Bonaventure CEO Kelley D. Hamilton Talks about Hobbies for Senior Adults


Kelley D. Hamilton

Kelley D. Hamilton

Kelley D. Hamilton serves as CEO of Bonaventure Senior Living. As CEO, Kelley D. Hamilton manages a company with 37 senior living communities across the western half of the United States. Kelley D. Hamilton is rightly proud of Bonaventure’s track record when it comes to meeting the needs of their older-adult residents. Kelley D. Hamilton leads a great management team at Bonaventure, promoting exceptional senior lifestyles throughout the northwest. Today, we talk to Kelley D. Hamilton about hobbies for those who are of retirement age.

Q: Kelley D. Hamilton, with Baby Boomers hitting retirement age, we’re seeing a retiree population that’s more active and engaged. What are some popular hobbies for seniors?

Kelley D. Hamilton: We see a big boom in ancestry and genealogy work. It opens people up to things they didn’t know about their ancestors, and the Internet has made it much easier to access that information.

Q: Things like

Kelley D. Hamilton: Yes, that is a perfect example. That’s all work that used to take hours of sorting through paper records.

Q: Yes, isn’t there a big boom in Internet use by seniors?

Kelley D. Hamilton: There sure is. Every generation of internet browsers and operating systems is becoming a little easier to use. Seniors find that a whole new world opens up for them with the internet.

Q: Aren’t seniors on social media a lot, too?

Kelley D. Hamilton: Yes, now more than ever. Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter have plenty of seniors on board, and it gives them a whole new way to keep up with family, friends and interest groups.

Q: Do seniors tend toward music?

Kelley D. Hamilton: Absolutely! Part of the beauty of retirement is being able to pursue things you didn’t have time for during your career. Learning an instrument is a perfect example.

Q: Along the same lines, what about painting?

Kelley D. Hamilton: Yes, another great example. A lot of people find they have a hidden muse, and a creative message that’s waiting to get out. Canvas, paint and brushes are a great way to unlock that.

Q: They’re cheap, too.

Kelley D. Hamilton: Yes, if you do five paintings and decide you don’t like them, it’s easy enough to just throw them away and start over with five more.

Q: Tell me about faux stained glass, I’ve heard a little about it.

Kelley D. Hamilton: Well, you can get patterns online or just make your own, and then have your local hardware store cut glass to fit. The rest of the kit is available at supply shops. It’s painstaking work, but the results can be spectacular.

Q: Really, about anything that keeps people engaged is good, isn’t it?

Kelley D. Hamilton: Yes, even for seniors who are really compromised physically, things like crosswords, Sudoku puzzles, card games and reading are great for keeping the brain active and engaged. Some seniors have even found their hobbies to be profitable by selling their creations and artwork at craft shows or even through online auction sites.

During his time at Bonaventure, Kelley D. Hamilton has instituted town hall meetings and appraisal forms to give residents a voice in the management of the company. Kelley D. Hamilton is a graduate of Portland State University. After graduation Kelley D. Hamilton co-founded Kline Hamilton Realty Advisors. Kelley D. Hamilton came on board with Bonaventure in 2000, when the company was known as Mountain West Retirement and was comprised of only two communities. Kelley D. Hamilton is a firm believer in Bonaventure’s motto, “Live Life on Your Terms” which directly supports the “Retirement Perfected” philosophy.

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