Dr. Paul Perito’s Minimally Invasive Technique Heralded as Revolutionary

Dr. Paul Perito

Dr. Paul Perito

Fort Meyers urology specialist, Dr. Meir Daller, MD, says that his learning experience with Dr. Paul Perito cut his surgery time in half.

“A few months ago I spent a Friday afternoon with Dr. Paul Perito in Coral Gables Hospital. That was an incredible experience for me as an urologist. On that Friday, Dr. Paul Perito had 18 procedures. I scrubbed in on three of them. His operative time was about 8 minutes.

“Dr. Paul Perito is an excellent surgeon with an excellent staff. Coming back from Coral Gables, I immediately scheduled two penile prosthesis implants. I have now gone from using the scrotal approach to the infrapubic approach. My surgical time went down from 45 min. to 20 min. Keep in mind that I don’t have surgical staff that Dr. Paul Perito does.

“Overall, I truly believe that a quick operation is a better operation and that less dissection is a better surgery. This helps with patient recovery as well as decreased complications. The experience with Dr. Paul Perito, on that Friday afternoon, was a very positive experience for me.”

About the Surgery

Over the last 10 years, Dr. Paul Perito has found a marked success using his signature Perito Minimally Invasive Infrapubic Approach. This method is different in many aspects to traditional penile implant surgery. Dr. Paul Perito does not employ a scrotal incision; he uses minimal dilation of the erectile bodies; uses an artificial erection at the opening of surgery to evaluate previously unidentified pathologies; and generally performs under local anesthesia. In his method, Dr. Paul Perito uses an incision that is 1 ½ cm long and will be covered by the natural regrowth of hair in the pubic region. This not only helps to expedite recovery time but also ensures that evidence of surgery is concealed.

Dr. Paul Perito has successfully trained hundreds of urologists in his approach and currently offers a two-day training workshop at Coral Gables Hospital, where he is Director of Urology. Patients undergoing the minimally invasive infrapubic approach have achieved results that, post operatively, often surpassed the current clinical literature available regarding the traditional surgery methods.

For more information on Dr. Paul Perito or Perito Urology, please visit www.peritourology.com

Dr. Paul Perito is a 1988 graduate of the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine. His practice, Perito Urology, is considered one of the foremost Erectile Dysfunction treatments centers in the world. Since 2005, Dr. Paul Perito has successfully performed more than 3,000 penile implants, establishing him as a leader in the field. He has streamlined the procedure, making it not only more efficient, but safer, by the development and actualization of a minimally invasive approach. Aside from contributing extensively to medical publication libraries, Dr. Paul Perito heads the training center at Perito Urology where his technique is taught to an audience of surgeons from across the globe.

The information contained in this article is provided by Dr. Paul Perito for educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any condition.