Scott T. Sohr Interview: Courtside at Southern Woods


Scott T. Sohr

Scott T. Sohr

Scott T. Sohr is a land developer and serial entrepreneur who is the driving force behind Courtside at Southern Woods in Williamson County near Nashville, Tennessee. Scott T. Sohr grew up in Middle Tennessee, and is graduate of Franklin High School. Courtside at Southern Woods is one of the many successful projects that Scott T. Sohr has spearheaded in the last decade.

Gathering of Experts: Thanks for speaking with us today, Scott T. Sohr. Where is Courtside at Southern Woods located?

Scott T Sohr: Courtside at Southern Woods is in the beautiful community of Brentwood, Tennessee. It’s located in the northern part of Williamson County, which is among the most blessed counties in the entire United States. The recent influx of money and economic prosperity in this area has led to the city experiencing massive growth in recent years—which has paved the way for upscale developments like Courtside at Southern Woods.

Gathering of Experts: Tell us, what are some of the perks of life in Brentwood?

Scott T Sohr: Well, simply put, Brentwood is an amazing city in which to live. It’s close to Nashville, but it also has a very strong identity of its own. National companies have been moving here in recent years, and so families have been relocating here as well. For homeowners with children, one of the best parts of Brentwood and all of Williamson County is the school system. The schools here are recognized as being some of the best in the State of Tennessee as well as the entire nation.

Gathering of Experts: What else does Brentwood have to offer?

Scott T Sohr: The landscape of Middle Tennessee, especially the Brentwood area, is breathtaking. There’s nothing like a summer morning and seeing the dew rising off the rolling grass and hills.

Gathering of Experts: What is the job market like in Brentwood and Williamson County?

Scott T Sohr: There’s a very healthy job market here. As I mentioned earlier, many companies have made the Brentwood area their national base in recent years. And finally, there’s no lack of entertainment options, as Brentwood has some of the finest shopping and dining experiences around.

Gathering of Experts: Scott T. Sohr, how would you describe the Courtside at Southern Woods neighborhood?

Scott T Sohr: It’s an amazing development that encompasses everything Brentwood is all about. All of the homes have been built from 2002 until the present, so they are constructed with modern amenities and architecture, while keeping a goal of maintaining a very pleasant Southern charm and style.

Gathering of Experts: Can you tell us about the size of the homes?

Scott T. Sohr: The homes vary in size depending on the needs of each buyer, and square footage ranges from 2800 square feet to 4200 square feet. The prices are also very reasonable for families who want to live in Williamson County, ranging from $380,000 to $550,000.

Gathering of Experts: Finally, we must ask, Scott T. Sohr—how are the neighborhood’s amenities?

Scott T Sohr: Great question! We went all out with this development. It offers a huge community pool that is filled with saltwater, which makes it very relaxing and therapeutic. There are also tennis courts, a great playground for children, and several gathering areas to host community events and picnics.


Scott T. Sohr earned his MBA at Vanderbilt’s Owen School of Management in Nashville, Tennessee. There, Scott T. Sohr learned effective time management skills through the necessity of balancing his studies, work obligations, and family life; he was married and the father of two children before he finished his graduate degree. Today, Scott T. Sohr and his family – which now consists of four children – still live in Middle Tennessee where he splits his time between commercial and residential real estate development. 


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