Randall Alifano Discusses the Benefits of Pre-Marital Counseling

Randall Alifano

Randall Alifano

According to rough estimates, reports Randall Alifano, approximately 40 percent of all marriages end in divorce. Many therapists, and others, believe this rate would drop if couples would agree to pre-marital counseling before saying “I do.” A minister and officiate, Randall Alifano has worked with many couples on the brink of marriage and believes one of the biggest issues to cause future problems is individual expectations.

Randall Alifano has found that many couples get their conceptions of marriage from observing their own parents. However, Alifano points out, this might not be the best example on which to base one’s own marriage. Through pre-marital counseling, Randall Alifano explains, a couple can begin to break out of those molds and create a relationship that is unique to their own personalities and desires. One-on-one counseling isn’t the only option. According to Alifano, group sessions and seminars are also available for couples throughout the wedding planning process. Randall Alifano believes in a spiritual and pragmatic approach to counseling, putting the focus on open communication.

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