Sigma Alpha Lambda’s Community Oriented Programs

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Even if Kyle Thomas Glasser runs on a very tight schedule, that does not hinder him from participating in community oriented programs in Sigma Alpha Lambda. If you really want some tips on how you can prepare yourself to face the future, then you must involve yourself in community programs just like Kyle has done. Glasser liked serving other people and that is why he will be very successful in his career as medical doctor. He is full of passion, hope, determination, perseverance and faith. If you don’t know better, you could think that you are talking of a 40 years man.

No, Kyle is just 21 years and he has been able to achieve a lot for his short life. You too can achieve much more than Kyle. When you involve yourself in programs that offer services, you will be able to achieve some practical skills for how to tackle life’s challenges. Kyle- as a medical student- knows well that such programs will be more beneficial to him than to the people he is serving. Giving an excuse that you have a busy schedule will not do you any good, Kyle is busier and he is able to balance his medical work with community-oriented programs.

The main aim of participating in community-oriented programs in Sigma Alpha Lambda is to promote your excellence in education, expand and create leadership between different cultures, increasing awareness between cultures and increase service provision in the community. Sometimes it is advisable to learn from another person’s experience. In this case, you will learn how Sigma Alpha Lambda has benefited Kyle as a member. Here are the benefits you will get for participating in community oriented programs:

  • Such community programs will contribute a lot in achieving your goals in life. You will have a chance of travelling from one community to another, meet new people and build relationships all over the country. At times you might not realize how important it is to participate in community programs but in the near future you will need the connections you develop.
  • You will gain core values like treating everyone with respect and dignity, practicing fiscal responsibility and integrity when you will be working in an organization, increase togetherness between students in the university, learn how to respect the university’s, community’s, world and chapter’s resources at all costs

Becoming a member of community oriented programs does not impact negatively on your studies- but you should know how to balance the two. Kyle Thomas Glasser has kept his respect in the team and has been a member of several years now.

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