Rick Siskey Helps Investors with Private Equity Through Angel Investing

Rick Siskey

Rick Siskey

Financial expert Rick Siskey believes in ideas. In fact, some of the biggest successes in business today began as just one person with an idea. When an investor or group of investors believes in a small idea enough to invest in it, success is born, affirms Rick Siskey. In fact, because many small businesses do not qualify for traditional start-up funds, angel investing is often the only way for these companies to begin.

Angel investing, Rick Siskey explains, is the act of putting start-up capital into a business in return for a portion of the returns on that business. Through angel investing, investors like Rick Siskey are able to help build businesses, both through investment capital and mentorship. For investors seeking angel investment capital, Rick Siskey advises approaching investors with an explanation of how the investors will recoup their investment. He says it is important to note that these investments are not loans. Investors expect to see a return and to have a certain amount of input into what it will take to get that return.

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