Provides Allergy Testing at More Than 130 Locations Worldwide



According to, if you suffer from allergies but merely treat them with over-the-counter medicine, you may be treating the symptoms rather than the underlying cause. By being tested for allergies, you can learn what is causing your symptoms, allowing you to find the best treatment for you. has more than 130 locations nationwide to allow you to quickly and conveniently be tested for allergies. Some patients even find that allergies are responsible for symptoms such as a loss of energy, headaches, and stomachaches, among other symptoms.

Following testing, provides test results that can be taken to your physician for diagnosis and treatment. According to staff, treatment may include everything from dietary changes to immunotherapy, which sets up regular injections customized to your treatment needs. Immunotherapy allows you to build up the immunity you need to combat your allergy problems long-term, concludes

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