Tips from Dr. William Knudson: How to Have Healthy Feet

    Dr. William Knudson

Dr. William Knudson

Virginia podiatrist Dr. William Knudson ’s goal is to help his patients have long-lasting foot health. While he often sees patients after foot problems have begun, whenever possible Dr. William Knudson counsels patients on preventing future foot problems by exercising proper foot care. Here are a few recommendations from Dr. William Knudson for the long-term foot health of his patients:

  • Thoroughly dry the feet after showering. Dr. William Knudson notes that many people jump right from the shower into socks and shoes. This is to be avoided for the fact that it can promote the growth of fungus. When drying the feet, Dr. William Knudson advises ensuring the space between each toe is dry. Once the foot is completely dry, you can put on fresh, clean socks and shoes. If you tend to have feet that sweat a lot, Dr. William Knudson recommends sprinkling talcum powder to help keep them dry.
  • Make sure your shoes fit. Ill-fitting shoes cause many foot problems, Dr. William Knudson reports. Trying to squeeze the feet into shoes that are too tight or have narrow design is a recipe for foot disaster. Problems like bunions, hammertoe, and Morton’s Neuroma can result from improper shoes. Don’t skimp by buying bargain shoes, Dr. William Knudson says. Instead, Dr. William Knudson recommends that shoppers on a budget visit the sales aisles at nicer shoe stores for better quality shoes at a discount price.
  • Do not sit for long periods of time. If you must, Dr. William Knudson advises walking around periodically in order to get the blood circulating. Even worse is sitting with your legs crossed. If someone must sit with crossed legs, Dr. William Knudson emphasizes the importance of changing position often to avoid inhibiting circulation.
  • Never wear used shoes. Borrowing shoes or buying used shoes can be dangerous, since some foot problems can be passed through shoes.
  • Keep your toenails trimmed. Dr. William Knudson emphasizes that untrimmed toenails can lead to ingrown toenails and other painful foot problems. Dr. William Knudson tells his patients to set a specific schedule for toenail trims and stick to it.
  • Consider a pedicure. Not only can this help keep your toenails trimmed and feet clean and healthy, the massaging action of the water is good for circulation, Dr. William Knudson tells patients. Pedicures can be especially useful for older patients who can no longer reach their feet comfortably.

Dr. William Knudson reports that if he has the opportunity to give these instructions to patients early, they prevent painful foot problems later on. He says that wearing good shoes and taking care of the feet today will ensure the wearer doesn’t regret his or her choices later.

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