Integrity Spas: Frequently Asked Questions About Keeping Hot Tub Spas Clean

Integrity-Spas-BromineLocated in Leawood, Kansas, Integrity Spas is the nation’s premier online retailer of luxury, custom-built spas. Integrity Spas provides a full line of luxurious portable spas. Here, an Integrity Spas spokesperson answers frequently asked questions about the chemicals and systems required to keep a spa in good sanitary condition.

Q. First of all, is there a recommended frequency to change your hot tub’s water?

Integrity Spas: It depends somewhat on how often the spa is used and how many people use it, but generally Integrity Spas recommends changing the water every three to four months.

Q. Since chemicals are required to keep hot tubs safe, is there one best type to choose?

Integrity Spas: Not really, there are a number of good methods Integrity Spas recommends today.

Q. Can you give us a quick primer on the top ones?

Integrity Spas: Most people are familiar with chlorine as the primary sanitizer used in pools. There are chlorine tablets and granules specifically designed for hot tubs.  However, Integrity Spas does not recommend the use of Chlorine in our spas.

Q. Are there other, less familiar options?

Integrity Spas: Bromine tablets are a combination of sodium bromide and chlorine. Many people prefer them because the chlorine smell is not quite as strong. They are available in tablet-form and are generally distributed via a floating feeder. Another option we really like at Integrity Spas is mineral purifiers that assist, but don’t entirely replace, other sanitizers in keeping a hot tub contamination-free. Mineral purifiers are typically placed inside a filter cartridge or contained in a floating dispenser, which slowly disperses them into the tub.

Q. Why else do you prefer mineral purifiers?

Integrity Spas: Well, they’re extremely easy to handle and use, they really work and they reduce the need for either bromine or chlorine. And they’re naturally occurring elements. At Integrity Spas, we prefer a brand called Nature 2.

Q. Are there special devices designed for spa sanitization?

Integrity Spas: You might be thinking of something called an “ozonator,” which is a device that generates ozone gas and injects it into the water to help keep water clean and clear. Ozone is pH neutral and kills bacteria safely and naturally. However, Integrity Spas considers it a myth to think an ozonater and minerals alone will keep a spa sufficiently sanitized. Owners still need chlorine or bromine to really do the job.

Q. UV lighting devices are often used in hot tubs. How do they work?

Integrity Spas: Ultraviolet light systems are an exciting new development for us at Integrity Spas. They generate high intensity UV-C or germicidal ultraviolet light that destroys 99.9 percent of the waterborne pathogens. UV systems are relatively inexpensive and are available as an additional option on all Integrity Spas.

Q. Is there anything else you’d recommend?

Integrity Spas: Salt systems take salt that is added into the hot tub water and turn it into pure bromine to sanitize the spa. Integrity Spas offers the ISIS Bromine Generator as an upgrade on our spas.




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