Popular Online Retailer, Just Fab, Introduces President and Creative Director, Kimora Lee Simmons

Just Fab

Just Fab

Just Fab President Kimora Lee Simmons began her modeling career at the tender age of 13 when the tall beauty received an exclusive modeling contract from Chanel to work with the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld. Soon after, the Just Fab President and Creative Director became a sensation within in the fashion industry. Kimora’s outgoing personality and stunning beauty are familiar across the globe, but these classy attributes only scratch the surface of one of the most sensational and influential women in fashion and entertainment.

Just Fab President is an international superstar and loving mother

Today, Kimora Lee Simmons is an international sensation who has made her mark in modeling, fashion design, television, an author, as well as the business world. Being the President of Just Fab is her latest endeavor. In addition to her successful and busy professional career, Kimora is a devoted mother to her three children, Ming Lee, Aoki Lee, and Kenzo Lee. According to Forbes Magazine, Kimora Lee Simmons is one of “the hardest working mothers in Hollywood.” Currently, the Just Fab President is also working on a new skincare line.

As Just Fab President and philanthropist, Kimora encourages women to take charge

Since the beginning of her modeling and fashion design careers, Simmons has been an advocate for the empowerment of women. As Just Fab President, Kimora works relentlessy to create Just Fab styles that offer women opportunities to show their inner and outer beauty. Simmons encourages women to take charge of every situation. As an avid philanthropist, the Just Fab President & Creative Director supports several organizations, including the Make a Wish Foundation, to make the world a better place for everyone.

Just Fab Creative Extraordinaire

As President and Creative Director of Just Fab, the gorgeous and talented Kimora Lee Simmons is bringing Just Fab to a whole new level. She adds to Just Fab her extraordinary fashion industry knowledge that helped her develop her previous companies into billion dollar business ventures. Since her early teen years, Simmons has been working in and around fashion which helped her develop a sharp sense for making affordable fashion for every woman.  Partnering with Just Fab gave her a new way to offer women the latest styles at a price point that is friendly to everyone’s wallet.

As the President of Just Fab, Kimora guides Just Fab into becoming number one in the online shopping business. Just Fab members view handpicked Just Fab shoes, handbags, and jewelry, giving women of all style sensibilities the ability to create a fashion dream closet.  Just Fab also offers designer style jeans in four basic types including Just Fab Signature Skinny and Cropped jeans, without the designer price tag. Just Fab continues to expand into new categories and new countries to bring all of the latest Just Fab styles to everyone across the globe. To learn more about Kimora Lee Simmons or Just Fab, visit www.justfab.com.

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