Brenda Lee Reed Explains Vitamin D Deficiency in America

Brenda Lee Reed

Brenda Lee Reed

Health and wellness expert Brenda Lee Reed explains the health benefits of this essential vitamin.

A Gathering of Experts: Good morning, Brenda Lee Reed. We appreciate you being with us today. Can you tell our readers, just how serious is the lack of Vitamin D among children in the United States?

Brenda Lee Reed: An estimated 70% of American children have low levels of Vitamin D.

A Gathering of Experts: Wow! What happens of the body is low on Vitamin D?

Brenda Lee Reed: It has long been known that Vitamin D insufficiency is linked to the disease rickets, which is the softening of the bones.

A Gathering of Experts: Why is Vitamin D so important to our health?

Brenda Lee Reed: It is not just a vitamin.  Calcitriol, which is its metabolic product, is a secosteroid hormone that impacts more than 2,000 genes in the body.

A Gathering of Experts: What are some other diseases and illnesses that may be caused by Vitamin D deficiency?

Brenda Lee Reed: According to recent research, a deficiency in Vitamin D plays a major role in the pathology of roughly 17 varieties of cancer.  It is also implicated as a factor in heart disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, depression, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, muscle weakness, muscle wasting, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, periodontal, and birth defects, to name a few.

A Gathering of Experts: Are there any other health issues associated with Vitamin D deficiency?

Brenda Lee Reed: There is evidence that people who are deficient in Vitamin D are more likely to become infected with the flu, colds, and other respiratory tract infections.

A Gathering of Experts: Very interesting…

Brenda Lee Reed: It is…in fact, the Public Health Agency of Canada is investigating the role Vitamin D plays in protection against certain illnesses.  The influence of Vitamin D on health and overall well-being can no longer be ignored.

A Gathering of Experts: Why are so many children in the United States Vitamin D deficient?

Brenda Lee Reed: Our skin makes Vitamin D from sun exposure.  Children and adults today do not spend much time outdoors and when they do they are usually wearing sunscreen which blocks Vitamin D production.

A Gathering of Experts: How much sun exposure do we need?

Brenda Lee Reed: Everyone needs at least 15 minutes of sun exposure at least 3 times a week, and dark pigmented skin requires more to produce enough Vitamin D.  Twenty minutes of sun exposure allows the skin to produce 10,000 IU Vitamin D, which is 50 times more than is recommended by the U.S. government.

Vitamin D can be found in milk, orange juice, salmon, mushrooms, egg yolks, and organ meats.  However, it is difficult to acquire enough Vitamin D from foods alone.  So if you do not get adequate sun exposure, it is recommended that you take at least 5,000 IU supplement for adults and adolescents, and 400 IU per day for infants and children.

A Gathering of Experts: Are all supplements the same?

Brenda Lee Reed: No, it is important to use a vitamin labeled “D3” as that is the same as natural Vitamin D. D2 is synthetic and less effective.

A Gathering of Experts: How do I know if I am Vitamin D deficient?

Brenda Lee Reed: A blood test can determine if your Vitamin D levels are sufficient.  According to the Vitamin D Council, your blood levels should be between 50-80 ng/mL.

A Gathering of Experts: Do you have any final thoughts or advice on this topic?

Brenda Lee Reed: I want to point out that breastfeeding mothers should make certain their levels are adequate; otherwise they may need to supplement their baby’s diet with Vitamin D.

A Gathering of Experts: Well, thank you for this information. This is not something that should be ignored.

Brenda Lee Reed: The pleasure is mine; thank you for the opportunity.


Brenda Lee Reed is the founder and managing director of Middle Tennessee’s Genesis Healing Center. She is certified in a number of holistic treatment therapies and has dedicated the past 30 years of her life to teaching others how to get healthy and stay that way. Through Genesis Healing Center, Brenda Lee Reed offers 7 to 30 day detox programs – for more information, visit

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