Rick Dover of Knoxville: The Value of Environmental Responsibility

020712OakwoodRick Dover, a Knoxville business manager, is proud of all Family Pride Corporation has achieved in its two decades in business. The company specializes in repurposing historic buildings for senior care communities and other uses, according to Rick Dover, and Knoxville organizations have taken notice. The company is the recipient of several historic preservation awards for its efforts, says Rick Dover of Knoxville.

Rick Dover, a Knoxville resident, has always worked with environmental consciousness in mind. Acknowledging that many people believe environmentally friendly development is almost impossible, Rick Dover of Knoxville has noticed that many people are successfully achieving sustainability in building development.

According to Rick Dover, Knoxville is one area where the opportunity to be environmentally friendly exists. Through Family Pride Corporation, Rick Dover and Knoxville builders are able to work together to find buildings that have either been abandoned or are not being heavily used. These buildings have years of history and stored energy that is wasted when a building is torn down, according to Rick Dover. Knoxville, in particular, has quite a few empty buildings that would make great senior care facilities, Rick Dover of Knoxville has found.

As Rick Dover, a Knoxville businessman, says, this energy is renewed when Family Pride Corporation comes in and restores a building. The building can then be filled with people once again, giving seniors a great place to live while allowing the community to enjoy a historic structure for many years, adds Rick Dover of Knoxville.

In addition to repurposing structures, Rick Dover and Knoxville staff of Family Pride Corporation use today’s best environment-saving features. Family Pride Corporation adds solar power and energy-efficient HVAC systems to preserve the environment, according to Rick Dover. Knoxville is also the ideal place to implement reflective roofs to save on electricity by keeping a building cooler, Rick Dover of Knoxville adds.

With each project, Family Pride Corporation strives to be as green as possibly, according to Rick Dover. Knoxville has noticed the hard work the company is doing, and Rick Dover and Knoxville staff members believe this sets a good example for the rest of the city. Rick Dover hopes Knoxville businesses will join the movement and find ways to reuse historic buildings for modern purposes.

Family Pride Corporation’s many projects include the remodeling and reuse of a 1908 school, a 1970s hospital, and a hotel that once housed VIPs during the Manhattan Project, according to Rick Dover. Knoxville and East Tennessee aren’t the only areas Rick Dover has affected with his remodeling projects. According to Rick Dover, the Knoxville businessman has also repurposed buildings in Florida and North Carolina, as well as other areas of Tennessee.

A former real estate developer, Rick Dover of Knoxville has been acknowledged by the mayor of Lenoir City and the Loudon County Preservation Society. With each new project, Family Pride Corporation staff members strive to enhance communities while preserving landmarks for those who most appreciate them.


  1. Dianne Brown, Realtor says:

    I am executor of my parents’ estate at 2712 Ellistown Rd, Knoxville, 37924. We have 12 acres or excellent real estate at intersection of Millertown Pk and Ellistown Rd FOR SALE. I would love to see it developed as a senior assisted living community. It is recorded as the Daniel and Evelyn Cass Trust. Please contact me at 865-591-0643 if you are interested in this possibility in Northeast Knox County.
    Dianne Brown

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