Pretty Pedicures to Pair with’s Hottest Spring Shoes

The onset of warm weather not only gives us an excuse to wear sandals and open toe shoes, but it also gives us a great reason to go get a pedicure. While the pampering is a treat, the best part is selecting a polish color to coordinate with our favorite shoes. From neons to pastels, we’ve selected some of our top shades for pairing with our must-have spring styles.

Topanga is a colorful, printed wedge. Made of supple materials with a zip-up back, captures the global traveler trend to a t with this ikat inspired look.  Available in turquoise or orange, the turquoise would pair well with a pedicure in one of the shoe’s cool accent colors: deep plum or shimmering peach. The orange style would be complemented by a pedicure in dazzling sea blue.’s Copacabana is a sleek, classic heeled sandal. With a trendy neutral ankle strap and pastel hues of coral or mint, has reinterpreted a traditional look for spring. The mint shade would look smashing with a bubble gum pink or mauve pedicure, and the coral color would be a perfect match for fuchsia or hot pink toes.

Istanbul is an exotic, global shoe. Inspired by the city, this rich yet casual beaded sandal features a velvety textured fabric, a crisscross design and double ankle straps. Available in purple and black, both colorways feature metallic beading in periwinkle, pink and gold. Either shade of this shoe would go well with a butter yellow or shiny gunmetal colored pedicure.’s Cancun is a resort wedge that will leave you feeling like you’re on vacation south of the border. Featuring a stylish t-strap with stacked buckles at the ankle, this beauty is available in black or cognac, and both include a summery tropical geometric weave on the wedge. This summer shoe would look fabulous with a pedicure in pastel pink, neutral nude, or a light olive.

Berne is a sporty peep-toe sandal from  This shaped platform with a tall stiletto heel boasts a modern cutout design and bold neon highlights. Pair this edgy style with a neon pink pedicure to pick up the accent color of the shoe. is the web’s top subscription-based fashion site, offering members the opportunity to have fashionable styles of shoes, handbags, denim and other accessories handpicked for them by in-the-know style experts.


Kummetz Corporation Forges Social Initiatives in South America and Africa

Kummetz Corporation

Kummetz Corporation

According to Kummetz Corporation, poverty plagues both South America and Africa, with many residents feeling as though they have no hope for food, shelter, or basic necessities. Kummetz Corporation, a Nevada-licensed company who invests in projects worldwide, is seeking to change that.

With help from local partners in affected areas, Kummetz Corporation is focusing efforts towards providing for basic needs in South America and Africa. By helping nurture the educational and agricultural systems of these areas, Kummetz Corporation is working to help residents get the basics they need to make a living.

With many countries dealing with shortages in schools and education centers, children are unable to get the basics they need to join the workforce. Part of Kummetz Corporation’s work in these areas will include helping to build schools and other education-oriented facilities, which will help create better educated workers to help build both areas’ infrastructures.

But education is only one of many basic needs Kummetz Corporation will be helping with over the coming months and years. With some citizens of South America and Africa still struggling with an inability to easily access water, Kummetz Corporation joins the fight to help bring water to areas throughout both continents.

In addition to helping with water, Kummetz Corporation will be helping with agriculture in Africa and South America. By supporting agriculture, Kummetz Corporation can not only help provide food to areas of Africa and South America, but eventually export indigenous products to other areas, bringing in revenue to help promote local economic growth.

Unfortunately, many areas in Africa and South America are still without access to good medical care. Kummetz Corporation will work with local businesses and governments to develop hospitals. As with the Company’s other developments in East Africa, Kummetz Corporation will provide inexpensive, quality construction using environmentally friendly products.

By building infrastructure in Africa and South America using more efficient technology and innovative ideas, Kummetz Corporation hopes to strengthen the economies on these continents, bringing economic strength and independence to these areas. Kummetz Corporation also believes by helping to create a strong educational system in these countries, a well-educated labor base will be available to help carry these countries into the future.