Margaret Suanne Bone Says Music Awakens Emotions and Memories

Margaret Suanne Bone

Margaret Suanne Bone

Music provides an inexhaustible wealth of nonverbal expressive possibilities with different instruments, sounds and rhythms. Playing with sounds and rhythms, biological, psychological and social feelings can become immediately accessible.

Margaret Suanne Bone began playing the piano as a second grader in Lebanon, Tenn. Music can be a valuable tool for a child’s brain development, says Margaret Suanne Bone. Music provides the ability to concentrate and learn better, but also general peace and well-being. Possibly while still in the mother’s womb, babies respond to music and other sounds, which can improve infant brain development.

In young children, music can stimulate emotional development and general intelligence. Music can help in the development of brain nerves and in the development of language and social skills for autistic children and children with cognitive problems. Music can help a child focus in other areas, including reading comprehension and written expression. While in middle and high school, Margaret Suanne Bone performed in numerous church and school talent shows where she won several awards.

After a 20 year absence from playing, Margaret Suanne Bone agreed to play the Easter Cantata on Easter Sunday. Margaret Suanne Bone loves music and finds joy and relaxation in playing the piano. According to a recent study, classical music in particular can be soothing and stimulating. The study found that classical music before a medical procedure may influence the patient’s anxiety level. In addition, music can help with depression, as well as stress diminishment after a heart surgery. However, the study concluded that heavy metal and techno music can lead to stress and an irregular heart rhythm.

Miraculously, music calms people down after a day full of stress, says Margaret Suanne Bone. Music describes the world without words. Sound, says Margaret Suanne Bone, can be used as medicine. According to Margaret Suanne Bone, music is the description of the world without words and terms.

Ways to incorporate music into a busy life include playing CDs in the car, or listening to the radio while bathing or showering, says Margaret Suanne Bone. Or better yet, one can incorporate music into a daily exercise routine, suggests Margaret Suanne Bone. Singing along to songs is also a great release of tension, and karaoke can be very enjoyable for some. Calm music before bedtime promotes relaxation and peace and helps to induce sleep.

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