Scott Sohr: Tennessee History Preserved Through Giving

Scott Sohr NashvilleMiddle Tennessee real estate developer Scott Sohr is known for his modern homes set amidst cozy hybrid urban-rural settings. With properties including Arrington and Courtside at Southern Woods to his credit, Scott Sohr is a man who obviously knows how to integrate the best of Tennessee into his residential developments. Today, Scott Sohr opens up about two points of inspiration for his work and says that Tennessee’s historic landmarks are at the mercy of the giving spirit. Thanks for joining us this evening.

Scott Sohr: My pleasure. Today our topic is historic homes in Nashville. Which ones are worth a visit?

Scott Sohr: My two favorites are the Belle Mead Planation and Belmont Mansion. Tell us about them?

Scott Sohr: Belle Mead Plantation is a former equine breeding and horseracing grounds. It was built in 1807 by John Harding, whose name is familiar to anyone who’s driven through Nashville. And Belmont?

Scott Sohr: Belmont is today known for the college that bares its name. But the Belmont mansion has a history that goes well beyond education. Yes, it’s notable for military occupation as well, correct?

Scott Sohr: Before the Battle of Nashville, Gen. Thomas J. Wood and his troops occupied the home. Remarkably, the residence wasn’t damaged. Are these two homes still open for tours?

Scott Sohr: They are, and both are constantly undergoing renovations. Who funds these preservation efforts?

Scott Sohr: The reconstruction and archaeological projects are mostly paid for by private donation, tour fees, and memberships fees for their respective societies. How can visitors help?

Scott Sohr: The Belmont Mansion Association offers a number of membership options. These include a $25 individual membership all the way up to a $1,500 lifetime membership. What do members receive?

Scott Sohr: Free admission and gift shop discounts along with a subscription to the Mansion’s newsletter and invitations to special events not available to the public. Most of all, members get the satisfaction of knowing they’ve helped secure the past for their children and their children’s children. What about Belle Meade Plantation?

Scott Sohr: This landmark has a similarly structured membership program. You mentioned archeological projects at these sites. Can you explain?

Scott Sohr: Most recently, at Belmont, the school was getting ready to erect a new pharmacy school on the grounds. It was discovered that there was more evidence of the former zoo than previously thought. So, the area is being observed before construction?

Scott Sohr: Yes. The area around the bear pit will be surveyed, documented, and photographed before the school continues. Before we close, can you tell our readers how they can connect with Belmont Mansion and Belle Meade Plantation?

Scott Sohr: The easiest is online at and



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