CWD Construction Founders Discuss the Joy of Helping Others

CWD Construction

CWD Construction

CWD Construction is known as a premier homebuilder and remodeler in North and South Carolina. But each year, CWD Construction’s co-founder, Chuck Dohm, tries to journey to the troubled country of Haiti to help provide food and basic supplies. Co-founder and spouse, Sonia Dohm, gathers basic supplies along with many other supporters to be transported by ship in advance of the trip.

As the CWD Construction founders explain, Haiti has long dealt with political turmoil. When it was formed in 1697, Haiti was at first a successful nation, but as the country’s resources began to deplete, the nation fell into economic woes. In 1804 a slave revolt continued its long struggle, CWD Construction’s founders relate.

According to the CWD Construction co-founders, while Haiti became the first black republic to gain independence, it has continued to endure violence. In 2004, Haiti president Jean-Berstrand Aristide resigned as a result of an armed rebellion, CWD Construction’s Chuck Dohm explains. An interim government was put in place and the U.N. supervised Haiti’s first democratic elections.

Although the country has struggled with a reluctance to accept new technology and continuing violence in recent years, a governing body was put in place to get things under control, according to CWD Construction. Just as it seemed as though Haitians were on their way to a fresh start, however, the 2010 earthquake shook the country.

More than 300,000 Haitian citizens lost their lives in the earthquake, which shook Port-au-Prince, the country’s backbone, Chuck Dohm relates. As CWD Construction’s co-founders tell us, the earthquake was 7.0 in magnitude. In addition to the tragic loss of life, more than two million people were directly affected by the destruction the earthquake caused to building structures. What Chuck finds especially difficult to accept is that much of the progress Haiti had made has been undone. Seeing this motivates the CWD Construction founders to work hard to help.

The damage was so widespread, CWD Construction’s Chuck Dohm says, because many of the structures were poorly built. This is why Chuck is more dedicated than ever to his annual trip to Haiti, where he can serve by providing basic food and necessities.

The CWD Construction founders have found that giving to Haitians is actually a bigger blessing for them. Seeing the devastating poverty the residents are forced to endure makes the CWD Construction co-founders realize just how truly blessed they are.

“We don’t realize how many blessings we have until we experience first-hand the poverty of a third-world country like Haiti,” Chuck Dohm says.

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