Debunking Myths About Running a Business

5Being an entrepreneur and running a successful business can be tough, and there are definitely hurdles to cross. According to statistics, 95 percent of all businesses fail in the first five years. For every successful entrepreneur, several are held back. Some try and fail, giving up before they should. Some don’t even start because of myths and misinformation. To assist them, here are some myths about starting a company, and the truth behind them.

Myth: No more personal life.

Truth: It will be challenging to juggle the responsibilities of running one’s own business and spending time with family, but at the end of the day, business owners can be much more flexible with personal life than any corporate employee can ever be. Time management and planning skills are essential to get things done so entrepreneurs can enjoy time spent with friends and family.

Myth: Sneakiness and shrewdness are keys to a successful enterprise.

Truth: In order to be a successful entrepreneur one needs to build honest, solid relationships with both clients and suppliers. Ruthless pricing may secure a few good deals but business owners won’t build profitable and lasting relationships. The goal should be to figure out how to make the most money while still keeping customers and suppliers happy.

Myth: More time off and less work.

Truth: A corporate job may force employees to put in long work hours and deal with a frustrating commute. Running one’s own company is appealing because it promises the opportunity to slow down and make one’s own hours. While this picture may be somewhat true, there is no denying the fact that being self-employed is very hard work. Most small businesses don’t show profit until well into the third year. If it were easy, everyone would do it. What makes the difference is that a business owner is doing something he or she is passionate about, so the long hours won’t seem like such hard work after all.


Richard Siskey to Investors: Know When to Exit

Richard Siskey

Richard Siskey

Part of business ownership, according to business and entrepreneur Richard Siskey, is knowing when to exit. No matter what your role as a stakeholder in a business, knowing when to get out is as important as knowing when to begin. With more than three decades of experience in the business, Charlotte, NC native Richard Siskey has seen many companies sell for millions within just a few short years of beginning.

The key is to have your exit planned in advance. By creating specific deadlines and financial milestones, you’ll have a timeline to give company owners and future investors, Richard Siskey says. By doing all this while you’re setting up your company, you’ll be able to better plan and strategize, Richard Siskey believes although he cautions that you may end up exceeding your goal!

Instant Tax Solutions | Understanding Tax Liens

Instant Tax Solutions

Instant Tax Solutions

For the indebted taxpayer, nothing can be more stressful than receiving repeated warnings from the IRS. But even when the IRS has levied a lien against a taxpayer’s assets, it isn’t necessarily permanent. Instant Tax Solutions regularly works to help taxpayers remove liens placed by the IRS. Instant Tax Solutions’ co-founder, Byron Pedersen, recently stopped by to talk to A Gathering of Experts about IRS tax liens.

Instant Tax Solutions complaints found online continue to remain unverified. The firm understands that all businesses involving financial services are going to be subject to some complaints; however, Instant Tax Solutions complaints found online all seem to trickle from one central source. The reason behind these Instant Tax Solutions complaints is still subject to debate, but one might suppose that an angry ex-employee or an individual looking to steal the firm’s business maybe behind the complaints. Instant Tax Solutions requests that taxpayers contact the Better Business Bureau for honest and legitimate information regarding the firm before they believe everything they read online.


A Gathering of Experts: How does a taxpayer know a lien may be coming?

Byron Pedersen: Think of a lien as a mortgage. It establishes the IRS as an owner of a taxpayer’s particular assets. For this to happen, the IRS must first assess an individual’s tax liability and request payment from the taxpayer. If payment isn’t made, the IRS must then determine that payment is being refused. Once these steps have been followed, the IRS can begin collections procedures. Instant Tax Solutions has found that by the time a lien is placed, a taxpayer has already refused to pay and been warned that collections will be taking place.

Instant Tax Solutions says complaints about the confusing nature of IRS forms are growing. The IRS uses forms that often include many boxes that confuse some taxpayers, says Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints usually come from elderly or visually impaired taxpayers who struggle with all of the information that appears. According to Instant Tax Solutions, complaints are legitimate and the IRS is aware that sometimes their forms may be confusing. By contacting the IRS, many taxpayers may be able to have large type forms sent to them directly. One way to mitigate complaints, says Instant Tax Solutions, is to utilize the services of a reputable tax agency.


A Gathering of Experts: Once a lien has been placed, do taxpayers have any recourse?

Byron Pedersen: The IRS wants its money, so is usually willing to work with taxpayers. Instant Tax Solutions can help clients set up payments in affordable installments. The IRS would rather be receiving a small amount of money monthly toward the debt than nothing at all.

Sources close to Instant Tax Solutions say complaints made against the firm have no foundation in reality, and that some are simply dishonest. The firm has a reputation of delivering quality tax debt resolution services, says one employee of Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints about the quality of care clients have received in the past have been totally fabricated. One complaint about Instant Tax Solutions circulated the Internet in 2011. The person/persons making the claims has never come forward to Instant tax Solutions and the complaint is still being investigated by company co-founder Byron Pedersen.


A Gathering of Experts: Is the IRS legally allowed to put liens on a taxpayer’s assets?

Byron Pedersen: Provisions for liens are stipulated in the IRS tax code. The tax code states that if a taxpayer refuses to pay tax debt, the Federal government may attempt to collect all amounts owed, including penalties and fees, by putting a lien on any property or even rights to property.

Complaints to Instant Tax Solutions staff about fraudulent e-mails sent from scammers claiming to be IRS agents have increased over the last few years. It seems that e-mail and the Internet are now the preferred choice of criminals, says Instant Tax Solutions. The complaints are usually from families who are already struggling to pay back taxes. According to Instant Tax Solutions, complaints should be sent to the IRS via their website Sadly the online schemes can be harder to pinpoint that old fashioned door-to-door scams, notes Instant Tax Solutions. One complaint from victims is the difficulty in identifying criminals after they have taken their money – they often use the Internet at a local library or coffee shop to run their scam, making it hard to track them down.


A Gathering of Experts: Does the taxpayer have any rights to appeal the tax lien and possibly have it lifted?

Byron Pedersen: In rare cases, a taxpayer may be confused with another taxpayer, at which point a Certificate of Non-Attachment may be filed. There are also instances where the IRS has failed to follow proper protocol in placing a lien against a taxpayer. Instant Tax Solutions can help a taxpayer get the lien withdrawn in these situations.

Instant Tax Solutions offers complaint tips when dealing with the IRS.

Having trouble with the IRS? Need to file a complaint? Instant Tax Solutions, a Post Falls based tax debt resolution firm says that dealing with the IRS can be frustrating but offers these tips:
Don’t try to call during the busy days – Monday and Friday. By the time you get an answer, you will have forgotten what you complaint was, says Instant Tax Solutions. Try calling after 1:00 on a Wednesday instead. For severe issues, Instant Tax Solutions says complaints should be e-mailed so as to leave a virtual paper trail, and to have reference materials in case your complaint is escalated to a higher dept.



Joe Zanotti on Israel: A Surprise Wine Country

Joe Zanotti

Joe Zanotti

It all began while Joe Zanotti was working in Israel. The wine aficionado was introduced to the wines of Israel, including Cabernets, Merlots, and other white wines. Finding that these wines were as good as those found in Napa and Sonoma, Joe Zanotti, a native of Pittsburgh, began researching the wines of Israel. He learned that the weather in the areas along Israel’s Mediterranean Sea, with its hot, dry days and cool nights, is ideal for growing quality grapes that create the best wines.

During his travels, Joe Zanotti also learned about Israel’s annual wine festival. The Israel Museum Wine Festival, held in Jerusalem, attracts people from all over the world to taste Israel’s wines. With award-winning wineries spread throughout Israel, wine lovers have long known about the excellent wines being produced in Israel’s northernmost region, says Joe Zanotti, with the Golan Heights releasing more than six million bottles per year.

Kyle Thomas Glasser Discusses His Work in Central America

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser

For someone in his early 20s, traveling the world is a great opportunity. Traveling the world while helping others is life changing. Twenty-one-year-old Kyle Thomas Glasser made such a trip in May of 2010 when he headed to South America to help provide medical care to Costa Rica’s most impoverished areas. The medical student traveled as part of the International Service Learning Program, which helps give medical students experience while helping areas that normally do not receive proper medical care.

Some of the highlights of Kyle Thomas Glasser’s trip include a visit to an orphanage in Nicaragua, where the volunteers helped children by providing both medical attention and a boost to morale. Kyle Thomas Glasser also fondly recalls a visit to Project Abraham, where Glasser and other volunteers performed well-child visits and helped members of the church congregation by providing medical care. Since his trip, Kyle Thomas Glasser has continued helping children in his hometown in Georgia, providing math tutoring to students in need of aid. Provides Allergy Testing at More Than 130 Locations Worldwide



According to, if you suffer from allergies but merely treat them with over-the-counter medicine, you may be treating the symptoms rather than the underlying cause. By being tested for allergies, you can learn what is causing your symptoms, allowing you to find the best treatment for you. has more than 130 locations nationwide to allow you to quickly and conveniently be tested for allergies. Some patients even find that allergies are responsible for symptoms such as a loss of energy, headaches, and stomachaches, among other symptoms.

Following testing, provides test results that can be taken to your physician for diagnosis and treatment. According to staff, treatment may include everything from dietary changes to immunotherapy, which sets up regular injections customized to your treatment needs. Immunotherapy allows you to build up the immunity you need to combat your allergy problems long-term, concludes

ANY LAB TEST NOW Discusses the Dangers of Staph Infections



Staph infections can be difficult to treat. That is why ANY LAB TEST NOW has implemented a Staph Differentiation Panel, which tests for six different types of bacteria. ANY LAB TEST NOW will also test for genetic conditions that may make you resistant to treatment, as well as co-infections, saving you from possible mecA gene transfer. The mecA gene makes the patient resistant to methicillin, reports ANY LAB TEST NOW, making Staph infections both hard to treat as well as contagious.

With more than one hundred and thirty locations nationwide, ANY LAB TEST NOW is both convenient and quick when you need it most. Individuals will receive results within two days, allowing for immediate treatment if necessary. If your ANY LAB TEST NOW test finds you are suffering from a Staph infection, you will be referred to your physician, who can confirm a diagnosis and begin treatment. With Staph infections, states ANY LAB TEST NOW, quick diagnosis is imperative.

Need Nicotine Testing? Your ANY LAB TEST NOW Franchise Can Help



With employers are showing increasing interest in nicotine testing, your local ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise has responded with safe, reliable Cotinine testing at each of its locations. Through a urine sample, your ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise is now is able to determine if an individual has had exposure to nicotine recently, providing helpful information to employers. Each ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise location is staffed by trained professionals able to answer any questions that employers and employees may have about the testing process. It is important to note that ANY LAB TEST NOW does not interpret the results of any test. The testing service merely provides the results.

With more than 130 U.S. walk-in franchise locations, ANY LAB TEST NOW offers a wide variety of tests for both employers and individuals. Many ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise locations can also do drug screenings. Employers need not worry about tampering, either. ANY LAB TEST NOW can also screen urine for signs that samples have been deliberately altered.

Guy Riordan: What Kayakers Need to Know

Guy Riordan

Guy Riordan

Kayaking can be tricky, according to outdoorsman Guy Riordan. The same waterway can be different from one kayaking trip to the next, Riordan says, emphasizing that new kayakers need to begin with less challenging waterways at first, working up to the more dangerous tributaries. Thankfully, guided tours are available for beginners, allowing boaters to learn how to deal with challenges during an outing.

Guy Riordan, an avid kayaker and outdoorsman, has been featured on TV and also once owned a gaming preserve. Thanks to the excessive amount of snow that falls in his mountainous New Mexico town and later melts, Guy Riordan has plenty of water for ideal kayaking conditions. But even with all his experience, Riordan knows when to rely on a guide. He believes playing it safe makes the experience even more fun and rewarding.

Nancy Alcorn Helps Others Through Faith-Based Counseling

Nancy Alcorn

Nancy Alcorn

Former corrections officer Nancy Alcorn began her faith-based ministry Mercy Ministries after working at a Tennessee correctional facility for juvenile delinquent girls and investigating child abuse cases for eight years. Through Mercy Ministries, Nancy Alcorn has seen first hand the power of Jesus Christ’s transforming work is changing lives. Combining faith-based intervention with expert counseling, Mercy Ministries helps troubled young women find peace.

Nancy Alcorn and the staff at Mercy Ministries focus on helping young women suffering from abuse and addictions. Over nearly three decades, Nancy Alcorn has helped thousands of girls. In addition to Christian counseling and guidance, Mercy Ministries also provides nutritionists and educational assistance for those who are in need. Ninety-three percent of women who had been through Mercy Ministries’ six-month residential counseling program reported their lives had been changed, says Nancy Alcorn. Mercy Ministries does not charge for its service, helping young women suffering from physical and sexual abuse, eating disorders, self-harm, drug and alcohol addictions, and more. The age range of girls who go through the program are generally 13-28.