Tips from Casa Sandoval – Staying Healthy in the Golden Years

Casa Sandoval

Casa Sandoval

Casa Sandoval on the Benefits of Senior Exercise

Casa Sandoval finds that, for many senior adults, exercise is a distant memory. Casa Sandoval maintains that many seniors haven’t been active in years due to conditions like arthritis or limited mobility. Because of those limitations, they may simply give up on living an active lifestyle. However, it is important for us to understand that exercise is perhaps no more beneficial at any point in life than it is during our golden years.

Many physical struggles that people associate with old age, like going up and down stairs or carrying a heavy load of groceries, aren’t due to old age at all. Instead, Casa Sandoval says those difficulties are simply due to people being out of shape due to inactivity. Being a “couch potato” is never healthy, but it’s even worse for senior adults, as their bodies are much more likely to begin breaking down over a period of inactivity.

Casa Sandoval says that seniors should start out with a physical checkup to make sure they are healthy enough to exercise. Then they should move on to mild, low-impact exercises like simply walking around the block once a day. Gradually, they can incorporate more high-impact exercises like weightlifting and jogging. For many seniors, Casa Sandoval says that an active lifestyle seems like something they will never have until they actually try it.

Casa Sandoval believes there are many benefits beyond simply having a more fit body. In fact, seniors who exercise regularly also have increased mental sharpness, a longer life expectancy, and a higher quality of life than those who don’t.

Casa Sandoval on Eating a Balanced and “Hearty” Diet

Everyone, including Casa Sandoval, knows how important heart health is, but what many people don’t know is how much control they have over it. Casa Sandoval says that while exercise is vital for heart health, it’s often what goes in the kitchen instead of the gym that makes the most difference.

People who are overweight often have more risk factors than those who are normal weight, but even people with “healthy” BMIs may have unhealthy hearts due to their diets. Casa Sandoval recommends adults learn to control their portion sizes for all meals and avoid overeating. Even if the occasional binge doesn’t show up on the scale, it can still wreak havoc on the entire body—including the heart.

It’s also important to eat smarter, says Casa Sandoval. Avoid red meats and foods with heavy amounts of saturated fats and cholesterol, like fried foods. Instead, eat lean meat that’s grilled or baked and increase intake of vegetables and fruits. These are packed with nutrients and are often low in calories but high in fiber—meaning people feel full quicker.

Another tip often overlooked is to reduce sodium intake. Casa Sandoval says many people neglect to consider this but a diet high in sodium can cause a number of health problems. Many fast food restaurants and even sit-down restaurants have meals that are loaded with sodium and salt and a diet high in salt can lead to high blood pressure and potential heart problems down the road.

Finally, Casa Sandoval recommends planning food schedules in advance to avoid impulsive decisions, but to also allow an occasional treat. Without something to look forward to, you may be more likely to give up on the diet altogether.

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