Guy Riordan: What Kayakers Need to Know

Guy Riordan

Guy Riordan

Kayaking can be tricky, according to outdoorsman Guy Riordan. The same waterway can be different from one kayaking trip to the next, Riordan says, emphasizing that new kayakers need to begin with less challenging waterways at first, working up to the more dangerous tributaries. Thankfully, guided tours are available for beginners, allowing boaters to learn how to deal with challenges during an outing.

Guy Riordan, an avid kayaker and outdoorsman, has been featured on TV and also once owned a gaming preserve. Thanks to the excessive amount of snow that falls in his mountainous New Mexico town and later melts, Guy Riordan has plenty of water for ideal kayaking conditions. But even with all his experience, Riordan knows when to rely on a guide. He believes playing it safe makes the experience even more fun and rewarding.

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