BentleyForbes Invests Across Diverse Range of Commercial Real Estate Properties

BentleyForbesAs top investors accumulate further knowledge about the real estate market, one message rings loud and clear. According to BentleyForbes, the uncertain nature of the U.S. economy requires a skilled approach to investment matters. BentleyForbes and its sterling team of professionals understand viable alternatives that can ameliorate future risk and pave the way for greater successes.

By monitoring the latest real estate trends, BentleyForbes is uniquely positioned to speak about commercial real estate investment and its wide range of opportunities. Although there are challenges with every project, BentleyForbes has the necessary tools to overcome them.

BentleyForbes affirms that commercial real estate is a powerful investment vehicle that can potentially reap innumerable benefits for today’s investors. Unlike a majority of investment classes, commercial real estate is a relatively stable option that can produce high yields. In 2014, BentleyForbes has observed numerous investors who are seeking to take advantage of these possibilities.

Around the world, wealthy investors have consistently placed their focus on residential properties in order to plump up their overall portfolios, notes the team at BentleyForbes. By engaging in more commercial real estate projects, investors who work directly with BentleyForbes are diversifying their portfolios even further. BentleyForbes has seen major increases in office buildings, retail stores and hospitality operations over the last few years. As opposed to stocks and bonds, commercial real estate is a generally stable investment that guards against significant financial losses.

This recent activity is indicative of a more solid U.S. economy, notes BentleyForbes. Beginning in 2012, the real estate industry has experienced modern growth through the following commercial real estate avenues:

  • Office buildings: This category includes downtown skyscrapers, small office buildings and single-tenant properties. A notable part of the BentleyForbes portfolio is the Prudential Plaza in Chicago. BentleyForbes has overseen the development of several other Class A assets throughout the United States.
  • Industrial: This category includes small properties or larger office warehouse or larger office properties. In recent years, BentleyForbes has focused squarely on sustainable practices within these properties.
  • Restaurant/retail: This category includes neighborhood shopping centers, outlet and regional malls, single tenant retail buildings and pad sites, among others. According to BentleyForbes, retail is one of the fastest growing sectors in today’s market.
  • Multi-family residences: This category includes high-rise apartment buildings or apartment complexes. BentleyForbes has placed an emphasis on these properties in recent years with excellent results.
  • Land: This category includes infill land with pan sites and an urban area, as well as investment properties located on rural, raw, undeveloped land.
  • Miscellaneous: This category includes self-storage, medical, hospitality and hotel developments, among others.

BentleyForbes ultimately views commercial real estate investment as an intelligent strategy for a broad array of investors.  A variety of commercial property types – for example, multi-family residences – maintain a consistent demand regardless of the current state of the economy. While noting that neighborhood quality and location may be determining factors, BentleyForbes believes that commercial real estate is the answer for many experienced leaders in business.

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