Kyle Thomas Glasser Discusses His Work in Central America

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser

For someone in his early 20s, traveling the world is a great opportunity. Traveling the world while helping others is life changing. Twenty-one-year-old Kyle Thomas Glasser made such a trip in May of 2010 when he headed to South America to help provide medical care to Costa Rica’s most impoverished areas. The medical student traveled as part of the International Service Learning Program, which helps give medical students experience while helping areas that normally do not receive proper medical care.

Some of the highlights of Kyle Thomas Glasser’s trip include a visit to an orphanage in Nicaragua, where the volunteers helped children by providing both medical attention and a boost to morale. Kyle Thomas Glasser also fondly recalls a visit to Project Abraham, where Glasser and other volunteers performed well-child visits and helped members of the church congregation by providing medical care. Since his trip, Kyle Thomas Glasser has continued helping children in his hometown in Georgia, providing math tutoring to students in need of aid.

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