International Ministries Church hear me say all the time that whatever their weakness is, they should pray on it.

A Gathering of Experts: Pray to remember to pray more?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: Why not? None of us are perfect. I encourage those who attend God’s Luv International Ministries Church to pray that their weaknesses become their strengths so that they’ll be better able to worship Him.

A Gathering of Experts:  But you talk about more than prayer when you’re speaking to your God’s Luv International Ministries Church congregation. You’re having actual conversations.

Dr. Pierre Bennett: There’s prayer and then there are conversations. As I tell God’s Luv International Ministries Church, I speak to God while I’m in the car, while brushing my teeth—in general, as I go throughout my day. I believe having an open dialogue with God brings me closer to Him.

A Gathering of Experts:  Does He speak back to you?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: I get His message loud and clear. Often I just want understanding on some lesson He’s trying to teach me. Understanding is especially important if He wants me to share it with God’s Luv International Ministries Church. I need to fully understand so that I can share with others.

A Gathering of Experts:  David brought the Ark of the Covenant to Obed and later Zion in response to God’s direction

Dr. Pierre Bennett: Yes, and in doing so, he lost one of his men. This made them fearful at first, but as I said in my sermon at God’s Luv International Ministries Church, the next time they tried, they succeeded. I believe it was because David was following God.

A Gathering of Experts:  As you tell God’s Luv International Ministries Church, David’s ultimate goal was Jerusalem, which is a representation of the church?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: At God’s Luv International Ministries Church, we believe the ultimate goal is the Kingdom of Heaven. In order to get there, we must follow the path He has chosen for us, by seeking His will through prayer, listening to the answers He gives, and obeying Him.

For more information about God’s Luv International Ministries Church, please call (703) 395-1430.

Mercy Ministries 2011 End of Year Review Given by Founder and President Nancy Alcorn

Mercy Ministries

Mercy Ministries

As another year at Mercy Ministries comes to a close I just want to thank each and every one of you for your amazing support of Mercy Ministries. You know, we cannot do what we do without your help. When you give to Mercy Ministries, you are literally making the difference between life and death in the lives of so many young girls. Not just young girls that even come to Mercy Ministries—although there are hundreds that do each year. But also the lives of young women that Mercy Ministries reaches through our speaking engagements and educational resources.

Mercy Ministries had the privilege this year of speaking to very large crowds. I was able to speak at Joyce Meyer Ministries. We had 15,000-20,000 women in numerous conferences from coast-to-coast as well as speaking at churches in other nations where there were thousands of people in attendance on the weekends. So we are literally seeing the message of Mercy Ministries multiply.

Speaking of multiplication, Mercy Ministries even had a team of graduates who went to Uganda in 2011 to serve at Watoto Children’s Ministries. They not only raised the money for their own support but they actually went over there and built four buildings for these orphans to be able to go to school. So Mercy Ministries and your giving are being multiplied in the lives of our girls and also in the lives of generations to come.

I can tell you about so many lives that have been transformed through Mercy Ministries. One that stands out in particular is a young woman named Jen who went through the Mercy Ministries program several years ago. She had a very serious eating disorder. She was a cutter. Secular treatment programs told her that she would not live, that she would never have a normal life, that she would never be able to get over this, and that there was permanent damage. And yet she chose to believe that there was a way that she could change.

She walked through the doors of Mercy Ministries. Through your support her life was transformed several years ago. She came on staff with Mercy Ministries this year. She was a part of the Mercy Ministries team of graduates that went on the mission trip to Uganda. We are just so proud of Jen.

We are at the end of 2011 and to be very honest with you it’s been a tough year financially for Mercy Ministries. I want to share that with you because I know some of you are really looking for a place to give here at the end of the year. I will tell you that Mercy Ministries desperately needs your support. Mercy Ministries does not take any government funding so that we have the freedom to share Christ. Mercy Ministries does not charge the girls for the services they receive so you literally make a way for that girl to be pulled out of death and to experience the life of Christ. You make a way for her past not to destroy her future and for her to have the destiny that God has planned for her to have.

I’m asking you to help us not only here at the end of the year but would you consider getting “all in” with Mercy Ministries and making a monthly commitment for the year 2012? We need you. Mercy Ministries needs to know we can depend on that every month. In our four U.S. facilities we have room for 130 girls at any one given time and yet Mercy Ministries is getting 1,500 calls a month in the United States alone for young girls who are needing help.

The calls and the desperation and the issues are getting more severe all the time. Girls who are severely sexually abused and even girls that have come out of sex trafficking. And then all the other issues—eating disorders, cutting, girls who are suicidal, girls who have gotten to the point that they don’t even want to live anymore because of the pain that is in their heart. Mercy Ministries knows that Christ came to heal the brokenhearted. You make a way for those hearts to be healed when you help Mercy Ministries. So I want to thank you for your support.

For more information about Mercy Ministries, go to www.mercyministries.com or call (615) 831-6987.