Rick Siskey of Charlotte, NC Helps Businesses Appeal to Baby Boomers

Rick Siskey of Charlotte, NC

Rick Siskey of Charlotte, NC

In his decades of business experience, Charlotte, NC’s Rick Siskey has seen many trends come and go. But as baby boomers reach retirement age, Siskey is predicting a change in the business landscape. For companies to continue to keep up, says Charlotte, NC-based Rick Siskey, it will be more important than ever to market to this key segment of the population.

Healthcare will become an increasingly in-demand business, Rick Siskey of Charlotte, NC predicts, but even companies outside of the healthcare industry can take advantage of this. Charlotte, NC businessman Rick Siskey believes the food industry, as well as health and beauty brands, should create products with senior citizens in mind. But for true success, the financial expert recommends looking ahead for the next big thing, rather than copying things others are doing. Once you’ve found that idea, says Siskey, work hard to put yourself ahead of others, going one step further than other companies. That, says Charlotte, NC’s Rick Siskey, is the key to success.

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