Peter Spittler Architectural Services on the Many Facets of Planning

Peter Spittler Architectural Services

Peter Spittler Architectural Services

As a full-service firm, Peter Spittler Architectural Services provides planning services to clients ranging from regional land use planning to detailed, site-specific planning. In the following Q&A, the team at Peter Spittler Architectural Services discusses the many facets of planning required for successful and thoughtful land use.

Q:  Why is planning such an important part of designing and building?

Peter Spittler Architectural Services:  There are a multitude of factors to consider in determining the best use of land when planning a development. This is necessary in order to make sure that all parties involved benefit, and all established rules and regulations are followed.  The Peter Spittler Architectural Services team provides expert guidance to wade through all of the planning issues that must be addressed.

Q:  How does the team at Peter Spittler Architectural Services begin to breakdown the planning process for clients?

Peter Spittler Architectural Services:  The services provided by the team vary with the size, scope and location of each project.  Peter Spittler Architectural Services provides planning services that address maximizing land use, regional planning, smart growth, and site-specific issues.

Q:  Would you explain how Peter Spittler Architectural Services helps clients plan for maximizing land use?

Peter Spittler Architectural Services:  Our team is committed to promoting the best use of land possible.  With that in mind, Peter Spittler Architectural Services guides clients to find ways to turn blighted urban areas into vital, revenue-generating centers, for example.  Land use planning also includes steps for protecting and promoting open spaces and natural/wild habitats for long-term sustainability whenever possible. The success of the project is based on balancing the ecology, economy and cultural assets of the site and host community

Q:  What are some of the main facets of regional planning?

Peter Spittler Architectural Services:  Regional planning takes into account the implications that built infrastructure can have on an area much greater than just a city or neighborhood.  It is a means for ensuring the long-term vitality of a region, which could be a state, several states, or even a grouping of cities.  Regional plans are critical to ensure development is not built upon a flood plain or space is set aside for unsightly, but critical landfills; greenbelt areas are maintained; and the health and wellness of people in the region are put first and foremost.

Q:  We have read about Peter Spittler Architectural Services’ commitment to smart growth. Can you tell us more, please?

Peter Spittler Architectural Services:  Sure! Smart growth has been a hallmark of the Peter Spittler Architectural Services team’s major projects.  Peter Spittler Architectural Services is dedicated to easing urban sprawl to protect our natural spaces and to rebuild community centers that were once central to healthy, vital cities and towns.  Smart growth refers to developing communities that are compact, walkable, and that include restaurants and retail options onsite, rather than three miles away in a strip mall.

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